Mengele, Shipman And Now, Dr. Prem Reddy

“Why is it in health care we expect to have the same?” he told the Los Angeles Times. “It’s an entitlement mentality. Why aren’t the same people asking why everybody shouldn’t be eating the same foods, or have the same clothes or same homes? Those are as essential services as health care.”A doctor has made a fortune running a company that buys hospitals and cancels their private insurance contracts so they can collect higher reimbursements, but some health professionals are decrying that business model…Dr. Prem Reddy, 58, said there is nothing wrong with having patients receive only the amount of care they can afford.

Prime Healthcare’s business plan allows hospitals to forgo some much-needed but less lucrative services, such as chemotherapy treatments, mental health care and birthing centers.

Reddy also discourages doctors from giving patients treatment they can’t afford, such as pacemakers and knee replacements.

He said his company’s revenue is more than $500 million a year and that he is worth more than $300 million. Prime Healthcare now has more than 1,250 beds under its control.

He is no doctor, he is a sociopathic businessman, strip him of his licence and prosecute the murdering capitalist fuck.

Update: Full text of LA Times article courtesy of Michael Moore here.

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  1. Rafael Says:

    All the health money can buy! Bully!

  2. RickB Says:

    I tell you, if I met this creature, he’d need a hospital.

  3. Prem Reddy, MD, FACC, FCCP Says:

    The LA Times article, “Hospital Group Rejects System…”, by Daniel Costello dated July 8, 2007 is full of distortions that portray me in a very negative light to sensationalize a story. Many statements I made during interviews with Mr. Costello were misrepresented in the article and were taken totally out of context. As a practicing physician for over 30 years, I take serious offense to Costello’s gross assertion that I stated “that patients may simply deserve only the amount of care they can afford.” This is preposterous and I was simply misquoted. It is my firm belief and strong conviction that every patient deserves care based on the nature and severity of illness and should not be based on financial status. The statement comparing the need for healthcare services to other essential needs was completely erroneous. Prime Healthcare Services and I stand by the belief that healthcare is a basic human right. This philosophy has guided our operations and business practice of more uninsured patients being seen in our emergency departments and more charity care provided in our hospitals, compared to both for-profit and not-for-profit competitors. I am especially troubled because thousands of patients and employees of Prime Healthcare Services’ hospitals may be deeply hurt by this inaccurate, biased, and sensationalistic article. Prime Healthcare Services and I will continue to provide excellent patient care and will meet the goals and needs of our patients, the local communities, and the State of California.

    Prem Reddy, MD, FACC, FCCP
    Chairman of the Board
    Prime Healthcare Services, Inc.

  4. RickB Says:

    How much are you paying your PR agency to cut and paste a form letter? Don’t let it bite into the fuel money for that very fancy helicopter of yours.

  5. FrankR Says:

    Can’t believe some people can read one article and make up their minds about an organization. You should really do some research before making such accusations.

    Do you believe everything you read? You must think Thomas Dewey was our 33rd president.

  6. RickB Says:

    Well he wasn’t ‘my’ President of anything as I am not an American, which is why healthcare for profit strikes me as it does the rest of the civilised world as a barbaric throwback to pre-enlightenment times.

  7. S. Smith Says:

    I as well as a huge group of past employees not only know that everything that the LA Times wrote about Dr. Reddy is accurate. So many past employees have been afraid to talk out of fear. An employee has actually been hospitalized due to a meeting with Dr. Reddy. I am so happy that the true Dr. Reddy is coming out!!!!!!!!! Please keep following this whatever you want to call him!!!!!!!!!!

  8. RickB Says:

    Thanks S. Smith for dropping by and giving some insight from the employees, Doc Reddy does sound like a real peach! Certainly any more info I will post and if you care to send more that would be excellent. Hopefully ‘Sicko’ & the movement for universal healthcare is going to begin to end these abuses and the idea of medicine being a cash cow for the ruthless.

