Human Rights Act(ing Up)

So the Ministry of Justice (cue establishing shot of imposing leviathan structure, ominous music and title crawl) has kept a survey from 2004 about the Human Rights Act (HRA)under wraps and now releases it with zero publicity. Hmm –

The poll of 2,000 people featured in a report which found there was widespread support for a law on human rights.

A spokesman said: “The overwhelming conclusion shows 84% of the general public agree it is important to have a law which deals with human rights in Britain.

“Since this research was undertaken, the government has undertaken a campaign to promote better understanding of the Act and to ensure that public authorities are more aware of their duties to the public under the Act.”

Except that is not the way the story is spun, that is from a few papragraphs down, the way the report is being spun is ‘ Them damn furrners are scamming our kindly human rights laws’-

It says 57% agree that too many people, mostly asylum seekers and other “foreigners”, take advantage of the Human Rights Act, while 40% agreed that the Act has caused more problems than it has solved. One in 10 people believe criminals and lawyers are taking advantage of the Act.

Now is drawing attention to this and leading the story saying most people think them damn furrners are scamming the law a good thing, is it going to make people think about their ignorance of the act and their bigoted assumptions? Or is this framing an example of that? Can you guess?
The good news is most people agree with having human rights law enshrined in our national laws and the government claims to want to further ‘educate’ people on the law and alleviate misconceptions. Yet the report is sensationally lead with just such a misconception. And why was this report sat on? Was the ministry trying to avoid inflaming bigotry at a sensitive time? Or was it emabarrassed that most people support the law they were breaking domestically and via cooperation with America all over the world? Or is it this growing prejudice that no one wants to talk about?

The report presents the findings from the Human Rights Insight Project, which set out to establish whether human rights could be used empirically as a tool to improve the public’s experience of public services and if so, how we in government could encourage and facilitate this. 

So it sounds like they are more concerned with a consumer level of interaction, of ‘experience’ of their dealings with the government (summary). All of which pales into ironic insignificance when you realise this a government that has committed the ultimate war crime of choosing a war of aggression all the while lying to its people. No wonder we are to be treated as consumers, not citizen’s, or equals. And the attitude to ‘the other’ displayed in people is only a smaller version of the callous disregard for the people we’ve killed abroad. Murderous imperialism is fuelled in part by a certain level of domestic support (a third to a half) that is in turn created simply by capitalism, where compettiton removes empathy, where life is hard already and slowly the sickness of ‘do it to them before they do it to you’ takes hold. That is the bad news in the survey, a sizeable proportion of people are resentful of outsiders & minorities and they appear proud of that and feel aggrieved more is not done against the unfavoured groups who ‘take advantage’ of the act. The abused becoming the abuser. The ‘flexible’ workforce does learn fast.

The ‘war on terror’ and continuing freemaket conservative polices will only increase this prejudice, more pressure, more ‘competitiveness’ more killing for profit. More oppressive regimes supported for the efficient sweatshops they run making more people trying to escape that misery, who will find refuge in the countries most benefiting from the economic inequality (while professing ‘democracy’ and ‘human rights’) has turned to hatred. And the media profiting from that global market will not be the ones to inform people this racism is wrong, that the global exploitation inherent in capitalism creates migrants and asylum seekers, that governments and corporations should be held to account for denying us our rights. It’s simple divide and rule, toss the the more idiotic people through their idiotic media some misleading titbits about asylum seekers and companies being sued for a slippery floor and bingo they reduce thought about human rights to a non-elite-threatening level. Like those who attack the Iraqi’s for not building a working super conservative free market corporate friendly ‘stable’ state, we are attacking people, reduced to symptoms (which we then deny) of our own wrongdoing- Of our restless, aggressively acquisitive ruling elite’s crimes against humans and their rights everywhere.

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  1. Samrajyam Srinivasa Rao Says:


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    It is seen that the judiciary in India can be hoodwinked by any miscreant for sure if he or she has an evil intention to do so without any fear for the law. To misguide, distract, divert, sabotage, subvert and thwart the process of justice, a State Bank of Hyderabad Official has filed sworn Affidavits without any fear for law in Tis Hazari Court, Delhi, Andhra Pradesh (Hyderabad) and Delhi High Courts stating therein that the loans given to him from the VRS benefits through cheques were not received despite the fact that the concerned banks have given documentary evidence and certified to the effect that the money was received by him. The fact of the matter is that the cheques were actually encashed by him which were sent by him for collection and credited to the S.B. account maintained by him at the Kavadiguda Branch of the State Bank of Hyderabad, Hyderabad but flatly denied of having received the amount(s). Besides, his Affidavits contained fabricated, concocted and woven stories full of lies which could not stand judicial scrutiny. As such, Tis Hazari Court, Delhi has issued a decree for recovery of loan along with interest and costs.
    However, after playing hide and seek game, the Bank Official in question by misleading and misguiding has obtained stays on the execution of decree (issued by Tis Hazari Court in Delhi to the Petitioner treating the Respondent’s affidavit as false) from both A.P. and Delhi High Courts in the same matter. It is a strange irony both ‘stays’ in the same case have remained in force at the same time making a mockery of judicial system in the country. Even a layman in legal affairs can state that this is a grave offence and impropriety of the highest order. It is difficult to comprehend as to how the Delhi High Court has ignored/unnoticed/overlooked the mischief played by the Respondent in the case and treated him leniently and with kid gloves. When the mischief of the Respondent was exposed before Delhi High Court, he made a volte-face and pleaded for a compromise. Instead of awarding deterrent punishment to the respondent for filing false affidavits and for wasting the precious time of the courts which were already choked and burdened with piled up cases, Delhi High Court has accepted his compromise and gagged the voice of the aggrieved and warned that if a compromise is not reached, the case would linger on for a minimum period of 7 years. (Ref:-Case R.F.A. No.19 of 2001). Added to the woes of the aggrieved (who is a resident of Delhi), he was asked to go all the way to Hyderabad to collect Rs.

