The Poverty Of Ideas

On the same page a NuLabour minister says-Unemployed council and housing association tenants should seek work or face losing their home– there is a link to a story from last year saying income gap at it’s widest for 40 years, this after 11 years of a supposedly Labour government.


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Perhaps a BBC minion has a sense of humour and even outrage to put that link on this story’s page, I hope so. The reactions show the conservative dominance of politics, the official opposition, the tories, do not disagree they just needle her by saying it might be hard to enforce. It is left (ha!) to trade unions and NGO’s to voice opposition to this charter for homelessness. Clearly we need representation as neither main party are anything but tools of the elites, and quick, before the workhouses come back.

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  1. Dave On Fire Says:

    I saw this, scandalous isn’t it. Stripped of all the buzzwords (“creating a something-for-something culture”), they’re nothing but a bunch of class bullies. And that’s one in the eye for all those who talk about the “free market” of “consumer choice”, not that free a choice when the alternative is dispossession and destitution is it?

  2. RickB Says:

    It’s a choice:- wage slave or unperson. Does not the human rights charter say something about shelter? Dystopian Dickens clusterfuck.
    And I used to think she was kind of sexy…for a nulab pol.

  3. Carnal Sovereignty - Real Life and Real Choices « Complex System Of Pipes Says:

    […] make the lives of unemployed and lower-income parents so hard (New Labour soundbite of the week: work or lose your home) as to make even unsanitory and dangerous backstreet abortions an attractive […]

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