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Via Chicken Yoghurt

An Israeli general wanted for alleged war crimes escaped arrest in the UK because British police feared an armed confrontation at Heathrow airport.

Erm, er, well…um…um…er…well…erm…Hey I know, yeah, we had to execute an unarmed Brazilian on a tube train because…erm…um…well…er…look it’s called power, when you are a member of a powerful gang you don’t get fucked with by the Met gang. If you’re just little people, y’know the public, watch out suckers.

Trouble is some of us expect the rule of law and equal treatment, not this power schmoozed simulation of democracy, where the security forces only victimise the weak and protect the strong regardless of the crimes they commit. It puts civilised people at a real disadvantage, just unarmed marks open to predation by gangs, be they police, military, state or drug. I mean, I know there are people who when they see a uniform think some legitimacy resides in that gang, which it should, forces should be open, accountable and democratically controlled, but with behaviour like this… well shit man, Omar has it right.