    One Lakh (a part of the decreed amount deposited by the respondent in the City Civil Courts, Hyderabad). The decree holder had faced untold problems to collect this amount from the City Civil Courts, Hyderabad due to rampant corruption and only when his travails have been reported by a leading Telugu Daily “Vaartha”, the cheque could be finally issued to him after an abnormal delay.
    The SBH Official in question has tampered/lowered his date of birth by 9 years and mentioned incorrect age in the Affidavits submitted under oath. Subsequently, it came to light that he had crossed the upper age limit when he joined the SBH. When he was unsuccessful in his repeated attempts in A.P. Board Exam; he had produced a Pass Certificate from M.P. Board with an altered d.o.b. The Bank has stonewalled the investigation giving an impression that the fraud has been committed in league with the top brass of the Bank. Complaints made in this regard to Central Crime Station, Hyderabad (CC:33/2001) and in a cavalier manner the case was passed on to Prasada Rao, Sub-Inspector of Chikkadapally Police Station, Hyderabad who had filed a brief report stating that there was no need to probe the case as the employer (SBH) was not interested in lodging any complaint. It is strongly suspected that the S.I. was bribed by the Offender to hush-up the case. Repeated complaints to CBI, RBI; Police Commissioner, Hyderabad have been ignored. Rashtrapathi Bhawan has also acted just like a Head Post Office and forwarded the complaint to Fin. Ministry (Banking Div.) and no follow-up action was taken. Eventually, he was given VRS with full benefits ( After all, it is Tax Payers’ money). Orders in writing issued by the most upright and honest Officer of the country, Supercop Mrs Kiran Bedi, IPS for a thorough probe were simply swept under the carpet.
    It is a strange irony that in case of Zahira Sheik of the infamous Best Bakery carnage of Ahmedabad, the Apex Court has imposed a hefty penalty and jail sentence to her for perjury while in the present case— filed by the Petitioner-in-Person–SLP (CC-194/2007), the Supreme Court has dismissed the case on 25—01-2007 (Court No.6) on technical grounds of inordinate delay and also citing compromise arrived at as the reason ( although the compromise was under duress) involved in filing the case despite an impassionate appeal for condonation of delay. Delay has occurred as the aggrieved has lapsed into extreme depression that led to massive heart attack when Delhi High Court has insisted for an irrational compromise with the respondent on the terms proposed by the respondent. The aggrieved had underwent heart surgery. The Petitioner has been devastated/crest fallen by the decision of the Apex Court and his faith in the judiciary has been totally eroded/shattered especially when he did not claim for any additional compensation than that was already granted by the Delhi High Court and made it clear in his petition that he was bound by the terms of compromise outlined by the Delhi High Court.. It is relevant to mention here that Delhi High Court has not awarded the legal costs incurred in Tis Hazari Court, Delhi, A.P. High Court, Delhi High Court and the Decree Execution Court i.e. City Civil Courts, Hyderabad and not even the Court Fee. He has spent almost Rs.1,50,000/- over a trial period of 7 years to recover a loan of the same amount shuttling between Hyderabad and Delhi. It is very strange as to how the Supreme Court of India has also did not come heavily on a person who has taken two High Courts of the land for a ride to derail the due process of justice and failed to uphold the honour and dignity of judiciary..
    The undersigned is a Senior Citizen and retired from a Govt. of India Undertaking (NSC) with no pension or even medical facility and could not afford to hire a competent lawyer and therefore filed the case in Apex Court as a Petitioner-in-Person. This may not be treated as personal vendetta or a vilification campaign. He has no property or any other dispute with the tormentor except to establish the rule of law as a crusader for justice and to carry the fight against corruption/white collar crimes and other malpractices. It is a dangerous trend if people don’t have any respect for the rule of law. Whether the Print and Electronic Media which have in recent times championed the cause of Jessical Lal, Priyadarshini Mattoo, Nitish Katara and Prof. Sabharwal of Ujjain will highlight this case also for restoration of justice?
    S.S. Rao, M.Sc.(Ag.)
    No.631, Sector-8, Pocket-C/8
    Rohini, Delhi — 110085 Ph:91-11-9312267393(M) / 91-11-27948179

