Blair Agreed To Attack On Iran

Well according to Sy Hersh’s latest-

During a video conference over the summer, Bush allegedly told Ryan Crocker, the US ambassador to Iraq, that he was considering striking Iranian targets across the border and that the British “were on board,” according to the article.

But it’s mostly about a change of focus, selling the attack as protecting the marauding troops in Iraq-

President George W. Bush has requested the Joint Chiefs of Staff revise plans for a possible attack on Iran, with the focus on “surgical” raids against the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps which Washington accuses of targeting US forces in Iraq, the magazine wrote.

Previous contingency plans called for a more elaborate bombing campaign against suspected nuclear sites in Iran as well as other infrastructure, the magazine reported, citing unnamed former officials and government consultants.

Bush and his advisers have adopted the new “counter-terrorism” approach recognizing the US public is not convinced that Iran poses an imminent nuclear threat and that the US intelligence community believes Tehran is at least five years away from obtaining an atomic bomb. 

As Blairwatch asks, dos the change of PM alter that position of support? Now how can I put this, it fucking well better Gordon or guess who you are sharing a cell with until you die? Oh yeah and ‘cell’ is a best case scenario for you two NuLab fuckwits, capice?

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