The Ministry Of Australian Truth- Kafka Division

Well I figured it was all a bit fishy, now the stench is overwhelming-

The case of Mohammed Haneef, arrested in Queensland three weeks ago, has strained relations with India and sparked accusations that anti-terrorism officers were incompetent. Reports at the weekend suggested that the Metropolitan Police regarded their Australian counterparts as a laughing stock for perpetrating “such a major cock-up”.

The main piece of evidence was a mobile phone SIM card reportedly found in the wreckage of the burnt-out Jeep that Kafeel Ahmed drove into the Glasgow airport terminal. The card was in the name of Dr Haneef, 27, a registrar at the Gold Coast Hospital since last September.


The Australian Broadcasting Corporation revealed last Friday that the SIM card had not been found in the wreckage of the Jeep, but at Sabeel Ahmed’s house in Liverpool.

Dr Haneef told police he gave Sabeel Ahmed the card when he left for Australia. He does not deny having social contacts with his cousins. But he denies any knowledge of a terrorist plot, or any connection with Islamic extremism. “Every drop of blood is human,” he told his interrogators.


Australian Federal Police also made much of the fact that he could not explain why he was planning to leave Australia on a one-way ticket to India, and that he had admitted sharing a house in Britain with the Ahmed brothers. Several other Indian-born doctors who knew Dr Haneef were arrested in Australia, but quickly released.

A Brisbane magistrate, Jacqui Payne, was underwhelmed by the police case. She granted Dr Haneef bail last Monday. The Immigration minister, Kevin Andrews, immediately announced that he was cancelling Dr Haneef’s work visa on “character grounds”, and ordered him to be held indefinitely in a Sydney detention centre for illegal immigrants.

The move prompted an uproar, with lawyers and civil liberties groups denouncing it as a snub to the judiciary’s independence, and highly prejudicial to a future trial. The Australian High Commissioner in Delhi, John McCarthy, was summoned to the Ministry of External Affairs. An Indian minister visited Dr Haneef’s wife, Firdous Arshiya, who returned to the couple’s home in Bangalore earlier this year after becoming pregnant.

The controversy was fuelled by the leaking of the transcript of Dr Haneef’s police interview. It revealed that he told anti-terrorism officers that his father-in-law bought him a one-way ticket to see his wife and new baby because he could not afford it himself. And he denied living in a house in Liverpool with his two cousins.

It has also emerged that, before he was arrested, Dr Haneef tried to contact one of the British police investigators – to explain why his SIM card was in Sabeel Ahmed’s possession, he says. Phone records show that he tried to call four times, without success.

Despite these revelations, Mr Andrews has refused to reinstate Dr Haneef’s visa. He claims the government has secret evidence which it is unable to release.

These trumped up charges are ridiculous, Howard’s racist goons (taking a break from his war on the aboriginals)arrested anyone in sight for being Indian, used their new Kafka powers to fabricate a case and now claim they have ‘secret’ evidence. Not to mention revoking his visa so they could bang him up as an illegal immigrant, an illegality caused by them, Franz would be proud. This is the bullshit war on terror just a new label on the oldest scam, authoritarian rule over a populace kept in check with fear.

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  1. korova Says:

    Tim to kick the racist bastard out.

  2. korova Says:

    Bollocks. That should read ‘time’.

  3. RickB Says:

    Not a dig at oz tory Tim Blair? Though I don’t see him kicking Howard out unless it’s- of bed for farting. Klassy with a K mate!

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