  2. Samrajyam Srinivasa Rao Says:


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    One might have known the popular adage that “Justice delayed is justice denied” and “Justice hastened is justice buried.” Now, a new dictum is coined to depict the official apathy as “JUSTICE DELIVERED IS JUSTCE ELUDED”. National Seeds Corporation Limited (NSC), a Premier Govt. of India Enterprise under the Min. of Agriculture and Co-operation, GOI has provided Central Govt. Health Scheme (CGHS) facilities to its employees working in Delhi and medical reimbursement to other staff posted all over the country. Due to mismanagement, rampant corruption, a rehabilitation centre for Senior IAS Officers who were unwelcome in their parental states, bloated staff strength and also due to curtailment of its activities as a sequel to the formation of State Seed Corporations under the World Bank aided National Seeds Project (NSP), NSC has introduced voluntary retirement in the year 1993 to shed its flab. NSC employees are not entitled for pension or any other fringe benefits after retirement and faced a bleak future. It is baffling to see NSC’s false claim/boasting in its Website that it is WHOLLY OWNED BY GOVERNMENT OF INDIA.. If it is so, why the employees are denied pension whereas their counterparts in Union Govt. enjoy pension.

    After retirement, even the CGHS facility was deprived to the employees who were directed to surrender their cards and obtain clearance certificates before relief leaving them to their own fate.

    One can visualize the economic miseries faced by the employees without pension and medi-care after retirement. After spending the major part of their early life with full energy and vigour and dedicated to the fast growth of the Organization, employees were finally discarded like sugar cane molasses after extraction of juice.
    To fight this grave injustice, I had filed a Writ Petition (Civil) No.6793 / 2006 as a Petitioner-in-Person (due to paucity of financial resources to engage a lawyer) in Delhi High Court and argued the case myself. The result was a landmark judgment delivered in my favour by Hon. Justice Shri J.N. Malik on 06-11-06 ordering the Secretary, Min. of Health and Family Welfare, G.O.I. to provide CGHS benefit to me as well as to all the retired employees of NSC. NSC addressed a letter to the Regional Director, CGHS; New Delhi on 28th November, 2006 sent through a Special Messenger( marking it as Court Matter to indicate its urgency) seeking procedural formalities to be observed for the issuance of CGHS Identity Cards to the retired employees and so far no reply has been received from him. When the present UPA Govt. has formulated plans to provide heath care and insurance cover to even unorganized sector, it is very sad that the Secretary, Ministry of Health and Family Welfare is insensitive, indifferent and did not bother to implement the High Court’s Order and has adopted a “don’t care attitude”.

    It is relevant to mention here that the Ministry of Civil Aviation has been contemplating to give VRS to ‘Air India’ Air Hostesses after its impending merger with ‘Indian’ for which Union Cabinet has already given its nod,. In the compensation package, each Air Hostess is going to be paid a fabulous sum of Rs.25 lakhs besides a job for a family member and other benefits. The basic qualification for selection as an Air Hostess is mere High School Pass (with vital statistics of body as an asset) whereas NSC Technocrats many of them are Post-Graduates in Agriculture and some of them are possessing even Doctorate Degrees in different disciplines of Agriculture. In comparison to the Air Hostesses the maximum terminal benefit received by NSC Technocrat was a pittance i.e. less than Rs.2 lakhs. It is not understood as to how G.O.I. adopts discriminatory policy and double standards for each Undertaking with no uniform policy.

    The Print and Electronic Media should take up this issue as to how even a Delhi High Court Order has been treated by the bureaucrat with utter disregard and uninterrupted dissipation to ensure that the retired employees get CGHS facility without any further delay. Whether there will be light at the end of the dark tunnel?S. Srinivasa Rao, M.Sc.(Ag.) Gold MedallistDDA MIG Flat No.631, Sec.8, Pocket-C/8Rohini, DELHI—

