Vote Jadi, Vote FreeKeyboard (& Jotman)

Jadi of Inside Iran has had his Persian blog nominated for The Reporters Without Borders Award at the BOB’s (Best of Blogs) awards, woohoo! So go here to vote for his blog [scroll down to Reporters Without Borders Award category and pick FreeKeyboard], you will also see Jotman is nominated so share the love if you wish…(a joint win would show some global solidarity).

He also has some good news, Delaram Ali was dues to go to prison just for demonstrating for women’s rights but now-

Great news. Delaram’s 30 months of prison seems to be suspended for a while. This is due to lobbying with the Head of the Judicary and a Reformist leader (Karrubi). As I said before, I think this is a positive step and I wish it works for a long time or totally suspend the prison for her.

Delaram is among human rights activists who live INSIDE Iran and as I know her she is another ANTI-WAR person. She should be able to say “I am an Iranian, I live in Iran and I work for human rights, AND I AM AGAINST THE WAR”.

Yes. Against the usage of ANY kind of MILITARY FORCE against Iran. We believe that CHANGE should happen but WAR can not make the change. Iran is not a harsh dictatorship. Iran is not Iraq. We are working here, we are trying to enrich the civil society but a WAR will stop all the activities.

To which I can only add -in the words of the the suddenly late Norman Mailer – Fuck Yeah!

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  1. Jotman Says:

    Thanks for mentioning my blog’s nomination for the Reporters Without Borders Award at DW’s BOBs competition– and urging your readers to cast a vote for Jotman. I really appreciate it!

  2. screenblog Says:


  3. RickB Says:

    Hey Jotman!
    suffice to say votes have been cast!
    Nice it is.

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