The Writing On The Wall


Thanks to (click pic for bigger size) and you too can have any message you want sprayed on the wall by Palestinian artists for a bargain 30 euros (or equivalent dollars) up to 100 characters and all the proceeds go to NGO‘s, FAQ here. My mum will see this on Sunday and I am quietly confident I have cornered the more unusual end of the get well greetings market (ok it’s missing a second ‘as’ so sue me). Now, what other artefacts of oppression can I advertise on? (Crass, moi?)

Also a good opportunity to mention Chest Doc in Palestine again- In summer 2007, a UK doctor spent two weeks in the West Bank. This is his story. Really worth your time to read his account.
(ht2 People’s Geography)

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  1. ralfast Says:


  2. screenblog Says:

    good one rick good one!

    btw i’m naj.

  3. RickB Says:

    And you can all get your own! Hey Naj, your blog or my dodgy connection ate my comment at Neo Resistance on Zanan. I was wondering what we could do to help it get reopened?
    (I wonder how the US Mexico wall is going…anyone in the area with a spray can?)

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