Friday! Sean Lock/Newman & Baddiel- Fox Watch

A clip including two things I enjoy very much, a lady in black lingerie and a comedy fox puppet. Enjoy!

American Mengele Association

Writing in today’s Lancet, Dr Nicholl and his co-signatories, say: “After 18 months there had been no reply from the AMA, the Californian authorities stated that they ‘do not have the jurisdiction to investigate incidents that occurred on a federal facility/military base’, and the authorities in Georgia stated that the ‘complaint was thoroughly investigated’, but ‘the Board concluded that there was not sufficient evidence to support prosecution’.”

When the same complaint was considered by the Royal College of Physicians in the UK, the college concluded: “In England, this would be a criminal act.”

The reckoning from the Bush torture regime will be tough and it will go on for decades, if you are in on it, get out now. Otherwise plan for some jail time scumbag and thank your god the Norwegians ain’t running the court.

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Write To This Newspaper About Its Racist Cartoon

(Via Lenin’s Tomb & Crooks & Liars)


Nazi-style cartoon depicting Iranians as roaches fleeing a sewer, write your complaint to:,

So another prong of the campaign to normalise an Iran Attack, base ignorant racism depicting human beings as verminous insects to make it easier for people to assent to murdering them, it is as C&L say a Nazi-style propaganda image. Write to the above addresses, we must give the war machine no quarter- no lie, no attempt to ‘other’ their target should be allowed to pass. Take a few minutes, calm down then write expressing your disgust and demanding a full retraction and apology.

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