The Gathering Storm: Deja Vu-ish Edition

The US questioning the authority of a UN agreement concerning a country they want to attack?

The United States said on Friday it was skeptical of Tehran’s agreement to allow International Atomic Energy Agency inspections of its to a heavy water reactor under construction at Arak.

200,000 troops on the Iraq border?

Turkey’s army has boosted troop levels in the southeast to more than 200,000, most of them stationed along the border with Iraq, security sources told Reuters on Friday. The unusually large-scale buildup, which includes tanks, heavy artillery and aircraft, is part of a security crackdown on Kurdish rebels hiding in southeast Turkey and northern Iraq, said the security sources, who declined to be named.

Oh dear.

Friday! Futurama- Advertising

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NuLabour Lawyer Scum Hiding The Congo’s Repression

Demonstrators across Britain today will demand that all deportations to the Democratic Republic of Congo are suspended because of reports that people forced to return face persecution and brutality.Thousands of asylum-seekers fear they will face torture or even murder if they are deported to the DRC, the unstable west African state plagued by human rights abuses. Their fight for the new Home Secretary, Jacqui Smith, to take a more compassionate approach to the issue is being backed by 40 MPs of all parties and refugee groups.

Amnesty International warns that executions, murders, arbitrary arrests and imprisonment, torture and life-threatening prison conditions are routine in the DRC. This year, more than 600 people died in clashes in Kinshasa, its capital; another 300 died in the Bas-Congo coastal region and much of the east of the vast country is extremely volatile.

Campaigners say failed asylum-seekers sent back to the DRC become prime targets because they are seen as traitors and warn that people sent back have disappeared without trace.

But plane-loads of rejected asylum-seekers have been returned and the British embassy in Kinshasa says it has no evidence that they face mistreatment upon their return. Baroness Scotland of Asthal, the former home office minister, has said there is “no objective evidence that those returning to the DRC are being specifically targeted for abuse simply because they have sought asylum”.

Now take the bold last sentence, no one takes the govt seriously,

The Bishop of Winchester protested recently that the Home Office “always makes Kinshasa sound like Dorking” and that everyone with experience of the DRC – including himself – found the “mantra-like assurances of the department simply incredible”.

that’s why the protests but look what the baroness (a barrister) said, full of wiggle room and get outs, purposefully to seem like a denial and leave no grounds on which to call her a liar or hold her or the govt. responsible.
no objective evidence– there is evidence but this wiggle room gives them the chance to argue any evidence is subjective and therefore not good enough to affect a policy change.

specifically targeted– so unless when someone is attacked it is by a person declaiming loudly ‘I am attacking you now because you sought asylum in the UK, here is a signed affidavit stating this which you may pass onto Baroness Scotland as proof of my motivation in beating the ever living shit out of you’.

simply because– If there are any other factors relating to the attacks (ie, it was Tuesday or it was raining) they can be considered outside of our remit or responsibility.

Utter lawyer scum word parsing lying moral cowards. Just be honest ‘fuck off, we don’t care’, at least then you get some respect along with the revulsion, this way it’s just pure revulsion.

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Capitalism- Paragon Of Food Safety

So it slowly emerges, the Cadbury’s salmonella food poisoning, (and I was poisoned, almost had to be taken into hospital, stuff was flying out of both ends for a week) was because they lowered their hygiene standards to make more profit.

Cadbury changed its quality-testing systems, allowing salmonella to enter its chocolate bars, in order to save money, a court has been told. The firm has admitted charges relating to an outbreak in which 30 people fell ill and one million bars were recalled.Birmingham Crown Court heard the firm introduced an “allowable tolerance level” at its Herefordshire factory.

It also emerged in court that some of those who were made ill by infected chocolate had to receive hospital treatment. One person began to vomit blood, a 61-year-old woman lost 10lbs in weight and another woman was so ill she could not attend her sister-in-law’s funeral.

Barry Berlin, prosecuting Cadbury on behalf of Birmingham City Council, said the company’s change to its quality testing systems in 2003 was “utterly inappropriate”.

Mr Berlin said: “Large quantities of product were being destroyed and Cadbury’s were looking for ways of avoiding that and that’s what they did. There is no dispute that there is a linkage between the chocolate that was distributed by Cadbury and the poisoning that took place later on.” He added that salmonella cells could survive in chocolate for years.

