Kidnapped Journalist May Be Freed From Gitmo

An Al Jazeera cameraman held in the US detention centre at Guantanamo Bay may soon be released, a relative says. Sami al-Hajj, who has been detained at the prison camp in Cuba for nearly six years without charge, could be released by the end of August, Asim al-Hajj, his brother, said on Wednesday. Ali Sadiq, a Sudan foreign ministry spokesman, said negotiations are under way with the US to secure al-Hajj’s release. Read the rest of this entry »

Make ‘Illegal Attacks’ by Ian Brown No.1

At last a famous British Brown worthy of support! Why? Because this is his new single with guest vocals by Sinead O’Connor.

Update: Mon 24 sept. -Illegal Attacks made it into the charts at number 16, it was not the highest new entry/release, ho-hum.

(h/t Dave & Stop The War Coalition) An interview with Brown (y’know, The Stone Roses, handing out his record company thousands to homeless people on the streets in Manchester) from 2005 is here.

Released Sept 17th. This is a mass media, pop culture opportunity to reach thousands of people who otherwise may never wake up to the real state of the world and embarrass the lackeys and cowards in the corporate media who will undoubtedly bottle out of playing the song on radio (plus it’s a corking track). A fact that will show people what a narrow, facile and submissive view of the world they are fed. Ok they can bleep the swearing but then if they don’t play it, they have blood on their hands (Hey there Radio 1) and that might be Iranian blood if we aren’t vigilant. An awful lot of pop culture media affects the idiom of cutting edge rebelliousness, now let’s make them earn it, I mean we wouldn’t want them to look like hypocritical poseurs sucking the conformist corporate teat now would we? And here are the lyrics:-

So what the fuck is this UK
Gunnin’ with this US of A
In Iraq and Iran and in Afghanistan

Does not a day go by
Without the Israeli Air Force
Fail to drop it’s bombs from the sky?

How many mothers to cry?
How many sons have to die?
How many missions left to fly over Palestine?
‘Cause as a matter of facts
It’s a pact, it’s an act
These are illegal attacks
So bring the soldiers back
These are illegal attacks
It’s contracts for contacts
I’m singing concrete facts
So bring the soldiers back

What mean ya that you beat my people
What mean ya that you beat my people
And grind the faces of the poor

So tell me just how come were the Taliban
Sat burning incense in Texas
Roaming round in a Lexus
Sittin’ on six billion oil drums
Down with the Dow Jones, up on the Nasdaq
Pushed into the war zones

It’s a commercial crusade
‘Cause all the oil men get paid
And only so many soldiers come home
It’s a commando crusade
A military charade
And only so many soldiers come home Read the rest of this entry »

Turkey Dammit! WordPress Blocked By Turkish State Censors

(h/t Rafael) An aspect of this is also all the work people will have put into their blogs is now stolen from them by state censors, hopefully this breaks into larger awareness and the govt. is shamed into backing down. Meanwhile I guess there are other platforms and of course you can use flickr as a blog and access it with Hamed Saber’s firefox plug in which gets round filters.

WordPress, a growing blog publishing system, has recently been blocked in Turkey. Founder and main developer Matt Mullenweg is asking for suggestions on ways to go about accessing WordPress within the country, after expressing his disappointment over this decision, which seems to be another strategy for Turkey to curb freedom of speech. Read the rest of this entry »