How To Enjoy Prince’s “Planet Earth” While Disposing Of Toxic Waste

This is a handy guide I made this evening on how to enjoy Prince’s new ‘Planet Earth’ album while disposing of the toxic waste newspaper -The Mail (on Sunday)-. This Sunday edition of the Daily Mail gave away the new album much to the record corps dismay, so while it is good news for Prince fans and music lovers (wresting distribution from the dead hand of corporate monsters), the price is you have an awful newspaper that you must dispose of before anyone reads it (thus preventing great suffering). While recycling is the preferred method, for dramatic reasons I burnt my copy to ensure the public know just how dangerous this so-called newspaper is. Yes, trust Ten Percent, where the common good and public safety is always paramount, please, don’t thank me, just doing my job [carbon offset from this burning provided by Mogwai & HAL lifestyle consultants].

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