  3. Samrajyam Srinivasa Rao Says:


    Jaladi Vimala W/o J.Ramakoteswara Rao, LIC of India made a lay-out comprising of several hundreds of house building plots in prohibited Govt. assigned land meant for S.C. & S.T. communities (Survey No.44/1) situated in Munuganoor Village, Hayathnagar Taluk, Ranga Reddy District under Injapur Gram Panchayat and sold them in collusion with the Sub-Registrar (East), Hyderabad to unwary customers in Dec.1984 and reaped rich gains. The land was sold @ Rs.27/- sq.yd although the total value had been shown in the sale deed was Rs.624/-. In the Registered Sale Deed, it was clearly affirmed by the seller Ms Jaladi Vimala that the said plot was not an assigned land as defined in A.P. Assigned Lands (Prohibition of Transfers) Act No.9 of 1977. Knowing fully well that it was a Govt. Assigned Land, Jaladi Vimala resorted to cheating. The author has acquired the plot with non-refundable EPF loan from his Office. The present market price in the area has reached a staggering figure of Rs.5000/- per sq.yd. over a period of last 23 years and it is a corner plot located on the main bus route to Torrur village. The author after his retirement in Delhi intended to construct a house in the plot and settle in Hyderabad to spend his post-retirement peacefully. However, he walked into her well laid trap and acquired a corner Plot No.95 admeasuring 208 sq.yds But, all his dreams were shattered as he was prevented to take up construction by the Revenue Officials stating that the land was owned by the State Govt. When the aggrieved visited the Sub-Registrar’s Office and enquired as to how Govt. land could be registered, he was jolted to get the following reply:-
    “If a person wants to get the famous monument “CHARMINAR” to be registered on his name, without batting an eye-lid, they will register it as they are interested only in collecting revenue to the state in the form of registration charges and least bothered about the ownership.” Due to this deplorable attitude on the part of the Registrar’s Office, it is no wonder that land grabbers are having a field day in the state capital. When he lodged a complaint to Hayathnagar Police Station in 2002, it was simply consigned to dustbin. Only after he met the then Cyberabad Police Commissioner in Jan.2004, F.I.R. No.55/04 has been registered. The Police have given ample time to the culprit for obvious reasons and facilitated her to obtain a stay in A.P. High Court, Hyderabad stopping the execution of NBW issued by the lower court Vide CC No.2124/04 (Page No.280 of the Court Register). Smt. T. Rukmini Devi, Asstt. Registrar on 07-10-04 issued notice to the Complainant to show cause as to why Petition under Sec.482 of Cr.P.C. for stay of all further proceedings in F.I.R. should not be entertained for which the complainant had furnished his reply demolishing the stand of the Petitioner promptly to the High Court on 22-10-04 besides copies of the same sent to the Public Prosecutor and all others concerned. Although, the writ was vacated on 14th June, 2006 (Criminal Misc.Petition No.6550 of 2004 in CRLP No.4673 of 2004) the Hayathnagar P.S. has not made any effort to arrest the accused so far.
    Astonishingly, the A.P. High Court has allowed an Advocate P. Purushotham Reddy to
    appear on Complainant’s (Respondent No.2) behalf without a vakalatnama and even without the tacit approval of the Complainant which was in flagrant violation of all known procedures of the High Court. It is strongly suspected that this might be a ploy on the part of the Opposite Party who might have planted the Advocate to represent the Complainant (Respondent No.2) to weaken his case. Furthermore, the A.P. High Court has failed to endorse a copy of the judgment in the case while all the concerned have been marked a copy i.e. J.Vimala, Petitioner, Hayathnagar Police Station (Respondent No.1), Smt. A. Anasuya, Advocate for the Accused (Petitioner). Despite the fact that the Compalinant was a resident of Delhi, he was kept in dark about the verdict of the High Court. This is considered as a willful and deliberate omission on the part of the High Court. The irregularities of A.P. High Court were brought to the notice of the Registrar General on 20th July, 2007 to inquire into the matter so that Court procedures are not violated in this manner but it has not evoked any response from him so far.
    From the above, one can easily assess as to how A.P. Police and A.P. High Court are functioning in the State. This is how people are losing faith in Law Enforcement Agencies and the Judiciary in this country.

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    THE PRICE PAID FOR RAISING VOICE AGAINST INJUSTICE To my credit, I was the first Agricultural Inspector appointed in South India in July, 1964 by the National Seeds Corporation Ltd (A Govt. of India Undertaking) soon after its formation at its Foundation Seed Unit Mechanized Farm, Thangadencha, Nandikotkur Taluq, Kurnool District, Andhra Pradesh. Prior to that I had served the Central Tobacco Research Institute, Rajahmundry for about 4 years. Due to shortage of Technical Staff specialized in Seed Technology and for having garnered sound experience in Seed Industry in the country, my services were placed at the disposal of Seed Division in the Min. of Agriculture ” Co-operation, Govt. of India, New Delhi in the year 1978 in which capacity I continued up to the end of 1979. I was attached to Mr M.D. Asthana, Director (Seed) who was from an elite cadre of IAS from Haryana and was a hard task and tough master. I had diligently discharged my duties to the best of my ability of the work connected with two statutory bodies Viz; Central Seed Committee (CSC) and Central Seed Certification Board (CSCB) besides the various sub-committees attached to them under his able guidance and stewardship. Normally, officials from Govt. of India serve on deputation in Govt. Undertakings but in the present instance it was just reverse with my services from a Govt. of India Undertaking (NSC) were lent to Govt. of India on an informal basis. I was not given additional benefit like deputation allowance or any other advantage. I used to draw my pay and allowances from my parent organization only. Mean while, two IAS Officers hailing from the same state Kerala but of different state cadres i.e. Tamil Nadu and Maharashtra had assumed charge of NSC as Chairperson and Managing Director Mrs. Anna Malhotra and T. Balaraman respectively.During early part of 1980 two of my juniors have been promoted by the duly constituted Departmental Promotion Committee (D.P.C.) from Jr. Class-I to Sr. Class-I Officer cadre ignoring my seniority and my legitimate claim for promotion. The person immediately after me in the seniority list comes from the same state of the above two IAS Officers and it was a clear case of favouritism and nepotism . To ensure that no suspicion is created in the minds of others, a person next to him who hails from M.P. had also been promoted to cover up their blatant violation of promotion rules. It is relevant to mention here that both my juniors were on ad-hoc basis whereas I was a regular confirmed Seed Officer . Thus, it can clearly be seen that the Officers of ad-hoc nature had superseded me especially when I was of regular status in the combined seniority list circulated much earlier. Shell shocked with this unforeseen and sudden development and also with deep pain and anguish, I had represented to the Chairperson/MD of NSC on the grave injustice meted out to me but I did not get any response from the management as is normal the case with NSC always.

