Too Cowardly To Look Aung San Suu Kyi In The Eye

Myanmar’s military government has rejected a UN plan for three-way talks involving Aung San Suu Kyi, the detained opposition leader, state media reports. Brigadier-General Kyaw Hsan, information minister, told Ibrahim Gambari, the UN’s visiting envoy, that Myanmar’s generals would not support outside “interference”.

Gambari had earlier proposed a meeting with Aung San Suu Kyi and Aung Kyi, Myanmar’s labour minister, who was appointed by the government last month to liaise with her. Kyaw Hsan said “currently the tripartite meeting will not be possible”, the New Light of Myanmar daily reported on Wednesday.

They have guns, they have warplanes, they have millions hidden in banks, they have torture chambers but they are scared of sitting across a table with her. Gambari will meet with her on Thursday at the end of his visit (he should also meet and 3 NLD officers) that even UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon has expressed his disappointment at for lack of progress. Meanwhile in Britain-

A Foreign Office minister is encouraging people to support peaceful demonstrations in Britain against the violent suppression of monks in Burma.It is highly unusual for a government minister to call for protests, but Meg Munn, Foreign Office minister with responsibility for the region, said it was important to keep the plight of the Burmese high on the agenda. “We want to make sure this doesn’t fall out of the news and people’s consciousness,” said Ms Munn. “Having got to this stage, we don’t want to let this go away.”

Would she approve a vigil within 1Km of parliament or would her party’s SOCPA laws crush such peaceful demonstrations, hmmmm? Ko Htike has pictures of current graffiti protesting the junta and Jotman hears some talk that a hotel hit by a bomb was not in fact a hotel but the regional military HQ. Muslims are detained for giving water to protesting monks, elsewhere a police officer wants out after he was ordered to shoot on monks-

A Second Lieutenant in the police force, he was ordered to shoot at monks by Burma Army troops from the Military Southeast Regional Command, who were dressed in police uniforms in September. According to a friend of his, he is going to retire and is bribing his superiors to clear his retirement on grounds of failing heath.

And sporadic multiple acts of dissent continue across the country.

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Things Fall Apart

Via Blairwatch

The pound climbed to $2.10 for the first time since 1981 this morning, boosted by speculation that China was preparing to shift its foreign reserves out of dollars. By 10.30am, one pound was worth $2.1053. The dollar, which has been weakening for several weeks, also hit a new all-time low against the euro of $1.4703.

Analysts said today’s falls had been sparked by comments made by Cheng Siwei, vice chairman of China’s National People’s Congress. He told a Beijing conference on Tuesday that China would “favour stronger currencies over weaker ones, and readjust accordingly”.

Oh dear, doesn’t look like Bushnomics will have a lot of shelf space in George’s presidential library, the bad news, recessions make wars look appealing to the ruling class.

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War Mongering As Usual

The political class have stalled Kucinich’s impeachment resolution, playing political games with no regard to the war crimes committed-

There was no discussion of a time limit for the Judiciary Committee to report back (even though there are precedents for insisting on one with impeachment resolutions). This bill has, of course, ALREADY been in the Judiciary Committee for months, and that committee has done nothing with it.

The Bush administration drew up proposals to preemptively nuke its enemies-

Despite years of denials, a secret planning document issued by the U.S. military’s nuclear-weapons command in 2003 ordered preparations for nuclear strikes on countries seeking to acquire weapons of mass destruction, including Iran, Saddam Hussein-era Iraq, Libya and Syria.

The creation of a “target base” indicates that the planning went further than simple retaliatory punishment with one or a few weapons, but envisioned actual nuclear warfighting intended to annihilate a wide range of facilities in order to deprive the states the ability to launch and fight with WMD. The new plan formally broadened strategic nuclear targeting from two adversaries (Russia and China) to a total of seven.

The motivation for the new strategy, one participant in the interagency process that drafted it told Washington Post, was the conclusion that “traditional nonproliferation has failed, and now we’re going into active interdiction.” NSPD-17 is sometimes also called the preemption doctrine. 

That’s first strike with nuclear weapons, and these fucks won’t take impeachment seriously.