Gitmo Torture Tapes Not Wiped

The claim they were wiped was a deliberate misdirection, the tapes wiped were standard CCTV security tapes not the recordings of interrogations, but the Admiral they wheeled out deliberately blurred the distinction to give the impression the torture tapes were wiped.

Cernig @ Atlargely:-

Just over a week ago, the Seton Hall Law’s Center for Policy and Research published a report that said military records and statements showed over 24,000 tapes had been made of interrogations carried out at Guantánamo Bay. The same day, a Washington Post article following up on that report said that many of those recordings might have been taped over, destroying valuable evidence. That article was based upon a court filing “by Guantanamo’s commander, Rear Adm. Mark H. Buzby, who said video surveillance recordings in several areas of the facility have been automatically overwritten and no longer exist”.

However, in an email and a comment to my posts on the subject, Michael Ricciardelli – one of the co-authors of the Seton Hall Law report – wrote –

There seems to be some confusion stemming from the Military (there’s a surprise) and the press concerning the “automatic over-writes” on the video recorders in hallways and common areas in Guantanamo. These cameras (think in terms of the video cameras in convenience stores– but more sophisticated) were said to have recorded “day-to-day” “mundane” life at Guantanamo. According to the Military, every certain number of days these “hallway” and “common area” monitor recording systems automatically taped over themselves( i.e., were “overwritten”).

These statements came from a declaration of Rear Admiral Mark H. Buzby, United States Navy on February 8, 2008 (case 1:05-cv-00023-RWR Document84-4; Washington Post, February 14, 2008). Importantly, these “hallway” and “common area” monitor recordings are specifically NOT video recordings of interrogations– And the Rear Admiral is exceedingly careful to NOT say that they are in his declaration; though, perhaps, it could be anticipated that because of the way the declaration was made the media would confuse the two separate and distinct issues. Which is to say, that the responsive statement’s by Rear Admiral Buzby have misdirected and now obfuscate the issue. As such, some of the media reporting has failed to make clear this distinction between the “day-to-day” video recording and the video recording of interrogations. This distinction, however, is readily apparent if one looks to the partially redacted text of Rear Admiral Buzby’s declaration.

So copious evidence of war crimes exists in the possession of the perpetrators, if they are not seized soon and investigated (and impeachment of the Commander in Chief and the co-conspirators in creating the legal ‘gray ‘ framework for torture and the medical professionals who also took part) then they get away with war crimes previously the United States has convicted people for. And the journey into the abyss continues.

There are key stages in a descent into this depravity, points at which the correct action, pressure applied, leverage utilised can turn course, points that once you go beyond it becomes much harder to change course. Iraq was a key one, a tipping point of the project and let’s forget the 911 excuses, it was planned before that, the warrantless wiretap program began before that, American torture manuals were written before that. All the tools were available, the empire was already far reaching and corrupt when the Bush project took power through his brother’s state Florida and a biased packed Supreme Court. And with the means, the motive & the opportunity, they got to work. Time to make some choices people. Time for action.

Communists Take Cyprus & Declare…Peace Talks

Demetris Christofias, the leader of the Communist Party, has defeated Ioannis Kasoulides, a former foreign minister, in Sunday’s presidential election in Cyprus. According to final results, Christofias won 53.36 per cent of the vote against Kasoulides with 46.64 per cent. Kasoulides conceded defeat and called Christofias to congratulate him. Christofias is the European Union’s only communist head of state, and Cyprus the only European country with a communist president besides ex-Soviet Moldova.

Both candidates have said they would attempt to broker a deal with Turkish Cypriots to end the conflict keeping Cyprus divided. Christofias said: “We have a vision, we have a history of struggle and contact with the people in our efforts to reunify our country without  foreign troops. At this time I want to send a message of friendship to ordinary Turkish Cypriots, a message of a common fight to reunite our  homeland so we are in charge of our own affairs without foreign intervention.”

Damn those evil power crazed, (class) warmongering Reds and their…talk of peace and self-determination. There is an important British (& a spooky US) military base/presence on Cyprus, I wonder how they will take to the Red Menace™ ?