    .Thereafter, I had brought it to the notice of my controlling officer i.e. Director (Seed) who had sought clarification from NSC management on the controversy. The management had told him that the grading of my ACRs for the years 1978 and 1979 was not up to the mark in comparison to the other two of my juniors and therefore I could not stand a chance. Shri M.D. Asthana, IAS; Director (Seed) exclaimed as to how my CRs for the period I had worked under him could be written by the MD/Chairperson when he was supposed to write and reviewed by the Jt. Secretary (Seed) G.O.I. The Director (Seed) had also remarked that when the MD/Chairperson did not have any idea about my performance during the relevant period how they could have under rated me in their reporting for which they had no answer.The Director (Seed) convinced about the grave injustice done by the NSC management in league with each other advised me to submit a representation to the then Hon. Minister for Agriculture, Mr Rao Birendra Singh from Haryana. It was learnt that the Hon. Minister summoned the top NSC management to his chamber and directed them for undoing the injustice done to me but the management had adopted a tough and rigid posture with a ‘damn care’ attitude and did not bother to comply with the Hon. Minister’s order despite reminders for a long time. When the defiance of NSC was apprised to the Hon. Minister, he was in a rage and had reprimanded them and wanted that the various columns filled up by the NSC in my C.Rs to be pasted by white paper strips and the same forms to be sent to the Ministry instead of fresh forms. The MD (Seed) had given full credit to the work done by me in the Ministry in the ACRs as ‘outstanding’ and got them reviewed by veteran Shri Rama Kant Rath, IAS; Jt. Secretary(Seed) and Sahitya Academy Winner for his literary master piece in Oriya who had also endorsed the entries of Director (Seed) in toto. Armed with the new CRs, NSC was directed to reconvene DPC not only to promote me but to give my due place in the seniority in the newly promoted post. Thereafter, the witch-hunting and persecution started against me by the management. They have posted me first as Divisional Manager, Vijayawada despite my repeated requests to transfer me to Chennai as Regional Manager to get proper medical attention from the top Neurosurgeons Drs B. Ramamurthy and S. Kalyanaraman based in Chennai as my daughter was suffering from an incurable brain disease Viz; diffused (multiple) cerebral cisticercosis and was totally dependent on cartico-streroids due to Intra-cranial Tension (ICT), severe headache, projectile vomitings, hallucinations and high doses of anti-convulsants for controlling severe epileptic attacks. Again due to Ministry’s intervention , I was finally transferred to Chennai. After I had taken over as the first Regional Manager of the new region created comprising of Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Pondicherry and Lakshadweep, the management unleashed a reign of terror against me and instigated the Union to start violent agitation against me for my removal. They have foisted several false cases against me and made my life a living hell. None of the charges made against me could be proved. Within a short span of less than two years of my stay in Chennai, I was unceremoniously removed from the post and recalled to Delhi even without humanitarian considerations for my daughter’s protracted ailment. In the promotion to the next higher post as Joint Manager, they had taken full revenge and settled their scores by reversing my seniority over the other two people fixed in earlier promotion as staqus quo ante. All this persecution was due to personal vendetta and reprisal to the firm stand taken by me to complain against the Two Sr. Officers who entered into an unholy alliance to promote the interests of their own people. After their tenure was over, they briefed their successive IAS incumbents due to personal animosity to ill treat me and they in turn continued the same vilification campaign. They have created such hostile climate for my further continuance in the Organisation that I had to finally opt for VRS in the very first batch at an early age of 51. Due to personal prejudices and predilections of cantankerous Sr. IAS Officers, my illustrious career has come to an abrupt end.It is, therefore, no wonder that the same Chairperson has been decorated with ‘Padma Sri’ for the so called distinguished services done to the community. In the recent past, IPS and other Sr. officers in A.P. managed to nominate their own names for gallantry awards and President’s Medals in recognition of encounter operations against Naxals despite the fact they did not work in Naxal infested areas at any time of their career. These Awards have therefore lost their glitter and charm and one can easily get these decorations by lobbying at the right circles.. Samrajyam Srinivasa Rao, M.Sc.(Ag.)DDA MIG Flat No.631Sector-8, Pocket-C/8RohiniDelhi – 110085INDIA91119312267393911127948179

