Straight From The Hip

My mother was scheduled for a hip replacement operation sometime around April, but targets and politics have caused the Welsh NHS to bump her up and keen to get it over with she has accepted a new date at a new hospital. Thus on the 14th she goes under the knife/saw/drill. Consequently dear readers, fans, worshippers, blogging will be affected as between me and my sister we are helping her deal with the whole thing. My sister is especially useful for this as due to having a dodgy hip from birth (she had an internal metal bracket at first that we loved setting metal detectors off with as kids) she had a replacement a couple of years ago so knows the recovery ropes. So yes that’s us, hogging all the hips. It’s like a frickin’ Terminator movie round here!

So things have become rushed, preparations that she had months to make are now compressed into a much shorter time. I am helping with stuff now so if the blogging seems different (a lot of posts about infrastructure and hospitals, how shit mainstream media is hmmm) or even absent it will be down to this. The hospital is about an hour and a half away-ish (traffic/weather/police permitting) so I’ll be doing 3 hours and a bit driving most days at first (yep me again, I killed the planet). I don’t know if any wi-fi goodness will be available so blogging might be very difficulty, access to decent information will be hard too (does Take a Break count?). Thankfully we do have the NHS, maybe the last bastion of any kind of human social institution (a victory seized from the ruling class who’s disarray immediately after WWII allowed a brief period of people power. Oddly -hmmm- it doesn’t get shown in war films much but there was a lot of meeting and organising during the war amongst the troops and those at home, who were determined after all the carnage we -the people- deserved a country worth dying for) even now threatened by the Church of the Free Market with the Holy Ghost of privatisation. At least we are not American Sicko.

I do worry about if things go wrong, is a big tough man type person (or me even) meant to worry about losing his mummy? I understand I’m meant to be stoic and not posses sensitive emotions, thank god (who?) I’m a weirdy type who is sometimes socially/culturally licensed to be different, we’ll muddle through.

So while I’d like to leave Hal and Mogwai to run the blog that will simply not work, it’ll all be binary and skittish posts about mice and bits of string. And no, that would not be an improvement. I imagine some days I will not have time or inclination, others maybe just one, sometimes both, sometimes a third thing we shall call… inspiration! I really have no idea but I have committed myself to keeping a regularly updated blog and so it behooves me to explain why that frequency might be upset, not least because I value this thingy and those who invest time and mind into it is as well. So for this week some disturbance, then a week of total chaos! And then somewhere in between for a bit.

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Cry Me A Fucking River

Attorney general Michael Mukasey’s decision to launch a full-scale FBI probe into the destruction of CIA interrogation tapes has sent several alarmed agency employees scrambling to find lawyers.

For the CIA spooks involved, cost is a serious issue. Krieger says legal expenses for each employee could reach “hundreds of thousands” of dollars; the CIA will not foot the bill. In anticipation of just such a scenario, however, the agency some years ago began encouraging its employees to purchase special liability-insurance policies from Wright & Co., a Virginia firm that specializes in coverage for government investigators. 

That’s if you think an AG who won’t say it waterboarding is torture will run an effective investigation… must be great to work in torturer insurance, real warm glow of a job well done as you go home to the kiddies.