By All That Is Holy, NO!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tony Blair has been holding discussions with some of his oldest allies on how he could mount a campaign later this year to become full-time president of the EU council, the prestigious new job characterised as “president of Europe”. Blair, currently the Middle East envoy for the US, Russia, EU and the UN, has told friends he has made no final decision, but is increasingly willing to put himself forward for the job if it comes with real powers to intervene in defence and trade affairs. (ht2 at-Largely)

Hell NO! No fucking way! He was instrumental, one of the inner cabal that lied the US & UK into the Iraq war, not only should he not be EU president, he should be prosecuted for his war crimes. His messianic greed for power is astonishing, no wonder he was so close to Bush. Speaking of which-ish

As Bush tries to stave off disaster in Afghanistan, Condoleezza Rice, the US secretary of state, flies to London next week to talk to Gordon Brown — George Bush’s closest ally — to find a way to send more troops to Afghanistan. With UK defence minister Des Browne saying recently that Britain could be in Afghanistan for decades (, Rice will try to get Gordon Brown to commit more troops now, as a lever to get other countries to increase their deployment.

Stop the War Coalition is calling an emergency protest on Wednesday 6 February. We do not yet have details of Rice’s meetings with Gordon Brown but we anticipate that our protest will be at Downing Street, the timing to be announced as soon as her plans are known.

The army have cut basic training by half, to thirteen weeks, to get more soldiers to Afghanistan 

9 Responses to “By All That Is Holy, NO!!!!!!!!!!!!”

  1. korova Says:

    What makes this even worse is that it might mean siding with the Tories about Europe. How else can we stop that fuck head becoming an unelected president of the EU, allowing us all to be fucked over by the US and spreading war and suffering across the globe. Perhaps it’s time that more of us on the left spoke up against the EU.

  2. Renegade Eye Says:

    I don’t think being against the EU is the solution. I do think protests from the left could have an effect.

  3. korova Says:

    Maybe. But we certainly need to speak up about the things that are deeply disturbing about the EU (like Blair as President).

  4. RickB Says:

    Yes, it’s hell I’m into a democratic EU with decentralised power, I don’t like borders, but what we have is not that, I shudder to think I might be (at least on this issue) on the side of conservatives and nationalists (although once the gig is seen to be easy and powerful the tories will suddenly come up with candidates I would wager). That Sarko is in on this tells us this is a neo-liberal US ally clusterfuck. The US rightists idea of europe being a hotbed of left wing social programs seems to be a call to arms for these free market acolytes. The last thing we want is Europe to imitate centralised presidential models and instigate Thatcherite ‘reforms’.

  5. RickB Says:

    Whoa, while I was typing (and washing up) Hey Renegade,
    I think maybe the EU need to resist being an easy gig for rejected national politician’s, they should take some pride and when someone as unpopular as Blair rolls up for a job they should kick his ass out. We’ll have to see what left MEP’s say to this, hopefully they are united against Blair, he is after all a Thatcherite. Maybe we need to realise that unless we fight the EU will be overrun by the usual suspects.

  6. Dave On Fire Says:

    Pour l’Europe Sociale, but against the bosses’ Europe; such slogans are common on the continent, where the consensus is for integration and harmonisation and all, but against the EU’s neoliberal offensive. The appointment of our Tony as president would, I think, puncture the illusions of the Europhile soft-left in a lot of countries… and anything that ties him to countries under ICJ jurisdiction can only be a good thing 😉

  7. RickB Says:

    “Pour l’Europe Sociale, but against the bosses’ Europe”
    Amen to that, Tony should be glad of a civilised court proceeding, more than Saddam got.

  8. ralfast Says:

    I expect an angry retort from the masses. My fleeting experience with the peoples of Europe is that they don’t stand still for this kind of crap.

  9. RickB Says:

    I sincerely hope your experience proves indicative of their reaction, kick the bum to the kerb!

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