John Howard Uses Paskistani Dead

Huge terrible bombing,

More than 100 people have been killed after two bombs exploded among crowds in Karachi celebrating the return of the former Pakistani PM Benazir Bhutto. Ms Bhutto, who was travelling through crowded streets from the city’s airport to a rally marking her homecoming after eight years in exile, was not hurt. The truck carrying her had its windows shattered and a door blown off.

Various condemnation’s but look what John Howard said-

It’s too early to be certain but it looks very much like the work of al-Qaeda. Benazir Bhutto, to her credit, as well as General Musharraf, have both said they will continue to support the Americans in the war on terror. It is a reminder of the evil of al-Qaeda. It is a reminder of how important it is not to concede a victory to them in Iraq or in Afghanistan.

Can’t tell he’s in an election campaign can you? Wanker.

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19 Responses to “John Howard Uses Paskistani Dead”

  1. Rafael Says:

    Or that Musharraff would like to get rid of Bhutto any way he can.

  2. Dave On Fire Says:

    Possibly, but I think Bhutto’s return is very much in Musharraf’s interest. He, and the landowner-military complex that control Pakistan, are hated at home but are also become discredited among their Western backers. Bringing “liberal” Bhutto back into the fold was to restore some of that credibility, but she’s really very much of the same cloth.
    It’s very sad that the terrorists (possibly it is someone linked to al Qaeda, but what Howard doesn’t say is that, thanks to the violent repression of T.W.A.T. in Pakistan, they enjoy more and more popular support) were the ones to rebutt Bhutto and butcher hundreds of innocents in the crossfire, but the truth is her jubilant welcome was never going to last that long.

  3. Rafael Says:

    Thanks for your input, but may I say this…thats one unfortunate acronym….

  4. What She Represents « Complex System Of Pipes Says:

    […] supporters, and an horrendous terrorist attack with a three figure death toll. Bhutto – along with Bush’s deputy sheriff for South East Asia – has been quick to try and extract political capital from the carnage, casting herself as the […]

  5. Dave On Fire Says:

    Chortle, it’s an acronym endorsed by Wikipedia though.

    There’s some support for your theory in the Murdoch Times.

  6. RickB Says:

    Bhutto & hubby are naming Musharraf/military cabal for the attack, whatever the truth Howard taking a moral stance is bilious, as if the US kills fewer people than AQ, fucking retard. Bhutto is just a better PR proposition for the empire, no military uniform so they can say they are backing democracy, she’s as crooked as Bush so that helps them be chums.
    TWAT is as good as the original name for the Iraq invasion-
    Operation Iraq Liberation.
    Although it has a crap acronym the -global struggle against the enemies of freedom- is also funny for its sheer corporate artlessness and simple minded patrio-porn idiocy.

  7. warren currier Says:

    She stole billions (usd) from Pakistan and hid it in Europe.

    She was told by musharraf Not to come right now — as it would be too dangerous.

    She refused a helicopter convoy, and instead spent over 10 hours on the ground from the Karachi airport … on her way to here home.

    Over 150 are dead, over 750 injured.

    She’s lost over 40% of her voter base along with and many hardline supporters, the Taliban are against her, and, more attacks like this are sure to happen again.

    Only President Purvez Musharraf and the Army can protect her.

    She’s totally out of touch with Pakistan today, the country has restored its foreign reserves (in her absence– and that of that other thief, Shariff) and, the sooner she leaves the country the better for all of Pakistan.

    Ms. Bhutto has ruined her family name, and, if left unchecked, shall damage this hopeful nation, ‘the pure land’…. Pakistan.

  8. RickB Says:

    Hey Warren, yeah she is no answer to Pakistan civic society yearning for real democracy, check out Dave’s post
    {Although I can’t tell if you are advocating Musharraf’s dictatorship or stating a reality?}

  9. Dave On Fire Says:

    Bhutto was always likely to be reliant on Musharraf for her safety – her return to Pakistan was dependent on the govt providing equal security for her as for him – so it’s odd that she’s accusing him, biting the hand that keeps the angry mob off her. Presumably either she thinks she can play him for a chump, get him arrested and become the new President, or else, as far as she can tell, it’s true and he is trying to kill her. In which case, Rafael, I owe you a coke.

  10. RickB Says:

    I hope that is drug slang, or a least make it a Pepsi.

    Whatever the hell is really going on, I love the word ‘chump’.

  11. warren currier Says:

    Rick, Right now Pakistan is fortunate to have a person as strong as President Pervez Musharraf in power. Without him … well… God help the free world. Who was it first who said, “Democracy means different things to different people”? Pakistan today does not need democracy. It needs a strong leader. Democracy in Pakistan today will mean burning buildings, anything there associated with the West, and, Taliban –with the bomb– rule.

  12. RickB Says:

    Oh dear, you drank the kool-aid.

  13. Dave On Fire Says:

    I prefer the Lincoln quotation that Chavez likes to repeat: “Democracy is a very simple idea: government of the people, by the people, for the people. The hard part is making it a reality”. What makes you think you can trust a strong leader?

    It’s true that much of Pakistan is seeming with resentment right now, and there is indeed a serious risk of anti-West backlash. But surely it’s better practically – and infinitely better morally – to try and defuse that resentment by being less of a shower of bastards than to try keep people in line with a strongman.

    Besides, if Musharraf is strong then he’s only been using that strength against Pakistan itself. Faced with even the most outlandish of demands from the U.S. (eg, let us bomb your villages, bomb your own villages on our behalf…) he’s a bit of a wet noodle.

    I’m not saying Bhutto (or Sharif) is any better, and I’m aware that many were in fact pleased with Musharraf’s coup for ending Sharif’s inept corruption. However, choosing between these lot is false dichotomy, and it’s not even our (Westerners’) choice to make. Ultimately, the Pakistani people need to take control of their own destiny.

  14. Rafael Says:

    Murdock and me on the same page! Oh Lordy! You can keep the coke(tm) I doubt I would enjoy it either way.

    As for warren….that kool-aid is addictive. It washes all your neurons clean….all the way to the toilet and beyond.

  15. Dave On Fire Says:

    The coke thing was intended as a Simpsons reference, but if you’re not into cola or drugs then can I suggest a solid carbonaceous material derived from destructive distillation of low-ash, low-sulfur bituminous coal?

  16. RickB Says:

    Is it just me or did other people have to draw diagrams of blast furnaces in geography lessons?

  17. Dave On Fire Says:

    Pfft. we just coloured in maps. endless maps. My school has now wisely decided to become one of Blair’s academies of excellence in sport.

  18. warren currier Says:

    Actually both the B&S (Bhutto and Sharif) corruption was quite ept, Dave, though you are right …. “the Pakistani people need to take control of their own destiny”… and it is likely none will join us here to chat on these pages. Like Iraq, I agree with you, Pakistan can find her own way. Unlike Iraq, Pakistan makes very nice beer and whiskey, so,
    right now, I have my mouth full.

  19. RickB Says:

    Well it did produce a champion lake swimmer!
    (also I know a lot about fishermen’s granite cottages in Scotland).
    Hooray, self-determination for Pakistan, that would be nice.
    Tariq Ali on DN on Pakistan-

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