I no longer buy anything made by them, which is a good thing all round.

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Conrad Black Is Going Down!


Media tycoon Conrad Black has been convicted of three charges of fraud and one of obstructing justice by a jury in Chicago. But Black was found not guilty of separate charges of racketeering, wire fraud and tax evasion.The British peer, 62, was impassive as the verdicts were read out.He had faced 13 charges associated with claims he and three colleagues stole $60m (£29.5m) from investors in the newspaper firm Hollinger International.

The guilty verdicts cap a remarkable fall from grace for Black, once one of the UK’s wealthiest and most influential media figures. Legal experts said that although he had been cleared on several charges, the convictions for fraud were damning. “It only takes one fraud charge and the man is disgraced and finished,” said Joshua Rozenberg, legal editor of the Daily Telegraph, once owned by Hollinger.”He is clearly facing a lengthy prison sentence. Black was present in court to hear the verdict along with his wife, Barbara Amiel Black.

I declare it’s Schadenfreude Friday! Funny how right wing ideologues are always corrupt, not to mention anglosphere bigots, oops I just did. How much longer until they start looking at Amiel and her pile of stolen cash?

Bush Thinks Terrorists Have Time Machines

“The same folks that are bombing innocent people in Iraq are the ones who attacked us on Sept. 11,” Bush said.

So, pissed off they were invaded and about a million of their citizen’s killed, they built a time machine and went back to September 2001 and crashed planes into various buildings. Except that means they are dead in the present so how could they go back….oh time travel paradox! Unless, reading it again, he is admitting the US govt. perpetrated 911 (careful with that tin foil Eugene).

But seriously, this sounds stupid and delusional but is actually from the ‘clash of civilisations’ school of batshit agitators for a world war. It’s the level of a rather dull and stupid 7 year old. I know, this is nothing new, but every so often you have to share your amazement at such idiocy or your head explodes.

Let’s All Join The BNP

Now wait, hear me out. Wouldn’t you like to have a privileged position in society? I mean why worry that your huge weapons cache will get you put in prison, why be anxious that agitating for the assassination of leading political figures will cause you to be rendered to a torture gulag in Eastern Europe? In fact if you’re Muslim this idea makes even more sense, ok there might be some pointed looks at the meetings (so don’t go!). Join up and suddenly what would get you put under house arrest is shrugged off as high jinks and empty threats! Result!

So here’s the schedule:-
Monday- Join the BNP
Tuesday- Buy machine gun and 40 pounds of semtex.
Wednesday- Get some rest, it’s been a full two days so take some time to enjoy your firearms and explosives with impunity.

With enough members the party can be forced to do our bidding, time to insist on a party political broadcast to our script…
I can see the reviews now-

“…while attention grabbing is certainly one way to describe Nick Griffin’s new direction the election broadcast broke many taboos. The hardcore bukkake scene that formed the bulk of the program showed Griffin being repeatedly covered in the ejaculate of a large group of men of mixed ethnicities, religions and sexual orientations. While it was hard to make out exactly what he was saying in between gobfuls of sticky man juice most viewers agree it was a heartfelt apology for his parties bigoted and racist past. More puzzling was the final sequence where he spoke Arabic subtitled in English, saying-
“Soon the leaders of the west will die at my hands, I’m planning terrorist acts right now, in my evil mind. And I don’t care if the CIA want to render me, they are a bunch of pussies, you faggots can’t catch me. Yeah come and kidnap me, see if I care you bunch of assholes. I could do ten years of torture in an underground soundproof cell standing on my head, Gitmo? Shitmo more like. Death to Bush and his mother off the Quaker oats boxes”
Together with this mornings news that the bank accounts of long standing BNP members have been emptied leaving the party broke and the proceeds donated to legal aid & welfare funds for asylum seekers this does suggest a radical, some might say reckless, change of direction. Already David Cameron is thought to be planning his own broadcast involving human sacrifice and Morris dancing, he denies this is an attempt to move to the right to pick up BNP voters disillusioned with their parties new direction…”

I mean it’s not written in stone but it’s something to think about, yeah? And after that, NuLabour want members…

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