Olof Palme Prize For 2007 Goes To Parvin Ardalan

Ok I admit I had to do some research after Jadi wrote about this, so Olof Palme -assassinated Swedish socialist politician and all round impressive man (so of course he got whacked. Bush, healthy as a frickin’ horse -which he is scared of)- has a foundation in his honour and each year they award a prize conferring much honour and a fair wodge of cash too! Previous recipients include Aung San Suu Kyi, Hans Blix, Kofi Annan & Mossaad Mohammed Ali, Hanan Ashrawi, independent media in the Balkans, Swedish anti-racists. So very good company and this year it goes to Iranian Parvin Ardalan-

Parvin is a great person. She is my close friend and she is one of the bravest people whom I know. She used to be active for around 15 years despite of her health problems (she has MS). We are really glad that she’ve got this prize and to be honest, we believe her prize belongs to all of the active women and in general all of human rights activists in Iran. We adore Parvin’s courage as much as we adore other human rights activists just as we adore people like “Rahele Askarzade” and “Nasim Khosravi” whom were arrested yesterday while they were talking with people in a park about unequal rights of the women.

Through constantly more ingenious methods, she and her fellow sisters have managed to increase the support for equal rights. The ongoing campaign for a million signatures against discrimination is an excellent example. Their intensive work deserves international recognition as a path to democracy and peace in this region of turbulence and conflict.

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