Work For The Secret Police Or Else…

 I continued saying that in the event of a successful attack in the UK, it was not possible to predict the government’s reaction. It was quite possible that he could find himself swept up in a further round of detentions. He did, however, have a choice…

 …he could either continue as at present, with the risks that entailed, or he could start a new life with a new identity, new nationality, money to set himself up in business and to provide for his family, and an opportunity to move to a Muslim country where his children could be brought up away from the bad influences in western society.

I again returned to the choice he had: if he chose to help us by providing details of all his activities and contacts, we would assist him to create a new life for himself and his family. I told him that I did not expect him to give me an immediate answer, it was an important decision and he needed to think carefully about it. 

-MI5 & Special Branch to Jamil el-Banna a few days before CIA agents kidnapped him.

When he turned our secret police down, he was kidnapped by US operatives and spent 5 years in Gitmo. Just remind me again about our wondrous ‘free’ society. So now he is back in the UK, guess what? The government is fucking him over again-

A UK resident released by the US from Guantanamo Bay has been granted bail after appearing in court under a Spanish extradition warrant. Magistrates are considering whether to extradite Jamil El-Banna to Spain to face allegations of terror offences.

A Metropolitan Police spokesman said he had not been charged under UK law, but the European Arrest Warrant, issued on behalf of the Spanish authorities, meant it was their duty to arrest him and present him to court.

His lawyer, Edward Fitzgerald QC said there would be massive issues as to the lapse of time over extradition and his human rights. Protesters against his detention gathered outside court. Among them was Liberal Democrat Sarah Teather, MP for Mr El-Banna, who described Spain’s move as “extremely distasteful and very insensitive”.

Earlier, Clive Stafford Smith, another of Mr El-Banna’s lawyers, accused the government of lying about the three men’s release.

“To do this when they are so close to home and their families, I think, is reprehensible,” he said. “It would have been fine if that was what they [the government] had told us was going to happen. I have no problem with them questioning my clients but they lied.”

He said he had previously tried to encourage a Spanish extradition request as a means of getting the men out of Guantanamo, but said the authorities in Madrid had never showed any interest.

“For quite a long time, we tried to get the Spanish to demand their release because we thought it was an elegant way to get them out of Guantanamo. The Spanish weren’t interested,” he told BBC Two’s Newsnight.

In 2002 he agreed our secret services were unlike Egypt’s-

Anas asked me to repeat who we were and I said that I was from the Security Service – Scotland Yard? he queried; so I explained that Andy was from Scotland Yard and that I was from the mukhaberaat [Arabic for secret police] although it was important for him to understand that we were not like the mukhaberaat in most Arab countries. He immediately agreed with this comment. 

Not any more. And the involvement of our spooks is not, shall we say, writ large in stories about him, funny that. So imagine for a moment MI5 and special branch roll up to your place and put the hard word on you, what protections from them and the CIA do you have? You have none. That is tyranny, that is a police state. Merry Christmas suckers. The war of terror continues apace.

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  1. ralfast Says:

    Funny, I just finished the last Harry Potter book (yes, yes) and the parallels where uncanny.

  2. RickB Says:

    Potter ends up in Gitmo? Awesome!

  3. ralfast Says:

    No…but the decent into a totalitarian state is well described.

  4. RickB Says:

    cool you are all gravatar-ed up! (in fact I should post that wp is gravatar friendly now).
    Ok I have to know, is there a happy ending, or is it 1984 for our heroes?

  5. ralfast Says:

    I got a wordpress account, but I found modifying the theme a bit troublesome.

  6. RickB Says:

    Ah right, well gravatars work as well now according to WP, yeah to really mess with themes you need to pay for css upgrades of run wp with your own server space.

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