The Banality (& Stupidity) Of Evil

Upon his arrival in Sydney Wednesday, Deputy Australian Prime Minister Mark Vaile “inquired politely” about his stopover in the war-torn country.

“We’re kicking ass,” Bush said.

Casualty counter today stands at 1,028,907.


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Thanks, War On Terror Meme!

So, I’m the head of a security service /police force which has colluded with paramilitaries to kill and bomb people, now some inquiries are threatening to uncover some of my service’s shenanigans, so what do I do????Hmmm?



Why it’s War On Terror meme, can you help me War On Terror meme? What’s that? Ah clever, equate having to reveal facts about the dirty past with jeopardising the fight against ‘eeveel terrorists’, imagine if 30 years from now we had to reveal the informers who helped catch terrorists. Why, no one would come forward, the terrorists would win! Thanks War On Terror meme for providing a new brand name cover for the old game of secrecy loving authoritarian states. And I certainly hope no one points out that such revealing of information to inquiries is only called for when it is very obvious people have been murdered by state forces or some other such heinous & serious crimes are being covered up, phew, that would be just awful.

Recruiting informers to anti-terrorist operations will become impossible if public inquiries are allowed to expose people who provided information in the past, a senior police officer has warned. Northern Ireland’s chief constable, Sir Hugh Orde, believes the long-term fight against al-Qaida would be damaged by judges’ demands to release the identities of informants.

Sir Hugh, who is required to supply police documents naming scores of informants to four judicial inquiries into controversial killings during the Troubles, told the Guardian he had problems reconciling his duty to cooperate with investigations and his responsibility to prevent the names of agents being revealed. His comments signal a possible public clash with the judges involved in running the long-awaited public inquiries.

And drum roll please…

Sir Hugh, who became chief constable in 2002, has been tipped as a strong candidate to become the next head of the Metropolitan police.  

I thank-you, I’ll be here all week, try the veal.