  9. S. Smith Says:

    When you have the kind of money and connections that he has you get away with a lot. When you rule by fear and intimidation you leave the common person feeling helpless and afraid. The LA Times article described Dr. Reddy to a “T”. It is almost amazing that so many people know about him, including doctors, that he can not be stopped. There is a Cardiology WEB site where physicians network with each other. The question posed on the website was why would a patient not be given a heart bypass surgery and one response posted by stated no insurance $$$$$. Another physician stated I hope you are kidding. I wonder who is!!!!!!

  10. S. Smith Says:

    FrankR should not dismiss what is reported either. This article may have saved a life. I can talk on behalf on many past employees and the LA Times article was right on.

  11. Rafael Says:

    If health care is a human right, then why are you in the business of health care, which is to say you are somebody who makes money out of the need to fulfill this most basic of human rights? By its very nature, if its a business its designed to make money, and if a patient is loosing you money you got to let him go, or go bust. So cry me a river somewhere else.

  12. SOHRN Says:

    I am employed by Prime Healthcare and can tell you that the hospital ICU is chronically understaffed. There is a law in the State of California which says that there is to be 1 nurse for every 2 patients in the ICU “AT ALL TIMES”. That means when a nurse goes on a break, takes a patient for CT Scan, etc, there is to be another nurse to watch her patients. Well there isn’t. And we don’t get paid overtime for missing breaks, we’re told we MUST TAKE OUR LUNCH BREAKS. Nurses sometimes work 24 hours shifts because when the census goes up the local registry nurses don’t want to come work there because they don’t get paid enough money. Prem Reddy keeps all the money for himself. Sure he has upgraded our equipment but when my yearly evaluation was done I was told that I was at the top of the pay scale and was not going to get my yearly merit raise…okay, but I didn’t get a cost of living raise either, so I’m losing money compared to last year. The hospital is being remodeled and there is black soot being blown out of the ventilation system onto the ceilings in the ICU. They have changed the wage policy for the new hire staff and will no longer pay time and one-half after the first 8 hours so the managers are holding on to the old staff at all costs, even when they are incompetent and endanger patients lives. One of the ICU nurses charted false vital signs on a patient, BP readings much lower than what they really were and when it was reported nothing was done, that same nurse was reported for sleeping for an hour and a half in one of the empty rooms and was caught by the nursing supervisor, sent home and told not to come to work until he had spoken with the nurse manager. The manager wrote up a performance improvement report and had him sign it, that’s all. This nurse routinely makes medication errors, argues with the charge nurses and sneeks off to eat or sleep but the manager does nothing. The manager by the way has only a few years experience, the old manager quit. The staff of the Emergency department all quit, both day shift and night shift because of the their new manager. The new D.O.N. has no D.O.N. experience. We have nursing supervisors who have only a year or two experience as nurses and NONE as house supervisors. One in particular who is very dangerous, she routinely under staffs the ICU area, she has dispensed incorrect medications from the pharmacy and I could go on and on until you lose your hair with fear of what will happen at that place. Of course the nurses have written her up but apparently she is a friend of the D.O.N.’s wife. One recent death is easily attributable to the lack of experience of the staff and the lack of concern and competency of the remaining staff. The doctors who used to admit their patients all quit after a meeting with Prem Reddy where he talked to them about the coding system for medicare reimbursement. We (the nursing staff) only know that all but a handful of doctors (6) walked out of the meeting and we never saw them again. The patients now are all ER admits only, and the doctor assigned to them is not their regular doctor (if they have one). They are given a Prem Reddy hospitalist. There are 1 or 2 at any given time and they take all the patients. Tests, exams etc, that may have been done by the patients regular outside doctor are now repeated for the hospitalist because he has no history on the patient except what the patient or family tells him. Like I said I could go on and on. What can be done??? The hospitals owned and managed by Prem Reddy should be investigated. The labor department should make him pay all the overtime he owes his employees. He should be forced to hire and pay experienced, competent, compassionate healthcare professionals. He wouldn’t have $300.00 million in his pocket if he ran his for profit business legally and ethically I can tell you that!