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    This is a clear sorry state of affairs happening in our country. How we can take pride that we are the largest democracy in the world. If the word democracy has to have its true meaning and worth, every citizen must feel proud of the country and deserve to achive what is rightfully due to them. I can’t but help quoting Gandhi: “A nation’s culture resides in the hearts and in the soul of its people”. “A man who was completely innocent, offered himself as a sacrifice for the good of others, including his enemies, and became the ransom of the world. It was a perfect act”. “An error does not become truth by reason of multiplied propagation, nor does truth become error because nobody sees it”. “Measures must always in a progressive society be held superior to men, who are after all imperfect instruments, working for their fulfilment”. “Moral authority is never retained by any attempt to hold on to it. It comes without seeking and is retained without effort”. “The human voice can never reach the distance that is covered by the still small voice of conscience”.
    “The law of sacrifice is uniform throughout the world. To be effective it demands the sacrifice of the bravest and the most spotless”. “You must not lose faith in humanity. Humanity is an ocean; if a few drops of the ocean are dirty, the ocean does not become dirty”.

  5. Samrajyam Srinivasa Rao Says:

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    (The Author’s name has been withheld for protecting the identity)

    This is a real life story of a brave girl who had not resigned to her fate despite affliction of an incurable disease and lived on hope after hope. She has exhibited strong will power and determination to overcome the pangs in life. She has withered many storms, displayed rare courage despite several odds and stood as a shining example to instill confidence in others passing through the same turmoil.

    In the year 1977, my daughter when she was hardly 7 years old, suddenly, complained of unbearable (splitting/hammering) headache, projectile vomitings that reminded me of the Hollywood horror movie “EXORCIST” . The pressure in the alimentary canal built-up was so high, the vomit resembled the gush of a fountain. When there was no relief with conventional pain killers, anti-vomitants and dehydration had set in already, she was rushed to Dr Ram Manohar Lohia Hospital, Delhi and was put on drip. The Doctors could not make a prognosis with routine tests besides X-ray of skull. As such, she was shifted to Gobind Ballabh Pant Hospital which was better equipped to deal with Neurological and Neurosurgical problems. In those days, India did not have sophisticated diagnostic tools like CAT SCAN / MRI etc. In the absence of latest equipment, Dr A. Krishna Reddy, M.S. M.Ch., a young and brilliant Neurosurgeon had conducted “Carotid Angiogram” (where a dye is injected under general anaesthesia through the carotid artery leading to the brain and X-rays are taken in quick succession to know the presence of benign or malignant tumour) and “Pneumo-Encephalogram” (which was again a tortuous process—pumping pressurised air through inter-vertebrae) but nothing abnormal could be detected. However, on close examination, he had found with the aid of an opthalmoscope, bilateral- papilodema and intra-cranial tension (ICT) which were serious symptoms indicative that something had gone wrong in the brain. To rule out the possibility of Brain T.B., a full course of antibiotic injections were also given. He has given a provisional diagnosis as “Cerebral Cysticercosis” and prescribed “cortico-steroid” (which is usually prescribed by the Doctors as a last resort that serves as a masking effect/camouflage– to suppress the symptoms only but will not tackle the root cause of the disease) so as to reduce the ICT and give immediate relief to the patient and liberal quantities of Glycerine (pharmaceutical preparation) and ‘Decadron’ (a steroid ) injection as SOS. Glycerine has a unique feature of unhindered entry into the brain and is supposed to absorb waste fluids accumulated in the brain. She used to make tantrums to take glycerine although sweet in taste but is sticky like a glue.. After sometime she was discharged from the Hospital. We have then approached Dr P.N. Tandon, Head of Neurosurgery,AIIMS who was then credited with the highest number of successful brain operations in India. He was also very much puzzled and referred to Dr Kuchi Pillai, Endocrinologist with the observation– “The child is a baffling problem who at one time had evidence of raised I.C.P. for which all investigations have proved of no avail (Angio, PEG, EMI scan). She is now totally dependent on Cortisone. Is there any way of solving her problem?” Soon after discharge from the hospital, she has started getting convulsions/seizures with high temperature for unknown reasons and she was again hospitalized, this time, in Safdarjung Hospital, New Delhi when Dr Maheswari, eminent Neurologist has carried out “Electro-Encephalogram” and confirmed sudden burst of waves in the graph in the parieto-occipital region of the brain and confirmed epileptic condition and prescribed anti-convulsants and wide spectrum anti-biotic (Septran). Due to continuous damage being done by the cortisone, the same was gradually tapered under the cover of Adrino-cortico-tropical Hormone injections imported from U.K. and it was finally dispensed with. It is less said than better about the drug withdrawal symptoms experienced which were more serious than the disease itself. In the mean time, the first “Cat Scan” machine was acquired by the All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) in New Delhi in April, 1979 and the scan taken in the first instance has revealed nothing abnormal (NAD) and we were overjoyed to learn about it. But, our happiness was short-lived as Dr Ivaturi Meera Devi, Radiologist repeated the test when countless cysts of the tapeworm scattered all over the brain were clearly visible and confirmed the diagnosis as “multiple (diffused) cerebral cisticercosis” for which there was no remedy those days and the patient had to depend on anti-convulsants to be supplemented by Vitamin-D for the rest of life with its inevitable side effects like gingivitis (loose gums), behavioral changes, progressive loss of memory and osteoporosis.

