Immigration Service Vs. Adedoyin Fadairo…a 3 Year Old Girl

Oh yes, the big brave nationalists of the immigration service are targeting the full bureaucratic -banality of evil- might on a 3 year old girl. Oooh, you big brave things, what is this an attempt to make paedophiles seem sympathetic?

The plight of Adedoyin Fadairo, who was born in America but has lived almost her entire life in London, has shocked asylum campaigners. She has been issued with deportation papers telling her to report to Heathrow where she must board a flight for the US, although she has no family there. The order warns her that while in Britain she must not breach immigration rules and threatens her with detention.

Home Office officials have also written to her mother informing her that her daughter, who has a serious kidney disorder, is not entitled to medical attention as she is not a UK citizen. The case has been taken up by the European Court of Human Rights which will consider the girl’s treatment and the legality of separating families who are claiming asylum in this country.

The 32-year-old mother, a Nigerian citizen who has lived in Britain for 10 years after fleeing persecution, is being held at Yarl’s Wood detention centre in Bedfordshire where she is facing removal to west Africa. She has been separated from her daughter for 10 months. Now the European Court of Human Rights has ordered the UK government to cancel the deportation so it can investigate the case.

Adedoyin is being cared for by her grandmother in London while her own daughter is detained. Repeated attempts to reunite mother and daughter have been rejected by the government, which has accused the mother of breaching immigration rules by allowing her daughter to benefit from medical treatment on the NHS.

The case highlights the ordeal of thousands of children caught up in the asylum system and raises concerns about Britain’s reliance on an opt-out of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child which it says is necessary to maintain an effective immigration policy. In 2001 the Government introduced a tougher policy for the indefinite detention of families with children without any formal recognition of the special legal status of children in international law.

So firstly, thank you Europe for intervening in our national idiocy and showing some actual humanity. Then…we are an island which sort of makes a big watery thing a natural barrier to migrants (frankly if you get here, well done!) so why did we need extra exceptional op outs of the Convention on the Rights of the Child, unless we planned on being exceptionally fucking nasty, ooh look- we were. And dear writers of such letters you do not deny medical care to a child, if you do that it is a variant of manslaughter you retarded technocrat shit smears.

I am a treasonously unpatriotic person, however I do take my share of the responsibility for how the country I live in behaves and right now you are not doing me any fucking favours. Just stop it, just fucking stop it. Stop pandering to anti-immigrant morons or if that is you yourself here’s an idea- suicide. What fucking part of you thinks it is ok to sit in an office earning a salary by inflicting this on people? You have jailed a mother, separating her from her toddler for almost a year. Not to mention the idea of flying the 3 YEAR OLD girl to America and…leaving her in the airport? $10  and a map of nearby fast food outlets? ‘Don’t speak to strangers (to the extent you can speak) but given you have no one to care for you here maybe you’ll have to and when they…well try to close your eyes, lie back and think of England’.

(Her) mother’s claim for asylum is based on her membership of a persecuted human rights organisation active in Nigeria, of which her father was a leading member. The mother, who does not want to be named because she fears victimisation in this country and Nigeria, says: “After 10 years I thought I was safe here and now I find myself caught up in a nightmare where I have become separated from my daughter. All I want is to be reunited with her and allowed to continue to live as a family in Britain. What is so wrong with that?”

Nothing. The only, THE ONLY thing wrong here is how the government is acting and all the little cogs in that process who are just following orders/memos/instructions/policy/human resources training seminars. All of those cowardly excuses for human beings are hugely fucking wrong. This scumbag NuLabour sham is wrong. A system designed to override individual moral senses, bind them into an unthinking bureaucracy of immense racist inhumanity is wrong. And that’s being generous, frankly what kind of power tripping racists/nationalists are infesting this organisation? Are attracted to getting work there? Who apply so they can satisfy their retrograde impulses? Fed by tabloid media & junk TV ‘discussion’ shows to think they are somehow possessed of reasonable informed opinions. And they are ‘protecting’ something by inflicting cruelty on others.

