Major Chutzpah

Well yes, but um, pot & kettle with it coming from you Johnny boy-

Former Prime Minister Sir John Major has accused Labour of presiding over “systemic sleaze” during its 10 years in government. 

He acknowledged that “lots of people misbehaved” when he was prime minister, but said they did so as individuals rather than members of the government. It was not institutional sleaze, he said.

Sir John warned that the good economy that Labour inherited from the Conservatives “is now beginning to unravel”. He blamed government policies on pensions and too many taxes for a drop in competitiveness and productivity.

Or short version- Whine, whine, whine, why can’t we be the ones in power fucking over the people. You get so much bigger bribes when you’re in power…or looking like you might reacquire it.
No, I’m sorry but Nulabour are scum because they are exactly the same as you, you tory wanker. This is utterly pathetic, two groups offering the same basic policies with minor cosmetic tweaks and a few crossed words so we all feel the warm glow of ‘democracy’, just two gangs fighting over territory in an unchanging utterly immoral system, arse biscuits! Fuck off Major and take the rest of the conservatives of NuLabour with you. How’s that for back to basics, you cretin.

How about telling the interviewer how exciting it was to cheat on your wife while under a campaign of family values your party shat on single mothers, the disabled, the unemployed, gave us clause 28 and piled as much cash into you and your business friends pockets as the mathematically illiterate chancellor of the week would allow. Of course removing any barriers to the elite hording all the wealth while destroying unions clearly is the way to alleviate poverty, it worked so well NuLab uses it too! Pensions? Oh because of course no old people froze to death under your benevolent regime you ineffable dullard, not that you meant that, you meant can’t my City chums have all the welfare cash and um, when the time to payout comes, oh dear, it was here somewhere, the bloomin’ market must have mislaid it, dearie me. Tony Blair is an appalling war criminal but if we have to take lessons on government morality from John fucking Major then we are truly screwed. The Conservatives would have lied us into Iraq too except they would have enjoyed it more, I’ll at least give them that, they are not so ashamed of their evil, their wilful ignorance makes them proud of it.

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