Jury Finds Met Police Guilty On de Menezes

Hurray for juries, one of that last mechanisms where people can challenge the power of institutions, they didn’t fall for the Met’s bullshit-

The Metropolitan police was today found guilty of a catastrophic series of errors during the operation that led to firearms officers shooting Jean Charles de Menezes dead on the London underground. The force was fined £175,000 and ordered to pay £385,000 costs after an Old Bailey jury found it had breached health and safety rules and failed in its duty to protect members of the public in the killing of the innocent Brazilian electrician at Stockwell station, south London, on July 22 2005.

And what do the establishment think?

The Met commissioner, Sir Ian Blair, said after the verdict that he would not be resigning and would go back to New Scotland Yard to “get on with my job”. The prime minister, Gordon Brown, and the home secretary, Jacqui Smith, said Sir Ian retained their “full confidence”.

Fuck you, we like executing brown people- in other words. In fact it could happen to any of us-

Clare Montgomery, prosecuting, told the court De Menezes had been acting no differently to “hundreds of others” when he was gunned down.

The case is still not fully investigated-

Speaking outside the Old Bailey, Mr de Menezes’s relatives said they wanted to see a “full and thorough” inquest into his death. Harriet Wistrich, the family’s solicitor, said the police had been an “unstoppable force” when they pursued him, and the defence had “descended to the gutter” to blacken his name.

And while the catalogue of incompetence, laziness, ass-covering and arrogance is a tempting explanation, it doesn’t quite cover it all. Something wicked was at work here and the truth is still concealed. Even this detailed summation has holes, what was the full role of the SAS? Why do we hear so little from members of the public who were witnesses? Why did the Met lie so much in the aftermath and why should we think they are not still lying? Why are whistleblowers subject to intimidating arrest and searches? Why is everyone keeping their jobs and some being promoted?

Diego Garcia, The Death Star

In 1967 the UK began depopulating, ethnically cleansing the Chagos islands so it could lease the islands to the US for it to build a base. The Chagossians were shipped to Mauritius the British govt. paid the Mauritius authorities some hush money & the empire got to building its bases. Only this year after decades of fighting did the Chagossians get any justice, Diego Garcia remains verboten.

Diego Garcia is the largest of the Chagos islands and the base is crucial to the empire, warplanes flew from it on strike missions for both gulf wars against Iraq and again something stirs-

The US is secretly upgrading special stealth bomber hangars on the British island protectorate of Diego Garcia in the Indian Ocean in preparation for strikes on Iran’s nuclear facilities, according to military sources. The improvement of the B1 Spirit jet infrastructure coincides with an “urgent operational need” request for £44m to fit racks to the long-range aircraft. That would allow them to carry experimental 15-ton Massive Ordnance Penetrator (MOP) bombs designed to smash underground bunkers buried as much as 200ft beneath the surface through reinforced concrete.

As usual the story includes the standard issue Iran! Nukes! FUD. So while you get some information the weak minded will have their paranoia and hence support for war subtly reinforced. This connected report- $87.8 million for further development of the Massive Ordnance Penetrator, or MOP, a conventional bomb designed to destroy hardened or deeply buried targets.- shows military industrial pork and preparedness always aids the war monger.

Not only is it a military cuckoo occupying the land rightfully belonging to the Chagos islanders it’s also a gulag once called ‘Camp Justice‘-

MPs on the all-party foreign affairs committee hope to find out if the reports that the CIA has a secret prison on the island are true. The MPs will scrutinise the allegations that the CIA has been holding al-Qaida and Taliban suspects on the island.

• Some form of American detention facility has existed on the island since at least 1983.

• Barry McCaffrey, a retired four-star American general who is now professor of international security studies at West Point military academy, has twice spoken publicly about the use of Diego Garcia to detain suspects.

• Dick Marty, a Swiss senator who led a Council of Europe investigation into the CIA’s use of European territory and airspace said he had received confirmation of the use of the island. He later said that he had received the assistance of some CIA officers during his investigation.

• A Gulfsteam executive jet, which has been linked by its registration number to several CIA prisoner operations is known to have flown from Washington to the island shortly after the capture of a leading al-Qaida suspect in September 2002.

• British officials re-designated a building on the island as a prison three months after the September 11 attacks.

• Inmates at Guantanamo say that fellow detainees have described being held, and beaten, on board prison ships.

• The United Nation’s special rapporteur on torture, Manfred Nowak, has said that he has heard from reliable sources that the US has held prisoners on ships in the Indian Ocean.

Michael Mukasey, current nomination for US Attorney General doesn’t know if water boarding is torture and therefore if it is illegal even though enemy perpetrators of this torture were jailed and some executed after WWII for using it. Many democrats are debating if this makes him a bad choice or can they accept it, hmmm, top law officer, torture isn’t torture hence legal, hmmm what could possibly be wrong with that…yeah let’s debate that a lot, we’re civilised…

Has the CIA been given the go ahead to use torture and torture-lite techniques in its black sites overseas? The answer which emerges from everything we’ve seen is: Yes. The techniques in question include waterboarding, long-time standing, hypothermia, sleep deprivation in excess of two days, the use of dogs to terrify detainees, sexual humiliation techniques, and psychotropic drugs. Each of these techniques is very clearly illegal and their use is punishable as a crime. So the question for Michael Mukasey is this: has the Justice Department yet again been roped into to giving assurances that these crimes are not crimes, or that they will not be prosecuted?

The latest historical comparison for Bush’s America is Hirohito’s reign (a royalist fascist era, hmmm)-

“US war criminality is justice institutionalised, as Japan’s once was,” Bix said. “In today’s America, torture is not only standard battlefield practice in the so-called war on terror. Torture is celebrated in American popular culture as evidenced by the popularity of ’24,’ a TV programme in which the hero confronts a ticking bomb scenario… designed to justify torture.”

Herbert Bix, who won the Pulitzer Prize in 2001 for his landmark biography of wartime emperor Hirohito, said he believed US aerial bombings and alleged use of torture in Afghanistan and Iraq constituted war crimes. “The current American rampage in Iraq and elsewhere, not to mention the Bush administration’s threats of war against Iran, so clearly replicates Imperial Japan during the period when its leaders willfully disregarded international law and pursued the diplomacy of force,”

Hopefully Diega Garcia is no Unit 731. After all they don’t need to do all that human vivisection again as they bought the research off the war criminals and gave them jobs, keeping things businesslike like the good guys should.