  13. RickB Says:

    Thank you for that, I think I might excerpt some for another post on Prem, I wish you luck in staying sane and on top of the situation. Certainly speaking out about the situation is doing something, the sick(o!) state of healthcare needs to be fully exposed and from that- change. Also the wider story that your experience shows of de facto pay cuts is one that needs to be told.
    And the tests being repeated is an awful inefficiency (but I suppose it adds to the bill the hospital can charge!) if regulators had any teeth Reddy would be in deep trouble but $300 million buys you a lot of political ‘friends’ and the cultural bias of seeing medicine as a business works against best practice.

  14. Shannon RN, Nurse Manager Says:

    Well Prem Reddy and his CEO Von Crockett had laid off nearly 200 employees at Centinela Hospital in Inglewood, CA. The new Chief of Staff Dr. Patel is a joke and has no respect from the staff. The Census last week at Centinela Hospital was 93…wow. I remember the days when the all 394 beds were filled. I have been a RN at Centinela Medical Center for 11 years. I have given notice and will be going to work at Cedars in 30 days. I have no desire to work for a company like Prime Health Care and Dr. Reddy forgotten the reason we all got into patient care in the first place.

    As of January 1, 2008, Prem Reddy and Prime Health Care is no longer accepting anytype of HMO insurance coverage at Centinela, so patients are either out of pocket or MediCal.
    Most of the physican contracts with the long standing physicans at Centinela have been cancelled and not being renewed. All admits most now go through the ER which is being contracted to ER Group called Emergent Medical Associates out of Manhattan Beach who manage most of the Prem Reddy ER’s.

    This past week the Medical Offices located on Hardy Avenue look like at ghost town. Excellent Centinela Doctors like Dr. Lawrence Dorr and Dr. Etie S. Moghissi are leaving. I am sure that many more fine physicans will be leaving within the next few weeks. Many are moving over to offices at Marina Campus which was not part of the Prime Health Care / Prem Reddy purchase….thank god…

    The very sad part is all the out patient services have been shut down as part of the Prem Reddy cost cutting program…things such as weight management, Cardiac rehab, the Health Living Center which was a wonderful program for diabets eduction one of the only programs of its kind in the State which was run by an excellent NP. These types of clinics served the community of Inglewood. Dont have any idea where these patients are going to go for theses services now.
    The staff is now being asked to take more tasks, many are out of the skill qualifications, like insulin management.

    The biggest concern that I have is we are DC patients before they are truly ready to go home. This scares me, as we are going to have someone die in this place soon.

    It wont be long before the LA Lakers, Clippers, Dodgers, Kings and LA Sparks will drop their afflications with Centinela Hospital. I am sure that Reddy dones not want to pay Tommy Lasorda to use his name as part of the Heart Institute….he is too cheap. Reddy is truly not liked by other physicans and there is very low moral at this hospital. I am sure Reddy’s ears must be ringing, as his name is being cursed in the halls of this hospital.

    It was a sad day when Prem Reddy and Prime Health Care bought Centinela, this use to be good hospital that served the community well, now it is becoming just a acute medical facility.

  15. RickB Says:

    Thanks Shannon, I’ve got some follow up on this planned, keep speaking out, this is election season and this might become a wider known issue. And if anyone is interested Reddy’s wiki page seems to be written by his pr people, could do with some balance.

  16. frustrated Says:

    how can i get the nurse manager Shannon to contact me?
    Shannon please call me ———-

  17. RickB Says:

    frustrated- I’ve taken out your number for protection, I don’t want all manner of kooks calling you, I have sent you an email to explain and suggest how we should proceed. Alternatively simply post an email address here (either of you, and I suggest one created for this specifically rather than risk your main address getting clogged with spam). Hope that is ok.

  18. frustrated Says:

    “Shannon” or anyone else with helpful info. Our family is having a nightmare with this hospital. We don’t know what is going on with our family member, and we don’t know who we can trust. We are kept in the dark about everything that KEEPS GOING WRONG with our loved one’s progress. How can there be problem after problem that keeps making things worse, not better? The stay keeps getting longer and longer…it’s like it was intended this way!
    please email me at;

  19. RickB Says:

    excellent frustrated, I’ll make a post about this, bit busy right now, but as soon as I can, I hope you get some results.

