Friday! The Violent Femmes- Add It Up

Another song with ‘fuck’ in the lyric, but no movie stars just a great live version from eight million years ago (or thereabouts).

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Bhutto Assasination Whitewashed Again

The only thing worth knowing about the Scotland Yard report is this-

Scotland Yard said that despite the lack of a detailed search of the crime scene or autopsy of Bhutto’s body, “the evidence that is available is sufficient for reliable conclusions to be drawn”. Investigators relied considerably on x-rays and detailed examination of video footage of the attack, the report said.

The Scotland Yard findings, released by the British high commission in Islamabad, support the theory put forward by the Pakistani government at the time.

D’you think? Old school colonial dirty deeds to back up an imperial puppet regime, oh it’s just like the good ol’ days.

In the report, Scotland Yard investigators said it was able to reach a conclusion without autopsy results or other potentially important evidence that was washed away by cleanup crews in the immediate aftermath of the blast, which also killed more than 20 other people.

“Considerable reliance has been placed upon the X-rays taken at Rawalpindi General Hospital following Ms. Bhutto’s death,” the report said, adding that interviews with medical staff and family members who washed the body resulted in “valuable insight.”

From the available evidence, British experts were able to unanimously agree that a major wound to the right side of her head was not the result of a gunshot. But there was less certainty on ruling out any other wounds.

Without medical records of her neck or upper torso, the only parts of Ms. Bhutto’s body not protected by her armored vehicle, the team’s pathologist was unable to rule out gunshots to her neck or upper torso. However, he reaffirmed the overall conclusion that the head wound killed her in any case.

Hey it’s like fixing the ‘facts’ around the policy, a tiny few indications that back the official version (who also control the evidence) are played up and everything else is relegated (including family and colleagues testimony reduced to a polite “valuable insight” yet clearly not valuable enough to unseat the government’s preferred version) by a pliable security service. Then bingo! Headlines which never deal in subtleties reinforce the official version and on a Friday so any dissent is buried in weekend news mulch. And of course at no point were they tasked to investigate whodunnit or given the manpower to properly investigate the death independently. In fact the manner of death is not as important as why and who, but by making a fuss of a limited investigation into the act of murder it eclipses these more pressing and revealing matters. These people are supposedly professional criminal investigators, they should be ashamed of this work. They let themselves down by being party to this ludicrous public relations manoeuvre and perhaps become complicit in a conspiracy to pervert the course of justice. Her party are already disputing the report’s findings. I’m no great fan of Bhutto, she was a corrupt globalist, but she did show courage and any murder victim deserves a competent and honest investigation, as do the others killed that day.

Assassination, kidnapping and torture are carried out in broad daylight by our elites and their allies as well as a genocidal invasion based on lies. Not too many people are kicking back against that yet because they are not feeling too much suffering because of it and the gaudy distractions of capitalist culture are so seductive and encourage this self absorption. But without getting too Niemöller on your ass, ignore this pattern of behaviour, this creeping brutalism, this spreading corruption at your peril. They think they can do anything and get away with it with only the most perfunctory & laughable lies to cover their crimes. And at the moment, they are correct in that assumption.

Stop Blair!

Via (fittingly) Blairwatch– Stop Blair ! Petition against the nomination of Tony Blair as “President of the European Union.

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Mukasey Delivers

“Are you ready to start a criminal investigation into whether this confirmed use of waterboarding by U.S. agents was illegal?” asked committee Chairman John Conyers, D-Mich.

“No, I am not,” Mukasey answered bluntly.

“Whatever was done as part of a CIA program when it was done, was the subject of a Department of Justice opinion, through Office of Legal Counsel, that was found to be permissible under the law as it existed then,” Mukasey said.

You really didn’t need a crystal ball to know this would happen, in fact you only really needed a level of intelligence above the IQ of a shoe. Hey, look at the enablers who made sure the crime family never had to worry about the cops, ‘cos they own the cops. Those who voted to approve this war criminal {hmm conspiracy charges? and guess who is recorded as ‘not voting’ among the candidates Clinton (D-NY) McCain (R-AZ) Obama (D-IL)} But a change is coming, right? …right?

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