War Of Terror: Somalia- 6,501 Civilians Killed In US Backed Invasion

The first accounting of the dead, injured and displaced caused by the US backed Ethiopian invasion of Somalia has been released-

MOGADISHU, Dec 31 (Reuters) – Conflict in Somalia killed 6,501 civilians in the capital Mogadishu in 2007 and wounded 8,516 more, a local human rights group said on Monday. The Elman Peace and Human Rights Organisation said it had recorded 1.5 million people uprooted from homes in the city during a year that began with the toppling of an Islamist movement, spawning an insurgency.

The group’s chairman, Sudan Ali Ahmed, blamed Ethiopian forces supporting the interim Somali government for many of the civilian deaths. Residents are often caught in the crossfire as Ethiopian soldiers battle Islamist-led guerrillas. “The international community must intervene in Somali affairs to force the Ethiopians to get out. At the same time they must bring a joint international peacekeeping force to secure the country,” Ahmed told a news conference. He said he believed the United States was funding Ethiopia to keep its troops in Somalia, and must take some of the blame.

I am yet to perceive that this invasion is in the public consciousness or that the US involvement is adequately reported. Darfur is aided by a huge campaign but then that attention aids the empire’s strategies. It is also highly likely that Ethiopian forces will invade Eritrea in 2008 aided by the US which has been agitating against Eritrea for months (bad luck for the country which was in the ‘coalition of the shilling willing’ in 2003, imperial winds change and allies become targets, you lie down with dogs etc. though Eritrea was at that time probably feeling they had to to avoid the treatment they are now getting). Why not shine some light there, stop a war before it starts and thus actually save thousands of lives? It really could be done, no more mopping up after an atrocity, don’t send troops, recall them, pre-emptive… peace.

Or will I be writing- Eritrea- and the number killed there exactly a year from now?

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  1. childish Says:

    the man who claimed this, Sudan Ali Ahmed, is a supporter of the taliban-style islamists in mogadishu. when the islamists ruled somalia and chopped off heads and terrorized rival clans, Mr. Sudan Ali Ahmed and his “Elman Peace and Human Rights Organisation” was quiet and clapping along with the islamists.

    now he is blaming the somali government and the ethiopians because his islamists buddies are overthrown.

    by the way, his organization lost license to work last year so he shouldn’t even pretend like organization. he is just shoouting and crying to help islamist propaganda.

  2. RickB Says:

    Care to back that up with some links?

  3. Jotman Says:

    Good to read your blogging of this angle to the invasion, Gwyn Dyer wrote a good article on Somalia in Dec.

  4. RickB Says:

    I’ll have a look at those, it’s almost an invisible war as is the US direction of it.

  5. Spot The Pattern: Somali Edition « Ten Percent Says:

    […] Pentagon’s line of Al Qaeda!!!!! And of course the context of the US backed invasion and the appalling humanitarian crisis it caused, hey who wants that when whizz bang missiles are to be had? So the pattern of the press […]

  6. Mickel Says:

    The invisible war, that’s so right. I just feel for the innocent people who are dying and how we dare talk about human rights over the world like Tibet and ignore Somalia??

    People have no shame…..

  7. RickB Says:

    Hey Mickel, thanks for commenting, yes it is almost a secret atrocity, Chris Floyd also keeps covering it
    and this blog Incoherent Thoughts
    is a Somali man’s writing, not just politics lots on culture and Somali life.
    It is sad to say but the conclusion to be drawn is we are encouraged to disapprove of violence our countries rivals perpetrate but not the violence us and our allies & proxies engage in. Very literally a bloody hypocrisy.

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