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  21. Andre Philidor Says:

    In the communities near Centinela Hospital, three hospitals have CLOSED. (Daniel Freeman in Inglewood, R.F. Kennedy in Hawthorne, Brotman in Culver City.) The reason? Loss of income. Some posters here feel that doctors, hospitals, nurses and other health care personel should provide services as a benefit to humanity. But they need to pay for gas to get to work, pay rent, grocery bills, health insurance, car insurance, etc. just like everyone else. It would be wonderful if electricians, plumbers, police officers and firemen worked only for the benefit of humanity with no pay. That is obviously not the real world. If Dr. Reddy has found a way of keeping hospitals running by cutting back or eliminating non-paying services, that is the price for keeping a hospital open and running, at least providing some care. The other option is to adopt NATIONAL HEALTH CARE as in other nations, e.g, Canada, Great Britain, etc. To many this is simply unpalatable. The only remaining choice is to look to people like Dr. Reddy and complain to the legislatures of the USA. (They of course also have no solution.) In any case, the future of medical care here looks bleak. I have not seen a single useful suggestion as to how a hospital and its staff is to keep operating while losing money in every department. Of course it would be good to have a full staff of qualified nurses, but there is a severe shortage of RN’s available everywhere in the USA and they cannot be found.

    I am not happy about the situation, but see no good remedy.

    I am a retired physician and have no affiliation with Dr. Reddy, receive no pay or benefits from him or any of his organizations.

    Emergency rooms every where are closing. With the disastrous management at Martin Luther King Hospital, they closed. The result was to shift their ER patients to existing hospitals. Of course very few of them had health insurance or means to pay their bills.

    The effect is dire and endangers us all – each of us personally, our families, loved ones and friends. If any are in an accident or have a serious medical emergency, it will be too late to enact solutions. If you believe in prayer, good luck!

  22. RickB Says:

    Well that’s a fine critique of capitalism in relation to healthcare and acculturation, albeit unknowingly done.

  23. DSmith Says:

    It all fine and danny to keep costs down, but when you have NPs who are working as what is termed HOSPITALIST at Centinela and they doctors are billing Medicare / Medical with up-coding of patient billing when the NP’s have no knowledge…then that wrong…first it places the NPs license in jepordy as they did not actully do the proceedue. This is happening right now a Prem Reddy’s Centinela Hospital in Ingelwood. WHen the NPs refuse….they have been told they may be TERMINTATED……its just a matter of time before this blows up….

  24. DSmith Says:

    More Cases Just Like This….

    Date: 11/18/2005

    Case Style: Tina Buchanan and Lisa Crouch v. Desert Valley Hospital and Dr. Prem Reddy

    Case Number: Unknown11/18/2005

    Judge: Stanford Reichert

    Court: Superior Court, Riverside County, California

    Plaintiff’s Attorney:

    Vincent Nolan, Law Office of Vincent Nolan, Riverside, California

    Defendant’s Attorney:

    Deborah Tropp of McNeil Tropp & Braun, LLP, Costa Mesa, California and Michael Sarrao of Shulman Hodges & Bastian, LLP, Foothill Ranch, California


    Tina Buchanan and Lisa Crouch sued Desert Valley Hospital and Dr. Prem Reddy in Victorville for retaliatory discharge after they were fired for complaining of illegal conduct by the hospital. Buchanan, age 42, and Crouch, age 35, they were fired in 2003 after they complained that Reddy treated patients while under the influence of alcohol, triaged emergency room patients on the basis of their insurance coverage and denied medical care to people without coverage. Plaintiffs sought compensatory and punitive damages.

    The defendants denied wrongdoing.

    Outcome: Plaintiffs’ verdict for $883,456 in compensatory damages only with a hung jury on the issue of puntive damages.

