Friday! Mark Steel- Darwin

” Are you calling me a chimpanzee you soft evolutionist ponce?”
Geordie Creationists…possibly.

Part 2 & part 3

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Hip Hop Spit All

Tons better today, out of the woods I feel. Happier and relieved.

She’s being moved to another room tomorrow as the hospital is having an open day to attract punters, something like ‘Change your life today’ and sick people don’t sell lifestyle surgery so much but also it means patients are not bothered by wandering ‘consumers’ eyeing up the facilities. Which is ludicrous, how without medical training does a ‘consumer’ know what makes a good place to have treatment or not? The place smells of paint and workmen are hurriedly screwing more asinine photographic prints to the walls. ‘Yeah, I’ll pay this bunch a few grand to do my piles they have relaxing pictures of pebbles on the wall’. For market theory to work we all need to be enlightened consumers, so we must -apparently- all be experts in all disciplines (astronomy, civil engineering, animal husbandry, quantum mechanics, gynaecology etc etc) to be able to act as perfect market organisms. Or…it’s just a big sham (shhh no one tell the economists we need them believing and evangelizing this shit to keep it going) that helps rich people get richer, whadya reckon?

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