Friday! Cocteau Twins- Pink Orange Red

I’ve only just discovered the mine of Cocteau Twins clips on YouTube, who knew? A rare and precious band who tickled your ears with such wonderment you had to wonder had angels come to earth and formed a band in Scotland. A unique and unmistakable sound an important landmark on my musical map (because there are like maps of music aren’t there, aren’t there?). “Pink Orange Red” a pretty early song here live (and they are not ashamed of having their tape machine playing the instruments they don’t have the manpower for when playing live) off their ’85 Tiny Dynamite EP. And because Dave is assuaged with 3D world commitments and has to down shift his blogging at Complex System of Pipes here is a bonus clip “Carolyn’s Fingers” from the Blue Bell Knoll album which transported me from Deansgate station to Victoria seemingly in an instantaneous dream like fugue, the long trudge in cold winter rain going unnoticed as my walkman allowed the music to envelop my consciousness. Which is to say even on a miserable day in Manchester there is wonder to be had, don’t let the call center get you down.

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Gas Chambers With Wi-Fi

The Immigration Service use taxpayers money to fund their criminal and abusive work

The judgement on Ms Lennard’s flight came after a doctor at Yarl’s Wood detention centre had approved her as well enough to travel. Her lawyer said: “The doctors who have taken an interest in her case believed that to remove her without medical attention would prove a serious risk to her health. The in-house doctors did not agree with that, but the Immigration Service were presented with cogent evidence that she was not fit to fly.”

Dr Frank Arnold of Medical Justice, who provided evidence that Ms Lennard was too unwell to fly, said: “This is a dangerous situation. Doctors in detention centres appear to be putting the interests of their employers ahead of the interests of their patients. If true, this is a violation of the duties of a doctor, and should be investigated.

And what would you do with a 14 year old Kurdish girl who has lived here for 6 years-

Meltem continued: “The thing that made me depressed was that they put me in Yarl’s Wood for three months and I couldn’t go to school or see my friends.” She alleged that the commissioner had made a guarantee that he would take her case directly to a minister in parliament. “I’d just like to go back to school with my friends,” she said.

The doctor also saw scars on Meltem’s wrists where she had attempted to cut herself. When asked why she had self-harmed, the 14-year-old said that she felt there was “no way out”, and that she was convinced she would be sent back to Turkey.

And it is all in our name apparently-

Last night Liam Byrne, minister for Immigration, said: “We do not comment on individual cases.” But he added: “We will not tolerate illegal migrants disrupting deportation from Britain and will take every step necessary, in the taxpayer’s interest, to enforce returns of those with no right to be here.”

So maybe this ‘taxpayers’ thingy could tell the bastards they don’t want their money spent on this criminal enterprise. If that is that isn’t just a soundbite to associate immigrants with tax (ooh bad, look they cost YOU money, ooh c’mon hate them some more) and appear you are carrying out a solemn responsibility on behalf of others (Sun/Mail/Express readers?). I would expect this kind of slimy cruelty from a tory, but this is NuLabour which means there is little immediate hope of a government being in power who will operate a more humane system. The party of the ‘left’ playing the same evil schtick as the conservatives used. But it’s the way this scumbag lays out his ‘not me guv’ and I am so sick of the time honoured avoid bad PR not comment on individual cases bullshit. All of it so cowardly, all so lawyerly advised. We are all individual cases and if a government does not treat the people as individuals then it is a collective tyranny. Rejecting personalising anyone so as to enable mass institutional cruelty, we know that answer we’ve always heard it. It is unacceptable, it must be made unacceptable otherwise the future is just the cruelties of the past but with better gadgets.