Evil Twin Jesus: The 13th Disciple

This might explain the christianist dominionists, they are signed up to the evil twin-

German filmmaker Robert Sigl’s “The 13th Disciple” is still in the planning stage but producer Mario Stefan is in India’s western tourist state of Goa trying to attract an Indian co-producer for the project.

“It’s a fantasy-adventure film and takes place completely in present-day India,” Stefan said on the sidelines of the 38th International Film Festival of India, which opened over the weekend.

The story traces the journey of two German archaeologists looking for evidence that Jesus visited India. The researchers, who are twins themselves, find that Jesus had an evil twin brother who is reincarnated in the present as the scheming head of a religious sect. (ht2 Defamer)

Genius, as long as wildly silly crap movies like this get made, there may be hope for the human race. I reckon this project is go, hell I want to see it already. Fuck the paltry €5 million budget, this baby has buzz, go for at least $150m, this is going international, the protests from evangelicals alone will mean virtually free promotion. I smell Oscars, this is gonna be huge! Throw some alien robot ghosts in there (never hurts) and of course the evil twin’s girlfriend falls for the hero…while pregnant…sequel! Kerching!

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The Worst Use Of Electricity


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