But then…there is a connection here, fearing persecution in Nigeria for her human rights connections instead she is persecuted here by exactly the same kind of people who would attack her in Nigeria. Borders become immaterial, this is simply cruel people versus a powerless woman and her daughter. It’s wrong here, it’s wrong in Nigeria, it’s wrong in Timbuktu & Kalamazoo yet see how the concepts of borders and ‘illegality’ of ‘aliens’ create the necessary authoritarian cues to enable abuse…and far worse. Maybe if she was called Madeline we would care?

Corporate Noozzzzzzzzzzz

A former NBC journo now at MIT media labs expresses… some frustrations at the shortcomings of the boob tube nooz and we see how GE proves every goddam thing Chomsky says is right (excerpts)-

I did, however, point out to the corporate-integrity people unhelpful details about how NBC News was covering wars in Iraq and Afghanistan that our GE parent company stood to benefit from as a major defense contractor. I wondered aloud, in the presence of an integrity “team leader,” how we were to reconcile this larger-scale conflict with the admonitions about free dinners. “You make an interesting point I had not thought of before,” he told me. “But I don’t know how GE being a defense contractor is really relevant to the way we do our jobs here at NBC news.” Integrity, I guess, doesn’t scale.

But GE had long done business with the bin Ladens. In a misguided attempt at corporate synergy, I called GE headquarters in Fairfield, CT, from my hotel room in Riyadh. I inquired at the highest level to see whether, in the interest of bringing out all aspects of an important story for the American people, GE corporate officers might try to persuade the bin Ladens to speak with Dateline while we were in the kingdom. I didn’t really know what to expect, but within a few hours I received a call in my hotel room from a senior corporate communications officer who would only read a statement over the phone. It said something to the effect that GE had an important, long-standing, and valuable business relationship with the Bin Laden Group and saw no connection between that relationship and what Dateline was trying to do in Saudi Arabia. He wished us well. We spoke with no bin Laden family member on that trip. 

Our story arranged pictures of people coping with the bombing into a slide show, accompanied by the voice of Melinda Liu, a Newsweek reporter describing, over the phone, the harrowing experience of remaining in Baghdad.

At the conclusion of the screening, there were a few suggestions for tightening here and clarification there. Finally, an NBC/GE executive responsible for “standards” shook his head and wondered about the tone in the reporter’s voice. “Doesn’t it seem like she has a point of view here?” he asked.

There was silence in the screening room. It made me want to twitch, until I spoke up. I was on to something but uncertain I wasn’t about to be handed my own head. “Point of view? What exactly do you mean by point of view?” I asked. “That war is bad? Is that the point of view that you are detecting here?” (ht2 BoingBoing)

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Droning On: Targets Of Opportunity

So the flying robots of death, and erm, that is an accurate description, were busy all over-

RawStory -In the wake of last week’s assassination of Benazir Bhutto, the Pakistan bureau chief of Asia Times is laying responsibility for the killing on a new and more radical splinter group of al-Qaeda.

According to journalist Syed Saleem Shahzad, the United States retaliated against the head of that faction immediately following the attack on Bhutto:

“This nest of takfiris and their intrigues was on the radar of the US Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) and the day after Bhutto’s killing Sheikh Essa was targeted by CIA Predator drones in his home in North Waziristan. According to Asia Times Online contacts, he survived, but was seriously wounded. Sheikh Essa had only recently recovered from a stroke which had left him bedridden.”

There have been no other press reports of such an attack and no US claims of responsibility. However, the US never does acknowledge participating in events of this sort. For example, in October 2006, a religious school on the Afghan-Pakistan border was destroyed in an airstrike, killing 80 suspected militants and leading to angry protests. Mulitiple reports indicated the school had been hit by a US Predator drone, but a Pakistani army spokesman denied any direct US involvement. 

So basically a neat excuse to whack a name on their list and a rather sinister glimpse into a region patrolled by drones. The Asia Times article is very – Blame Al Qaeda!! (interestingly as I viewed the page it was plastered with US Army recruitment ads) so they see this as a great score, with Pakistan the prize in T.W.A.T. between the Empire and AQ -who are an all powerful supervillain type menace, ahem. Except, who’s got the flying robots of death?

As for the drones, they’re not autonomous or cyborgs yet so we can’t call them, say…Daleks or Terminators. But give the CIA time, it’s only January 1st.