Birthday Fever!

HAL small Cake!

Ok this blog is one year old and it is my birthday too (yes totally overshadowed by the holidays, it’s rubbish), I sort of imagined I might write a long (good) post about blogging, what I have learned, triumphs, failures…but…maybe sometime in the New Year. Bottom line- it hasn’t died on its arse and we are in the midst, every day of the struggle against idiots and scumbags so I shall go on.

Quickly, what I love about this thingymabob –

  • All the people visiting from all over the world, that’s why I have the map and nation widgets, I just love that stuff, hey people- HELLO!!!!!- keep coming.
  • Commenters, you are all simply wonderful and splendid human beings, it did occur to me that British blogs are a bit hamstrung by British reserve and women are better at commenting and chatting back and forth. So being British and male is a challenge but sod that, comment away, it really is nice to have comments, pass links back and forth, add information, correct things, engage in battles of wits, recipes, flirtations, detailed schematics for atom bombs etc.
  • Something is happening, the nexus of new technology and globalisation, previously the printing press enabled pamphleteering. And then it became who owned the press controlled the information, now more of us own this press, elite opinion can go fuck itself, this is our time, our voices. Game over old guard. There is a false (and lazy and clichéd) dichotomy – established media against bloggers- being pushed to hide the old scam (manufacturing ignorant consent), which is to hide the real deal: those who speak truth to power versus hacks wherever they may be, online or spewing establishment bullshit in papers or radio or teevee. John Pilger is my ally, Iain Dale is not, capice? (And Kurt Vonnegut and Bill Hicks are my patron saints.)
  • This is some small contribution, okay the NIE put a spanner in the works for an Iran attack but the background buzz contributed to the environment where that became possible and blogs contribute to that buzz… And we cure cancer, AIDS and restless leg syndrome (ok we probably cause that, whatever the hell made up by pharmaceutical corporations it is).
  • Even at its simplest I did think if you were to add up/poll all the pro-war islamophobiahysteria, conservative, idiot blogs and compare to all the excellent genius ones (like this, ahem) added together, this helps the scorecard. There are people who want to kill lots of other people and they think they are righteous in doing that, so we need to speak up. Silence is represented as consent by these scumbags.
  • And finding you have been blogrolled by blogs you admire is very nice.
  • As is being linked to.

And…um…some other stuff…see, not really ‘in the zone’ for the moment. I’d like to thank my fellow nominees, the baby jeebus etc. Have to go and help niece number 2, screaming something about -“…cliff edge..slipping….cold…I think it’s broken…”- Kids eh!

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13 Responses to “Birthday Fever!”

  1. ralfast Says:

    Happy B-day!

  2. Andrew Says:

    Happy birthday you old slag.

  3. RickB Says:

    Thank you my amigos, most appreciated.

  4. Dave On Fire Says:

    Happy birthday and all that, old bean. I say, what.

    You’re right. British male comments suck. Impressive, considering the stiffness of our upper lips.

  5. island monkey Says:

    Happy Birthday [again]. It’s still the 30th in Helvetica. Honest.

  6. RickB Says:

    Thanks Dan, and if I may say so your blog has gone from strength to strength, you’re cooking up a storm, election year is going to be …fun!

    Indeed Mr. Dave, tally-ho and pip pip. Hilarious as it can be the Brit stiff lip must be actively fought against, it takes a lifetime but I hope I am freeing myself of its worst excesses. The diversity of backgrounds in blogs is good for that too, there is much to be learned from other peoples grooves.

    Now don’t overdose on Schnapps and Toblerone Monkey Boy and if you decide to just keep on movin’ give me a call when you hit Moscow. PS. it would be warmer if you head south, that wasn’t just a coincidental sunny spell on your previous travels.

  7. naj Says:

    Oiche! I missed the birthday!

    Well a belated happy birthday RickB!

    all the best

  8. RickB Says:

    Thank you Naj, I see you have been mucho busy (I am going to attempt to read the Shahnameh over the next few days) and have only just returned from your Iranian adventures so you are forgiven!!! Although next year I expect flowers and songs and performing monkeys!
    And Happy New Year to you!

  9. a very public sociologist Says:

    Just realised you’ve added me to your blogroll. Consider the favour returned!

  10. RickB Says:

    Ta very much AVPS (which always makes me think of Alien vs. Predator, hmmm) anyway, that’s cool look forward to your writings in 2008!

  11. Dan (Fitness) Says:

    Thanks! Election year will be fun. I just hope it isn’t “train-wreck” fun.

  12. RickB Says:

    The best kind!

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