    We did not have the slightest idea that it was symptomatic of a strange and incurable disease caused by eating tapeworm (Taenia solium.) infected cole vegetable crops like carrot, radish, beet root, cabbage and cauliflower grown in unhealthy bogs ( grown under sewage water) although the disease is common in pork eaters when it was not properly cooked. Pigs are the alternate hosts of tapeworm parasite. Although, we are pure vegetarians, my daughter is afflicted with this infection .

    As the attending Neurosurgeon who was taking special interest in the patient joined the National Institute of Mental Health & Neurosciences, I have admitted my daughter in NIMS in Bangalore as her condition had deteriorated. Despite religious intake of anti-epileptic medicines in the recommended dosages, she used to get seizures off and on sometimes mild and sometimes in severe form. Sometimes with forewarning like flashes in the eyes, slight headache, flickering of eye lids, disorientation, hallucinations, incoherent speech, tremors, (generalized convulsions) and sometimes all of a sudden, she used to fall down. Dr G.N. Narayana Reddy, Director, NIMS opined on 09th Nov. 1979 that there was no treatment available for cysticercosis in the brain. He had no knowledge of any indigenous system of medicine which could help in such a condition. The type and extent of damage done depends very much on the site of the lesion and the reaction of the brain to the cysticercosis. They may remain silent without producing symptoms for a long time but suddenly, they may produce symptoms of varying nature according to him. As Neurosurgery facilities in Chennai were considered far better in those days, I have taken her to Chennai and was treated there for 2 years (1980-82) under the expert supervision of Drs B. Ramamurthy and S. Kalyanaraman in the General Hospital there. With help from International friends and as per the advice of Dr Ayub K. Ommayya, Neurosurgeon, Maryland, USA, I have taken her to Mexico City in the year 1986 where the incidence of this disease is high. The American Doctors have stated that they don’t have much knowledge on the disease as it occurs only in underdeveloped countries due to unhygienic conditions and lack of sanitation and said that Mexicans have greater awareness in the management of the disease. The Nuclear Medicine Specialists in Mexico have claimed that they have developed a vaccine for the extermination of not only viable cysts but even the calcified cysts. I have contacted Bhabha Atomic Research Centre, Trombay, Mumbai for injectible form of I-131 and they had expressed their inability to supply the same as it was available only for oral administration and required clearance to make it in injectible form from none other than Rajiv Gandhi, the then PM holding the portfolio of Atomic Energy. Under these extenuating circumstances, the Mexican Doctors have invited us to go to their country as radio active material can’t be supplied through diplomatic bag and moreover its half life reported to be 8 days only. However, the treatment provided by Dr Gregario Skromne Kadulbik of Mexico has proved to be a tall claim and it did not bring any improvement in her case as they have used my daughter as a guinea pig for conducting experiments on her. On the other hand, she has developed hyperthyroidism due to intravenous administration of Iodine-131, a radio-active substance used as a carrier to the vaccine to the brain. Brig. N. Lakshmipathi, VSM, Director, Institute of Nuclear Medicine & Allied Sciences, Government of India, Delhi has expressed his inability for administering 24 booster doses provided by Dr Skromne as the Nuclear Medicine Committee of BARC has expressed their inability to endorse the proposed treatment. The Radiologist at the Mexican Hospital has exclaimed that she has not seen before so many cysts scattered all over in a single brain. Some of the Professors of Medical Colleges in India desired to have the cat scan pictures for teaching purpose. Based on the cat scan, a Doctor in India has submitted dissertation for the award of a Ph.D. Despite her ill health and countless epileptic attacks, she is intelligent and highly educated but is having amnesia (forgetful nature of losing key bunch, purse etc. but elephantine memory of instances of the past.) However, she is unable to lead an active life due to heavy medication and requires minimum 9—10 hrs sleep. In the event of an impending epileptic attack, she is given ‘Diazepam’ 2 cc Intra-venous to lull her to sleep. She is now 40 year old and is blessed with a normal, intelligent and beautiful female baby 4 years back through a caesarean section despite innumerable problems like static epilepsy during pregnancy (in Vitro) necessitating hospitalization a couple of times. Unlike most greedy and money minded Indian Doctors, to her good luck, at last, she found an excellent doctor couple, husband a Neurologist and wife a Gynaecologist— a perfect combination ( Jain Nursing Home, Preet Vihar, Delhi) who had taken extraordinary care of her throughout the pregnancy. We have tried Homoeopathy as an alternative medicine with disastrous results. In her case, Neurosurgeons have clearly told that anti-convulsants can’t be discontinued under any circumstances that might expose her life to mortality. According to medical sources, any damage done to the brain is irrepairable as the cysts lodged in the brain shall remain active for nearly 7 years and later they are calcified forming lesions/permanent scars on the brain surface. The cysts even after calcification produce electrical discharges triggering epileptic fits.If the presence of cysts are limited to one or two, they can be removed by operating the brain depending on their location and accessibility. In many cases, these cysts are lodged in urinary bladder, eyes or in any other part of the human body but the problem arises when cysts are lodged in the brain as they can make entry only into the brain but have no exit point. The seriousness of the patient can be gauzed from the fact that a lady in her early thirties, wife of an Armed Forces Officer who was under treatment along with my daughter had committed suicide unable to bear the suffering. Despite her protracted illness, she has shown brevity in adversity and with single minded devotion pursued her studies in Delhi University – B.A.(Hons) English Litt., M.A. and B.Ed with flying colours. It is very sad that a carefree life of childhood to be spent in merriment was robbed off from her due to protracted illness. Whenever, indications of an impending seizure are noticed, she is administered “Diazepam” 2 cc I.V. injection. The Delhi University was very co-operative and provided extra time for answering each question paper on the basis of a medical certificate issued by the Head of Neurosurgery Deptt. and University Doctor as with each epileptic attack, she needed physiotherapy to regain the normal function of her limbs. Marriage is a taboo especially for women suffering from epilepsy in Indian Society. Very recently only, the draconian law has been amended by the Indian Parliament annulling the law of equating the epilepsy as lunacy and allowing divorce. However, a broadminded, highly qualified and affluent financial wizard of 33 years has married her when she had attained the age of 30 years and her medical history was not hidden from him.

