Extraordinary Rendition: Our Subservient Role

al-Rawi, 39, was only held after MI5 sent the CIA a telegram, stating he was an ‘Islamic extremist’ who had a timer for an improvised bomb in his luggage. In reality, before al-Rawi left London, police confirmed the device was a battery charger from Argos.

Well that’s me guilty, my Uniross 2 hr sprint charger damns me as a dangerous terrorist. Bisher al-Rawi’s case is ‘extraordinary’ he worked for MI5, they threw him to the CIA wolves while to this day lying that they didn’t-

The committee accepted MI5’s claim, given in secret testimony, that it had not wanted the Americans to arrest him, in November 2002, concluding the incident had damaged US-UK relations.

But al-Rawi alleged that the CIA told him they had been given the contents of his own MI5 file – information he had given his handlers freely when he was working as their source. He said an MI5 lawyer had given him ‘cast iron’ assurances that anything he told them would be treated in the strictest confidence and, if he ever got into trouble, MI5 would do everything in its power to help him.

Scumbag MP’s are going to play nice an accept their testimony? After all ACPO has said there were no flights while at the same time admitting they didn’t really do an investigation. But their dismissal of the charges of our govts. complicity was good enough to be released the same day to refute Marty’s report into rendition, handy that. Dick Marty’s report has since been revealed to have had input from CIA agents disgusted with the torture flights program, so where does that leave ACPO eejit Michael Todd (Chief Constable of Greater Manchester Police & admirer of General Patton and ‘Stormin’ Norman Schwartzkopf -no really…, oh the shame) either he is an absolutely incompetent policeman or he is corrupt? Make your choice Mikey, hey I’ll be generous you can pick both if you really want.

There exists a cognitive dissonance in how the govt. relates to the torture kidnapings, publicly they feign ignorance and innocence, while in committees they discuss MI5’s role. Role in what? It never happened, how can we have a role in something we knew nothing about? But further up the trail is not only our wholesale involvement and covering up of the program is Blairs role in actively protecting it, almost no coverage was given of the Polish press reports that Blair put pressure on the Polish govt. to keep the black site ghost prison there secret. Not just okaying flights, not just turning a blind eye to the CIA’s kidnappings, not just in reality helping in the kidnappings, no Blair put the hard word on Polish politicians to keep quiet about the secret imperial gulag site.

So the public perception of the kidnap and torture program is what?…- maybe the govt. probably knew. The govt positon is dissonant, we know nothing, yet we talk in secret committees about our security services involvement. The actual truth is out govt absolutely cooperated, giving aid and comfort to the kidnap & torture program going so far as our PM pressuring other European governments to also cooperate fully. Ok so how long until this actually is revealed and becomes the truthful narrative, a decade? Never? Will any person answer any charges in relation to this in the UK? Will Blair, does parliament care that it was lied to? Do we care that a person can be kidnapped flown to a secret prison and tortured with our govts active cooperation? Do people care this the 21st century and yet we are behaving as if it were still the dark ages?

Perhaps this might come to more prominence with the release of the film ‘Extraordinary Rendition’ directed by Jim Threapleton (Kate Winslet’s ex- maybe the celebrity angle will cause some buzz, although I’m sure he hates being described as such) and starring Andy Serkis (LoTR, King Kong) & Omar Berdouni (United 93, The Hamburg Cell) and currently being accepted at prestigious film festivals across the world. Check out their blog here.

Extraordinary Rendition is an abomination and I hope very much that our film will contribute to the increasing debate on the subject. The arguments against Rendition are stark. For governments that cast themselves as the guardians of democracy and due process to be using such barbaric and criminal methods is a devastating reality for the 21st Century world.

This was put into sharp relief when we shot some of our closing sequence for the film amongst an actual protest outside the U.S Embassy, calling for the closure of Guantanamo. To hear from some of those individuals and families that have found themselves in direct contact with a War on Terror that continues to devastate innocent lives was extremely powerful. – Jim Threapleton

Most importantly will the kidnap & torture programs be stopped? Because right now, nothing, absolutely nothing stands in the way of you being disappeared by American secret services with our govts. approval. Maybe that’s what Brown means about the world owing the US a debt for fighting terrorism, he means the airfares.

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  1. korova Says:

    And to think they want to increase detention to 56 days. I don’t think people realise what we are throwing away here. The state is fighting for powers unseen since early twentieth century fascism. Heaven help the poor souls who will suffer at the hands of gross state power. Meanwhile, millions of people turn a blind eye to the slide into a totalitarian state. Oh well, Big Brother’s good this year innit??

  2. RickB Says:

    The irony is, well not funny anymore. I have never watched BB, I object to it on many grounds. Aesthetic, moral, psychological, political. Thus my 6 year old niece was able to taunt me that I didn’t know who got voted out this weekend. Ignorance I was happy to have.
    At this point the police can basically detain anyone at will and find a reason that will justify it later knowing there will be some specious law that gives them cover. In the past they would need to work a bit to get away with it, now, piece of piss. And we actually have a Ministry of Justice now, I don’t notice them pursuing any pols, BAE, Levy, nope; It’s just for us, down by law. And if the Empire wants us, we are their prey, no protection.

  3. korova Says:

    It was Charley. Come on, keep up!! Popular culture is the saviour of society! Now, if you can bring some matches, I’ll supply the petrol and we can blow the shit out of the BB house. That’ll teach the fuckers! (Cue evil manic laughter) HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Burn you losers!! BURN!!

  4. korova Says:

    Whoops! I think I need to get out more.

  5. korova Says:

    Back to the original point, it certainly made me laugh when those that were questioned by the police complained about their heavy handedness. Doesn’t feel good to be treated like an ordinary pleb does it?? Especially by the monster you created. Shame that smug arse Levy wasn’t locked up. That would have wiped the smile off the rich, smug, capitalist loving, establishment crony. Fuck it, lock him up anyway. When did anyone start giving a shit about evidence??

  6. RickB Says:

    Yes, that whining by the nulab aristocracy was possibly the least sympathy inducing thing since Pol Pot staged Children in Need.
    BB means people say a name to you, ‘Susan’ or ‘Jimbo’ or something and you are meant to recognise it and have an opinion. Immediately realising it is a conversation about ‘reality’ teevee I say- I don’t watch it- with sufficient non verbal cues that clearly show continuing with this topic may force me to kill…again.

  7. frolix22 Says:

    *cough* Moving on swiftly from Big Brother *cough*

    The whole cognitive dissonance angle is unsettling and really tells us something about modern society and how people relate to their government.

    I mean, basically everyone knows what’s going on. It’s all there, being discussed and reported on. Yet occasionally some politician will go on television and babble something about how Britain doesn’t know anything about extraordinary rendition and everyone goes back to sleep again.

    Britain is actively helping the US in sending people off to be tortured… and yet at the same time it isn’t! Orwell really was right.

  8. RickB Says:

    Yes, I think in an age of elites ruling under a guise of democracy cognitive dissonance is the default state for our culture. Which cannot be too healthy for any of us.

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