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Air Strikes

Pick your flavour-

Now guess which is the only one being presented as a beastly evil humanitarian disaster. While the other two are precisely targeted precision operations against deserving enemies, honest.

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Jadi Reviews Persepolis

Maybe if some enterprising publicist wants me to review it they could send me a copy, {hint}. An excerpt from Jadi-

But is Marjan Satrapi defending the Islamic Regime or hiding the truth? I don’t think so because she talks about one of most kept secrets in Iran: Mass executions of 1988 (also check the RSFs report: Pour-Mohammadi and the 1988 Prison Massacres). This shows that she is not defending anyone or hiding anything. She is just telling her story which is sad but not a shocking, anti-regime one.

I watched this movie with 4 friend and all of us were telling “wow.. very realistic.”, And it was. It showed many of our concerns during our childhood; the war, the anti-party police, the shortages on imported goods, the death of relatives in war or executions, etc. .

Go to his site Inside Iran for full post with included links.

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Exploited Migrant Workers Left Homeless

Llanelli’s Polish centre says help must be available for migrant workers who come to Wales but end up homeless. It, along with the British Red Cross, is paying for temporary shelter for three Poles who were found living rough in the town after losing their jobs.The centre’s chairman Jeff Hopkins said the men, two brothers in their late 20s and another man in his 40s, had been brought to Wales by a recruitment agency. All initially had work but were laid off and ended up homeless.They lived in a “shanty” hut near the town centre and then moved on to sleeping in a makeshift den in woodland near the Jack Nicklaus golf course development.

Mr Hopkins said: “They are all keen to work but lost their jobs. We are attempting to find work for them but the problem is we don’t have the funding to keep paying for the accommodation and they have got no means of support. They don’t fall into any of the categories of support under the British system.”

The hut they were initially living in close to Avis Terrace has been burnt out but police said they were not treating it as suspicious.

There is more-

WE were sacked on Christmas Eve and have been living rough, far from home, ever since.”That is the claim of three East European migrant workers discovered living in bushes near Llanelli’s plush Pentre Nicklaus Village this week. Speaking through an interpreter, brothers Mario and Thomas and their friend Mark told the Post how they were brought to West Wales from Warsaw last October on a one-way ticket by a UK-based recruitment agency.

The three worked long hours in various jobs within the meat trade before being thrown on the scrapheap and left to fend for themselves the day before Christmas Day. Thomas, the younger of the brothers, said: “We were promised jobs in Wales, and wanted to come to earn money for our families back home.”

Thomas told how he and his brother Mario worked in “conditions no human should witness” in a slaughterhouse in West Wales, for £180 a week minus £50 accommodation, before being transferred to a meat packing company near Llanelli. Following a mix-up over starting dates, caused by the language barrier, the two turned up a day late, on Christmas Eve, only to be sacked on the spot.

Thomas said: “After we were sacked, we were told to leave our lodgings. It was either the bushes or a park bench. We had no money for anything else.” When asked how they felt about their situation, a dejected-looking Thomas said: “You can’t imagine how we feel.”

Now the three are faced with the difficult task of earning enough money to return to Poland. Thomas said: “We have been to the JobCentre and walked around every firm in Llanelli asking for work but have found nothing. I had to borrow a lot of money to come here. I cannot return to a load of debt. I have to make enough money to clear it before I go back.”

Despite their ordeal, the three men still had a kind word for the majority of people in Llanelli.

Maybe the people are nice but the businesses…bunch of capitalist bastards. And apparently land and money for a Jack Nicklaus golf course (just like the one in Burma, wankers) but human beings? Nah. Still, turns out those rumours the council denied were true.

Update: And Immigration & Police raided some restaurants in Caernarfon and took away eight Malaysian and Chinese nationals after ‘intelligence’ tipped them off, they are being imprisoned pending being deported. Look what the ghastly BIA robot said-

Jane Farleigh, regional director of the Border and Immigration Agency in Wales and the South West said: “This successful operation shows that we will find and arrest illegal workers wherever they are in Wales.” She added: “Illegal working hurts good business, undercuts legal workers and law-abiding businesses, creates illegal profits and puts those employed at risk.”

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