War Nation

Sadly it is not just the leaders who believe the empire has a divine right to rule

  • 52% – would support a U.S. military strike to prevent Iran from building a nuclear weapon
  • Republicans, however, are much more likely to be supportive of a strike (71%), than Democrats (41%) or independents (44%)
  • 29% said the U.S. should not attack Iran, and 20% were unsure.
  • The view that Iran should not be attacked by the U.S. is strongest among Democrats (37%) and independents, but fewer than half as many Republicans (15%) feel the same. But Republicans are also more likely to be uncertain on the issue (28%).

At Neo Resistance you can compare Iran against the Pakistan, Israel & our current BFF Saudi Arabia. Iran spends the least on the military and has the lowest public debt, go see the graphs from the CIA world factbook yourself. (h/t Rawstory)

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