Stop The Second Holocaust

Naj of Neo Resistance invited me to contribute to a new group/meta blog Stop The Second Holocaust

Imagine if in 1933 Hitler was trying to convince the world that the Jews and Communists were posing a threat to the world security, and was calling for their annihilation to prevent the second world war! Well, he did just that!

And now Bush is doing just that, claiming we must fight WWIII to prevent, erm…WWIII, or as I call it- The War on Terror Scam. It reminds me of the song Amphetamine Logic by the Sisters of Mercy (not that I’m making any claims to know what ‘medication’ Bush -or Mr. Schicklgruber– is/was on) although more accurately it is Ben Tre Logic- “it became necessary to destroy the town to save it,”.

Anyways, never one to turn down a foxy Persian chick (you see, right there she’s going to ban me) I sallied forth and have just put up my first post at Stop The Second Holocaust.

Guatemala Rejects Fascist

Colom is no dream but at least he isn’t SOA graduate and the Empire’s place man Otto Perez Molina

Alvaro Colom, a left-leaning factory owner promising to end Guatemala’s desperate poverty, has won the country’s presidential election. He defeated Otto Perez Molina, a retired army general who conceded defeat on Monday after results from 95 per cent of the vote showed him trailing Colom by six percentage points. Colom, 56, secured more than 51 per cent of the votes in the presidential run-off in his third bid for the post, while Molina picked up just under 49 per cent.

Mariana Sanchez, Al Jazeera’s correspondent in Guatemala City, said the general mood during voting was dull and there were no queues outside voting centres. “There is a sense of apathy here,” she said. “There is a belief the new president will not be able to deliver on his promises as they have not been able to in the past.”

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Happy Guy Fawkes!

Wherein Britain celebrates a terrorist attack on its own parliament (ok it failed).

Remember, remember the fifth of November,
The gunpowder, treason and plot,
I know of no reason
Why gunpowder treason
Should ever be forgot.”

And today the government are hawking a big scary report there are 2,000 terrorist supporting scoundrels in the UK, which is wildly inaccurate because tonight there are millions! As Blairwatch wonders- New Draconian Anti-Terror Legislation On Its Way?

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Gisele Bündchen Possesses WMD

Gisele Bündchen is said to be keen to avoid the US currency because of uncertainty over its strength. The Brazilian, thought to have earned about $30m in the year to June, prefers to be paid in euros, her sister and manager told the Bloomberg news agency.

When will this evil threat to America be confronted? Somebody think of the children!

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War Pimps Sailing Holiday 2

Remember it’s Impeachment Tuesday tomorrow!

(Reuters) – The U.S. Navy began a series of exercises in the Gulf and wider Gulf waters on Friday involving a U.S aircraft carrier and two expeditionary assault ships. The five-day crisis response exercise involved amphibious, air and medical forces, the U.S. Navy’s Fifth Fleet, headquartered in Bahrain, said in a statement. “The scenario is challenging but prepares us for a real-world event,” Commander Jay Chambers, of Combined Task Force 59, said.

The start of the exercises coincided with world powers agreeing at talks in London to push ahead with a third round of sanctions against Iran, unless reports indicate Tehran has tried to address their concerns about its nuclear programme. Washington has not ruled out military action against Iran, which lies on the Gulf. Tehran denies it is seeking nuclear weapons.

Fifth Fleet spokesman Lieutenant John Gay said the exercises had been planned for months and were not related to specific events, instead outlining only humanitarian assistance and natural disaster scenarios for the manoeuvres. “Our primary goal is to enforce maritime security including the free flow of commerce through the Gulf for all regional partners … We are committed to keeping the Strait of Hormuz open to ensure that there is a free flow of commerce throughout the region,” Gay said. Read the rest of this entry »