UN Envoy Meets Aung San Suu Kyi But Not Top Generals

The BBC report it very positively expecting he will meet the top leaders today, Al jazeera find it more curious that Gambari didn’t initially meet with Senior General Than Shwe or his deputy but has met with the imprisoned opposition leader/elected leader.

“There must be a result from this visit,” said Razali Ismail, a Malaysian diplomat and Gambari’s predecessor as UN special envoy. “[Gambari] must get a promise from the military that they will not shoot the people who express their views [on the streets]. We cannot let the people down,” he said.

All amid the lockdown by the armed forces and the beginning of disappearances-

[The military] has managed to quell any sign of a protest at the moment and judging by the way soldiers are going round the city they are preparing to face an enemy. They have a list of names that they are going through and a lot of people have gone to ground.

We are now getting some reports of disappearances of people.We know at least one journalist who worked for a weekly newspaper has gone missing but do not know exactly how many others have disappeared.

A short translated & transcribed telephone conversation on Ko Htike’s blog-

Er… they shot… people got killed. Er…but it seems like it wasn’t as bad as yesterday in terms of number of deaths, however we will know the accurate picture tomorrow. Er… la another disturbing news is that er… I would like to know if you would inform BBC and CNN about? (sob!!!) They burned the injured protesters/civilian people in the YaeWay Crematorium la la . Er… the staff from crematorium told this, crying, to the people who went to the funeral service. Please let this known to CNN and BBC. Thank you!!

I’m not sure if the implication from that is they cremated people alive. The Karen National Union killed four soldiers in a gun battle-

The KNU spokesperson, Pado Mann Sha, said a unit of Battalion 103 of the Karen National Liberation Army, the armed wing of KNU, ambushed the Burmese troops near the Phalu village in Karen State and killed at least four soldiers.

“I don’t know where this battalion will be posted as they have been ordered to move back to base. I don’t know if they will be deployed in Rangoon to kill protesting monks and students. But it is a reinforcement. That’s why our people have attacked them,” Pado Mann Sha told Mizzima.

He added that the Burmese unit’s strength was about 40 and the half an hour battle left three Burmese army officers and a private dead.

Specially convened military courts have already sentenced captured monks to six years imprisonment-

A senior monk who was taken to Insein Prison by authorities to talk to the monks said they were stripped of their robes and are now wearing prison clothing. Some monks have already been sentenced to six years imprisonment by a specially convened court, he said.

Meanwhile the junta are stage managing as best they can with the UN envoy visiting, quickly restoring sacked monasteries and forcing people into pro-government demonstrations-

Ngway Kyar Yan monastery, which was raided by government troops on Wednesday, was quickly cleaned up and restored by the Ministry of Religious Affairs in advance of United Nations Special Envoy Ibrahim Gambari’s arrival in Burma yesterday, according to sources close to the monastery.

Burmese authorities were yesterday forcing local residents to join mass pro-government rallies to show their support for the newly-completed National Convention, according to local sources. A resident of Myitkyina, the capital of Kachin state in northern Burma, told DVB that authorities demanded that two people from each household join a mass rally held early yesterday morning in Myitkyina stadium to show support for the National Convention.

“We were warned that we would be punished if we didn’t come to the rally. So we attended it because we were afraid,” said the resident.

Despite the lockdown they still gear up to protest and this message is inspiring-

Everyone in Burma is a leader and should individually take to the streets in protest against the junta, said Sayadaw (abbot) U Gamira, whom the junta is searching, told Mizzima while on the run.

“The people should not wait for leaders to lead them, everyone should be a leader in their own right. We have to be individually involved and lead. It is important for everyone to lead at this time. The monks have done a lot and many are now thrown into jails and interrogation camps. And many have to sacrifice their lives,” Sayadaw told Mizzima.

Also some companies on the dirty list finally feel ashamed while Total do not know such an emotion, more on that later.

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  1. Robert Rouse Says:

    Thank you for your continued coverage of Burma. I live in Fort Wayne, IN which has the largest population of Burmese outside of Burma and I attended one of their rallies yesterday and had several great conversations – including two I was able to capture on video which I posted yesterday afternoon. I am adding you to my blogroll at Left of Centrist.

  2. RickB Says:

    Fixed Robert!
    I shall do likewise on my blogroll, thanks.

  3. proudprogressive Says:

    Well this has been a great week for making connections. I have to thank Godless liberal Homo for bringing this excellent blog to my attention as well. You are soo blog rolled on Notes. My pride for my tribe is infused lately…with love. WE care so deeply and think so clearly..ok now for my selfish wish…that all of this talent consider donating our resources , skills and shear will to re building the Green Party in the USA …admittedly it is in shambles. It is a movement as well. WE have miles to go in electoral reform , but most of the structure is there. Please take time the time just to check out the values of the party. If we do not build a true opposition party of liberal , progressively minded of all stripes..what is our future.. Ten percent Rick this blog kicks ass. WE are people who consider ourselves global citizens..We care so deeply about so many issues . ….ok thats my love fest and suggestion, dreams. …thank you all for all the work you are doing. ((( the leftie blogoverse))) XXXOOO to all peace loving people everywhere.

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  5. RickB Says:

    Hey ProudProgressive,
    Thanks for dropping by and commenting and overwhelming me with praise!
    Yes most countries need a real leftist party, at the moment we mostly get 2 conservative parties playing their adversarial games but with no real agenda of justice, equality & progress. How much longer will dem supporters take being cuckolded by their corporate leaders, they should leave, form around Kucinich and the Greens and start the long fight for real people power. It is true real democracies don’t go to war (how dare Bush hijack that) so look at all the wars and let that tell you about the state of real democracy. Check out Blazing Indiscretions in the blogroll, he’s in Vermont and a Green party activist. This is the great thing about the web, the long game of divide and conquer is in peril because people are communicating and forming networks. Peace (& some ass kicking)!

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