Kashmir’s Custody Deaths

More than 330 people have died in police custody in the Indian portion of Kashmir since the outbreak of an Islamic insurgency 18 years ago, according to official police figures released for the first time. In a report released Wednesday, the police said in addition to 332 who have died, another 111 people have disappeared from police custody with no information on whether they are dead or alive.

The Jammu-Kashmir Coalition of Civil Society, a local human rights group, said the police figures were just the tip of the iceberg.

Pervez Imroz, the group’s leader, said 178 Kashmiris died in police custody in the past five years alone, and 239 more disappeared after being taken by government forces. “It’s anybody’s guess how brutal a security apparatus with a sweeping policy of catch and kill would have been in early ’90s,” he said.

Imroz’s group said that since 1989 up to 10,000 people have disappeared after being detained by government forces in the Indian portion of Kashmir.

His group said that the police kill innocent people on the suspicion they are Islamic militants or support the militants’ fight for Kashmir’s independence from India or its merger with a Muslim-majority Pakistan.

Jammu-Kashmir Coalition of Civil Society site here.

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3 Responses to “Kashmir’s Custody Deaths”

  1. Renegade Eye Says:

    India has more poor than any country in the world. It has violence often, with people caught between the state and Naxalites. Not the picture of happy call center workers.

  2. GDAEman Says:

    I hear Kashmir is such a beautiful place. So sad. We’ve had similar problems in Baltimore, Maryland’s detention center.

    On police brutality, there’s a story coming out of Ohio about a woman who called the police after being mugged, then was taken to jail and abused ithere. I found it on the WakeUp AMerica blog (great podcast by the way). Here’s a link that includes a link to a video:
    Ultimate Humiliation for Ohio Woman


    PS I’ve added your blog to my hand-picked list.

  3. RickB Says:

    Hey Renegade, yes the call centre ‘elite’ is tiny and in fact they suffer from enormous stress levels as western corporations offload cheated customers onto them.
    Hello GDAEman, well thanks for the link, I’ve add you too, Baltimore? Have you been watching “The Wire’?

    Yep I’ve seen that video and it’s interesting what that blogger says that this is common humiliation tactic of stripping and leaving prisoners in cold cells, the difference here is it got out to the press as the victim was not a sentenced inmate (and thus more sympathetic to viewers to news medias minds?). And connected to Abu Ghraib, the prison system just exported its abuses and the military/contractors amplified them.

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