Fly Asylum Airways!

First of all: Things you don’t want to hear Germans say-

A top member of Chancellor Angela Merkel’s conservatives (Roland Koch) has said Germany has too many criminal young foreigners and that immigrants must stick to the rules of Germany’s “Christian-Occidental” culture, in remarks that echo the rhetoric of Germany’s far right. The Social Democrats and Green Party have accused him of cheap campaign rhetoric.

The Speigel Online article then goes on to tell this sorry tale-

Koch was responding to the brutal assault on a 76-year-old German man by two young men, one Greek and one Turkish, in Munich on December 20. The pensioner had asked them to stop smoking on a subway train, where smoking is prohibited.

They called him a “Shit German” and spat at him, then followed him out onto the platform and beat him up, kicking him in the head. He was taken to hospital with a fractured skull and internal bleeding in his brain but is now recovering. A number of people witnessed the attack but did not intervene.

The incident was filmed on security cameras and led to a nationwide outcry during Christmas, with calls for tougher sentencing for young offenders and the expulsion of foreign criminals. The 17-year-old Greek man and the 20-year-old Turk, who both live in Munich, have since been arrested and both have a long list of prior offences. The 20-year-old man is a Turkish citizen who was born in Munich while the Greek man immigrated to Germany six years ago.


  • Turkish citizen who was born in Munich– So that’s a German who emigrated to Turkey then?
  • long list of prior offences– So it’s not their obvious criminality that’s the problem, it’s their swarthy foreignocity, yeah right.
  • A number of people witnessed the attack but did not intervene– Um, so no condemnation approbation for these fine upstanding members of the community who did fuck all as two people kicked the shit out of an old man. Hmm, you don’t think the opportunistic politician’s racism is also conveniently deflecting attention from the bystander’s social timidity. Let’s say the problem is outside of us, the others, no blame here, oh no.

But we have our own creeping inhumanity to be proud of-

The denial of health services to failed asylum-seekers – including Aids treatment to prevent pregnant mothers passing the disease to their babies – has been attacked by politicians and medical experts ahead of a review which could see further cuts to their care. Currently asylum-seekers whose claims have been refused are only allowed free access to GPs and emergency care.

Now the authors of a joint Department of Health and Home Office review to be published in January are considering imposing further restrictions, which would mean only emergency health care is given. Since 2004, when vital Aids-combating antiretroviral (ARV) drugs were made part of a list of secondary treatment, many lives have been put at risk.

And then there is this, an Austrian (now there’s a rainbow nation, ahem) airline chummy with our state security dedicated to deporting asylum seekers called Asylum Airways-

A company specialising in removing failed asylum-seekers is to approach the Government with plans to use specially adapted aircraft to deport hundreds of “disruptive” refugees. Asylum Airways, run by an Austrian aviation consultant with ties to British security firms, will operate aircraft for European countries which do not wish to use established airlines for the forced removal of asylum-seekers.

The planes will have specially designed seats so that the “passengers” can be strapped down and restrained by guards. A deal could save the Government millions of pounds compared with the piecemeal contracts it has negotiated with dozens of airlines as well as reduce the number of aborted deportations. Hundreds of asylum-seeker removals have had to be aborted in the past two years because of what the Home Office describes as “disruptive behaviour”.

And in the past few months airlines have been criticised for carrying failed asylum-seekers, many of whom allege they have been physically and racially abused by private security guards paid to escort them.

Heinz Berger, who has set up the Asylum Airlines company and has worked with British companies providing security at British airports, says that he is still involved with the “bureaucracy” of the scheme but has identified Britain as a key market for his service.

Mr Berger said that Britain was on a list of countries with whom he was seeking to do business. He said there was “ongoing interest all over Europe” for an airline that will organise flights around Europe, picking up failed asylum-seekers from various countries and then flying them back to their home nations around Africa, the Middle East and Asia.

A special feature will be bespoke aircraft with padded rooms and restraining equipment.

Rendition is catching on. Once the cat is out of the bag, once the corruption is abroad in society it spreads, the straps, the hoods, the tasers, the ‘enhanced’ techniques. It really doesn’t take long from the invasion in cold blood, the propaganda, the normalisation of a new brutality. And always, always, we start in on the least liked groups, people defined by law as ‘illegal’ the security operatives can justify to themselves what they are doing and with each job they get a little better at ignoring the humanity in their targets and gradually their numbers grow, the ‘industry’ grows (often fed by brutalised veterans of those profitlicious wars) and they can be relied upon to do anything to anybody. So we either wake up and put a stop to it (and that very much includes stopping the imperial capitalist adventurism that turns peoples home states into blasted wastelands of tyrannies sorry, spreading freedom & democracy and winning hearts & minds) or it plays out as it always does, as history always does.

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