Lies Deployed In Under 45 Minutes, Truth- Not So Much

Chris Ames in The New Statesman-

The government has been forced to publish the secret first draft of the Iraq WMD dossier written by a Foreign Office spin doctor…The secret first draft of the Iraq WMD dossier written by Foreign Office spin doctor John Williams has finally been published after a ruling back in January under the Freedom of Information Act. The document contains an early version of the executive summary of the next draft, which was attributed to Intelligence chief John Scarlett. The document places a spin doctor at the heart of the process of drafting the dossier and blows a hole in the government’s evidence to the Hutton Inquiry.

Last month the Foreign Office was ordered by the Information Tribunal to hand over the Williams draft, which I first requested under the Freedom of Information Act in February 2005. From the time that the row first erupted over Andrew Gilligan’s allegations that the dossier had been sexed-up, the government has claimed that Scarlett’s draft, produced on 10 September 2002, was the first full draft and produced without interference from spin doctors. But the Williams draft, dated a day earlier, shows that spin doctors were sexing up the dossier at the time the notorious 45 minutes claim was included.

Initially the government withheld the draft from the Hutton Inquiry. Alastair Campbell, Tony Blair’s director of communications, denied its existence. But when Scarlett admitted that Williams had done some early drafting, the BBC asked to see it. The government then supplied a copy of the draft to Lord Hutton but told him that it was “not taken forward” because a “fresh start” was made with Scarlett’s draft. Confirmation that Scarlett took up elements of Williams’s drafting shows that the government misled Hutton…

The draft also shows that Williams was responsible for a number of key changes that strengthened the dossier’s claims. His executive summary claimed that Iraq had “acquired” uranium. Previous versions only alleged the material had been “sought”. Scarlett’s draft also alleged that Iraq had got hold of uranium, stating that it had “purchased” it. Williams appears largely to have been working on a version of the dossier that was produced during the summer of 2002, before Tony Blair announced in September of that year that a dossier would be published.

So Gilligan was right, Hutton was a wash and in other reporting David Kelly is referred to as a suicide, which apparently must be the sexed up version of assassination these days. The uranium claim we know was part of a grift cooked up by neo-cons, co-ordinated by Michael Ledeen and perpetrated in Italy. It was laundered by them into UK intelligence so the Bush could then say the source was British intelligence. At no point was this ‘faulty’ intel, or a ‘mistake’ this was cold, calculated, malice aforethought, deliberate fraud to enable an illegal & immoral war of aggression. So when do we take these crooks down? When?

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