War Criminology: Denial

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At the Pentagon, Garlasco was chief of high value targeting at the start of the Iraq war. He told 60 Minutes his team was authorized to kill a set number of civilians around high-value targets — targets like Saddam Hussein and his leadership.

“Our number was 30. So, for example, Saddam Hussein. If you’re gonna kill up to 29 people in a strike against Saddam Hussein, that’s not a problem,” Garlasco explains. “But once you hit that number 30, we actually had to go to either President Bush, or Secretary of Defense Rumsfeld.”

Garlasco says, before the invasion of Iraq, he recommended 50 air strikes aimed at high-value targets — Iraqi officials.But he says none of the targets on the list were actually killed. Instead, he says, “a couple of hundred civilians at least” were killed.

But the a few lines down in the transcript from ’60 minutes’ a corporate tv news show-

Of course the Taliban are killing civilians too, targeting them deliberately. By contrast, 60 Minutes watched American airmen calculate how to minimize civilian casualties with the choice of timing, weapon, and direction of attack.

They still live in denial, proportionality, minimize and woohoo they do all this with a teevee news crew there, ah bless. Utterly delusional, if you know an action will kill civilians and you proceed with it you are deliberately killing them. The legal wriggle room here is ‘targeting’, which I think is not only a lie but ethically irrelevant once the process becomes routine and repeated. It is also a plain war crime. It is also terrorism. Why do you think they are keeping doing it? It is planned, strategised and with malice aforethought. And it did not begin in Iraq, in fact as soon as someone figured you could drop explosives from them new fangled planes it began, 8 seconds later the first lie about targeting only the bad guys was written. But this is a step forward into barbarity, now killing tens of civilians to possibly get one enemy (an enemy because he resists your invading forces) is the low level of propaganda ruse needed. That is a cowardly tyranny that can not easily be forgiven, except millions of patriots don’t even think they are doing anything wrong, that old one.

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8 Responses to “War Criminology: Denial”

  1. Rafael Says:

    Excellent discussion on the Young Turks:


  2. RickB Says:

    Is that mondays or tuesdays? I like Cenk when he gets angry although he is pretty conservative he is a good brawler and god knows the liberals need them.

  3. Rafael Says:

    Today, the show is on everyday on Air America, but you can watch the whole thing on their site. They loop the show through out the day. The video is a little wanky, but the audio is fine.

  4. RickB Says:

    It’s ok I can get pods of it, so I’ve got both days, heard it now, he’s doing good stuff. I think because he isn’t your standard issue white christian he is less liable to be blinded to the empire’s evil. White imperial christianist lens! Sad that is the case that people don’t work hard to think outside of their assumptions and immediate culture. But such is imperial citizenship.
    ps- just heard the 911 caller, such a self absorbed mindset, the US has targeted civilians for decades but many Americans are ignorant, they could start with ‘war on democracy’ to start to wake the fuck up. They think US being evil began with Bush, he just dropped the mask.

  5. Rafael Says:

    Talking of pods, I have to start working on the audio for this Halloween special. It will be a hefty file, because it will be loaded with clips.

  6. RickB Says:

    Squeeze those bitrates!

  7. Rafael Says:

    Working on it right now. But delving into what scares the right-wing nutjobs to no end is to wade into a giant vat full of viscous sticky hate and loathing, not to mention dementia, paranoia and sheer stupidity.

    Wish me luck!

  8. RickB Says:

    Luck and from the sound of it you’ll need some anti-biotics afterwards too.

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