    I was in touch with various multinational pharmaceutical companies like Bayer and E-Merck (Germany) engaged in evolving medicines for cysticercosis even before they have undertaken the clinical trials. Eventually, E-Merck has developed a medicine of choice ‘praziquantel’ in the form of tablets costing full course around Rs.3,000/- which is said to be highly efficacious in the initial stages of infection. The medicine is to be administered under the close supervision of a Neurologist or a Neurosurgeon only to handle the fluctuations in the Intra-cranial pressure. However, there is no hope for the old patients afflicted with this dreadful disease when the cysts are already calcified in the brain as the medicine won’t work.

    The incidence of the disease has been reported to be high in the Union Territory of Chandigarh according to an independent survey conducted and reported in print media as a number of cases have been reported by the Post Graduate Institute of Medical Sciences there. Medical Extension services of various states and Union Govt. should play a prominent and key role in educating the general public with an aggressive publicity drive about the danger in store for them especially in the consumption of “SALAD” and Vegetables without proper washing and thorough rinsing in filtered water.

  6. Samrajyam Srinivasa Rao Says:



    • MUDDU KRISHNA: (Sri Krishna, one of the ten incarnations of Lord Maha Vishnu of Hindu mythology depicted as an infant). The mesmerizing painting is studded with pure gold and precious stones measuring 72 cm x 52 cm is rarest amongst rare of its kind. A striking feature of this invaluable master piece is that the deity will create an optical illusion like the renowned MONALISA as if the God is gazing at you from any angle when you look at Him. It is truly magical. One can keep looking at the fabulous piece of art whole day. This adds to the provenance of the Art!!!

    • GAJALAKSHMI: (Goddess of fortune). She is one of the eight facets of consort of Lord Maha Vishnu flanked on either side by elephants and all her entourage offering floral tributes to Her. It is strongly believed by many that this priceless artifact brings enormous wealth when it adorns the prayer hall of the owner. This Painting is also studded with pure gold and precious stones which is a unique feature of the ancient Tanjavur art. Besides, it has intricate art work beyond description. (Dimensions: 57 cm x 72 cm.) Both the above paintings are considered as collectors’ items of rich and famous/Princely homes and reputed Art Galleries. Each painting is priced at U.S $ 1, 50,000/- Interested buyers may please contact the following address:–
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    • The sale proceeds are meant to acquire a house adjacent to the house of his daughter to take care of her as she is suffering from a protracted illness for the last 30 years and is totally dependent on medicines.

    The name *Tanjore is derived from Thanjavur, the southern part of Tamilnadu state in India where the highly admired and ornamented style of painting originated and propagated. It is the only surviving art of its type i.e. paint based art form of ancient India.
    (All other known paintings of latter years are water colour based).
    Each Tanjore painting was made layer after layer, first on cloth, often many layers, then stretched upon and pasted upon a wooden plank. Upon this base, a glue was applied to mark out the relief areas .This formed the base on which the elaborate decoration was anchored with jewels, both precious and semi- precious and also pearls. Pure gold ornaments were hammered by hand into fine thin slices of wafer like quality deftly applied on to the work of art, the color remains as such without retouching and they are extremely bright, red , yellow, blue, black , and white, of all shades.

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