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To trick Mr.Gambari, UN envoy, the junta announces through their mouth-piece-media that there is a demonstration in Myitkyiinar . Actually that demonstration is a fake one for the junta wants to prove that their soldiers are not terrorist and not shooting at people and it’s also the junta’s plan to hide the truth of their terrorist evidences. At the same time, in Rangoon, the riot police are hitting with iron bar to any group of people whether they are demonstrators or not. After hitting violently, they arrest the people who collapse.

Jotman’s roundup of news here.

Burma links-

Asia-Pacific Peoples’ Partnership on Burma 

Burma Campaign

Burma Digest

Burma Net

Democratic Voice of Burma

Free Burma Rangers


Jotman’s blog

Ko Htike’s blog

Mizzima News

And an update from the Burma campaign-

“We are living in hell…. Please help us.”

Just half an hour ago, despite the regime’s attempts to cut off communication, we received a message from Rangoon. They want the world to know what is going on in Burma, and appealed for more international pressure.

“Everyone is so afraid. People are scared to go out into the streets, most shops are shut. The world must know what is going on, we need international pressure. If the pressure continues the regime can’t survive. Maybe a few months, but it can’t survive if the pressure continues.”

The Burma Campaign UK is here to deliver that support, to pressure the international community to take action against the regime in Burma. In the past week we received more than 600 calls a day from journalists, and we have made sure that news from Burma has reached the television programmes and newspapers you have been reading. We are pressuring governments to impose targeted economic sanctions, and push for a global arms embargo against the regime. And we are having an impact. Yesterday British Prime Minister Gordon Brown personally called us and pledged to push for strong economic sanctions by the European Union.

But we are a small organisation, desperately short of funds, and we are struggling deliver the support that the people of Burma are asking us for. We need your help.

Please make a donation on our website now. Visit:

Please take action:
Visit our website at: http://www.burmacampaign.org.uk/ There will be a new campaign action on our website every day.

Two days ago another person in Rangoon told us “All night long I could hear people screaming and crying out for help. Soldiers were beating everyone they found. We are living in hell. Please help us.”

Please donate as much as you can. We can help them – with your support.

Mark Farmaner
Burma Campaign UK

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  1. Thorne Says:

    Hey, Rick.
    I wimped out. I think that stoning somehow put me over the edge. It was so damned personal some how. One person. I’m trying to peek in, but it’s all making me so sick. Thank the FSM for folks like you who manage to keep going.

  2. HOPE Says:


  3. RickB Says:

    Yes thank his noodly appendages! Y’know Thorne we just might win this one yet. Hope indeed.

  4. Free Burma! Says:

    Free Burma!
    International Bloggers’ Day for Burma on the 4th of October

    International bloggers are preparing an action to support the peaceful revolution in Burma. We want to set a sign for freedom and show our sympathy for these people who are fighting their cruel regime without weapons. These Bloggers are planning to refrain from posting to their blogs on October 4 and just put up one Banner then, underlined with the words „Free Burma!“.


  5. Thorne Says:

    Keep fighting the good fight, Rick. I’m staying happy by crocheting granny squares for kids with cancer.
    It’s the best I can do right now.

  6. RickB Says:

    Hey Thorne, your link was wonky somehow, I edited in a fix should work now. Hey we all fight for good things in our own ways and I can’t knit!

  7. Thorne Says:

    LOL. Thanks Rick! *smooch*

  8. Rafael Says:

    Keep up the good work.

  9. RickB Says:

    *smooch* gratefully accepted, it’s my girlish side that gets you right?
    I wish there was a better story to tell.

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