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Iran’s economy minister Davoud Danesh Jafari noted Iran and the U.S. financial officials meeting was not a special one and it took place within the framework of Financial Action Task Force (FATF). FATF as the international watchdog wanted to have information about Iran’s new anti-money laundering law so Iran was invited to Paris meeting, he said.
Two experts from the central bank and finance ministry attended the meeting to confer the issue therefore it was a normal meeting of FATF and not at high level, he added. Danesh Jafari also said that Iran is to participate in another meeting of FATF by the next one or two months.

If you read the BBC coverage it comes across more as the heroic US keeping us safe from terrorist financing (*cough* Colombia, Gladio etc. etc) no comment was elicited from any Iranian official and the beeb was at pains to repeat no one-to-one talks occurred between the forces of imperial light and eveeel Iranian darkness, as if such intimacy would communicate dangerously swarthy Persian plagues that will destroy American civilisation!!! Oh my God!!! Talking, to foreigners? How can that ever be right?!!?! Raise the threat level! Raise the threat level! Everyone under your beds, pray to Jeebus & pass the ammunition!!

Ahem. So, comparisons… This week we got the purported secret documents that show the House of Saud basically ensured their bribes (over a billion!) keep coming from the British government and its arms dealer bedfellows (guaranteed courtesy of tax payers) by threatening us with terrorist attacks. So…how is Iran this malign enemy at the gate when the Saudis are our best chums. I mean supposing that the world is full of fluffy wuffy bunny wabbits and is run along the fantasy lines we are expected to believe i.e. our allies are splendid (so cut them some slack, so some people maybe died ‘a bit’ when Suharto was around, hardly makes him a bad man does it?) and our enemies are evil incarnate, politicians try to act in good faith and freedom & democracy™ comes from the barrel of a gun and most importantly money has nothing to do with it, we’re just the good guys it’s that simple. White might makes right!

But… the House of Saud & Bandar Bush (hoho) Hmmm… Isn’t threatening us with terrorist attacks just an incy-wincy, teensy weensiest bit naughty waughty naughty-kins? Surely they just went to the top of the list for the RAF’s next laser painted target in fluffy bunny ‘War against Terror’ world? OR…us dirty frickin’ reprobates might have something when we say the popularist rabble rousing of the media and politician’s is to mask the oldest scam going of the elite inciting us to steal shit (very armed robbery) to make them even richer. And as such everyone aiding that is either a sucker or a criminal and often bits of both and as we already have deals we rely on with the Saudis…accentuate the positive, not so much with the terrorist-y stuff, ok? It applies even more with domestic terrorists-

Terrorism flourishes brazenly at Ground Zero, in the new 7 World Trade Center building. Here can be found a secretive entity of fabulous wealth and power. Kingdom and corporations alike tremble at its shadow and make haste to pay it tribute. I refer to Moodys Investor Services, wholly owned subsidiary of Moody’s Corporation, which reported $2 billion in revenues in 2006.

On January 10 Moody’s, in concert with the other main bond rating firm, Standard and Poor’s, gave the United States its top AAA credit rating. The terrorist blackmail threat came in the form of a demand by Moody’s that the U.S. government “reform” Social Security and Medicare: “In the very long term, the rating could come under pressure if reform of Medicare and Social Security is not carried out as these two programs are the largest threats to the long-term financial health of the United States and to the government’s Aaa rating.”

Steven Hess, Moody’s top analyst for the US economy spelled it out even more explicitly to the London Financial Times: “If no policy changes are made, in 10 years from now we would have to look very seriously at whether the US is still a triple-A creditThe US rating is the anchor of the world’s financial system. If you have a downgrade, you have a problem.” (ht2 James @ Mahatma X Files)

Or …it’s the fluffy bunnies and the bad guys are like ‘out there’. As Rutger Hauer’s eponymous character said in the original ‘The Hitcher‘- You’re a smart kid, you figure it out.

[PS. Filmfans: The writer of ‘The Hitcher’ Eric Red has a perhaps more interesting life than the characters in his scripts.]

Olof Palme Prize For 2007 Goes To Parvin Ardalan

Ok I admit I had to do some research after Jadi wrote about this, so Olof Palme -assassinated Swedish socialist politician and all round impressive man (so of course he got whacked. Bush, healthy as a frickin’ horse -which he is scared of)- has a foundation in his honour and each year they award a prize conferring much honour and a fair wodge of cash too! Previous recipients include Aung San Suu Kyi, Hans Blix, Kofi Annan & Mossaad Mohammed Ali, Hanan Ashrawi, independent media in the Balkans, Swedish anti-racists. So very good company and this year it goes to Iranian Parvin Ardalan-

Parvin is a great person. She is my close friend and she is one of the bravest people whom I know. She used to be active for around 15 years despite of her health problems (she has MS). We are really glad that she’ve got this prize and to be honest, we believe her prize belongs to all of the active women and in general all of human rights activists in Iran. We adore Parvin’s courage as much as we adore other human rights activists just as we adore people like “Rahele Askarzade” and “Nasim Khosravi” whom were arrested yesterday while they were talking with people in a park about unequal rights of the women.

Through constantly more ingenious methods, she and her fellow sisters have managed to increase the support for equal rights. The ongoing campaign for a million signatures against discrimination is an excellent example. Their intensive work deserves international recognition as a path to democracy and peace in this region of turbulence and conflict.

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