Milestones Of Tombstones, Iraq Invasion Has Killed 1 Million


I have been generally using the 1 million figure for a while, but the figure based on the method detailed below should become widely accepted and if people want to gasp in horror over other genocides it is time to stop ignoring the one we are intimately responsible for. If they want to dispute it, it is time we put the burden of proof on them, prove me wrong or shut up. As I have the counter in my sidebar I have been watching it crawl up to the 1 million mark which it reached tonight, a while back I worked out how long it would take if you alloted a 1 second silent commemoration for each death. The time needed now is 11 days and 14 hours, it is a little over 1 hour for coalition casualties.

Just Foreign Policy accepts the Lancet estimate of 601,000 violent Iraqi deaths attributable to the U.S. invasion and occupation as of July 2006.
To update this number, we need to obtain a rate of how quickly deaths are mounting in Iraq. For this purpose, the Iraq Body Count (IBC) provides the most reliable, frequently updated database of deaths in Iraq. (The IBC also usefully provides a database of all violent Iraqi deaths demonstrable through press reports and thus relatively undeniable.) The IBC provides a maximum and minimum. We opted to use the midpoint between the two for our calculation.
We multiple the Lancet number as of July 2006 by the ratio of current IBC deaths divided by IBC deaths as of July 1, 2006 (43,394).
The formula used is:
Just Foreign Policy estimate = (Lancet estimate as of July 2006)x( (Current IBC Deaths) / (IBC Deaths as of July 1, 2006) )

Update: And remember Nagasaki-

The city observed a moment of silence at 11:02 a.m., when the B-29 bomber Bock’s Car dropped its atomic payload in 1945, killing about 74,000 people. The attack on Nagasaki came three days after the Enola Gay dropped a bomb on Hiroshima in the first atomic attack in history. That bombing killed at least 140,000.

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5 Responses to “Milestones Of Tombstones, Iraq Invasion Has Killed 1 Million”

  1. Michael Pugliese Says:
    is a new study which disputes the Lancet published work. Iraq Body Count has a much lower (if still atrocious set of numbers),

  2. RickB Says:

    Yes I know all that stuff, the thread at deltoid pretty well demolishes Kane, and IBC have argued with Roberts et al endlessly and unconvincingly (click medialens for some of that excitement). Fundamentally what is the motivation to question the figures? Outside of internal scientific debate on methodology it simply becomes aid and comfort to the pro-war, pro-occupation lobby. Which is either your covert position or you are unwittingly spreading that lobbies FUD. Or you simply can’t take the guilt of being associated with this genocide, which I can understand, it hurts me a great deal that my country is part responsible for this.

  3. libhomo Says:

    I am skeptical of efforts to challenge the numbers. The method has been used in the Indonesian Tsunami without controversy, yet it becomes oh-so controversial when it shows the horrific nature of the Iraq war.

  4. RickB Says:

    Yes it was used in Rwanda, Darfur, Congo as well, only becomes a problem when white rich westerners are to blame, funny that. Even our govt. discreetly acknowledged the figures were inarguable (while publicly arguing them of course).

  5. Over 1 Million Killed In Iraq Further Confirmation « Ten Percent Says:

    […] cost of the invasion needs to be known far and wide. Simply people must know that Iraq has cost 1 million lives (plus) no more low balling from govt. figures, time for everyone to wake up to the consequences of […]

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