    Plaintiff’s Experts: Unknown

    Defendant’s Experts: Unknown

    Comments: None

  25. RickB Says:

    Thanks DSmith, I know Daniel Costello of the LA Times who wrote the original piece would be interested in any first hand accounts of practises in Reddy’s hospitals. You can contact him through their site or email me and I’ll pass stuff on.

  26. anonymous Says:

    Boy does everyone have this right. The entire corporation is corrupt. Is the government asleep? Check the coding that is being forced down doctors throats to increase payment to the hospital. It’s called fraud. it is in all the PRIME hospitals….and HE is getting away with it, with our tax dollars.

  27. RickB Says:

    Thanks anonymous, (I removed the duplicate comment) and again I urge anyone with info to contact Daniel Costello at the LA Times.

  28. BeenThereKnowIt Says:

    I know how it is with this tyrant! All the stories are true and if you report to Department of Health Services, JCAHO and Centers for Medicare (the feds) they will come out. You don’t have to leave YOUR name but you can send all the facts of any thing that even seems wrong in the mail, call, fax, or email to start an investigation. Report the NPs to the Board of Registered Nursing. And it will help to tip off the health plans of any BS going on with their patients, too.

  29. RickB Says:

    Thanks BeenThereKnowIt. Exposure of these practices is essential, healthcare run for profit kills.

  30. S Smith Says:

    I am not suprised to see all of these posts. These tactic have been going on in the High Desert for years. Complaints have been filed and Medicare contacted but nothing ever happens to Prem. I am hoping that the bigger he gets the harder he will fall.

    Of special note is that the lawsuit you speak of with the nurses in the High Desert was supposed to go to trial again but Prem settled out of court. This is what he does so he is never found guilty. To the retired physician, keeping hospitals open for only the rich, GOOD THING YOU RE RETIRED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am a hard workin person with a family and I have an HMO. I can only hope and pray that someone does something about this man. Perhaps we can arrange a meeting location with anyone who would like to come and find out what can be done as a combined unit.

    I will tell you that most people are afraid of Prem Reddy because he sues everyone who speak out against him. Also, at one point in time he was ordered to stay away from his own hospital in Victorville due making terrorist threats. Also was told he could not be within scope range on a gun as well.

  31. S Smith Says:

    I am not a UNION person but this maybe one way to fight back. They may have the strength and dollars to go up against him. Something to think about.

  32. RickB Says:

    Hey S Smith, I would say a union is the way to get safety in numbers and fight this, it really is the only way, bullies thrive on victimising individuals, faced with solidarity of professionals it’s a different story. (although union wise be wary of the Andy Stern cabal they are too co-opted by corporate interests often).

  33. S Smith Says:

    Why can’t all of the prople concerned with this issue meet and demand that a representitive listen to our complaints. Where is Erin Brockovitch?

  34. RickB Says:

    Well S Smith, create an email address or blog post it here and start organising, I’d be happy to help you start the ball rolling.

  35. healthcarelawstudent Says:

    All I can do is laugh at you people. Dr. Reddy has done nothing wrong!! It is obvious that you all have forgotten who got us in this healthcare mess in the first place. Insurance companies have rapped hospitals and doctors for years, Insurance companies dictate how long a patient is to stay in a hospital not Dr. Reddy, yes this includes Medicare with their infamous diagnosis related groups (DRGS) that tell hospitals and doctors how long patients should stay in the hospitals as it pertains to their diagnosis. Have you all forgotten about the ruthless insurance companies that hire a large staff of case managers to haunt and threaten hospitals and doctors regarding length of stay in the hospital? You have taken Dr. Reddy’s model out of context, as he has terminated insurance company contracts in order to treat patients based upon their illness and the doctors assessment not according to some irrelevant admission criteria guidelines that insurance companies impose on a hospital (i.e. interqual) , by which they decide to pay or not. Dr. Reddy doesn’t manipulate coding, he encourages that the coding reflect the true nature of the patients illness and the doctors document to the instructed guidelines from Medicare. The rules form Medicare change all the time, the way you document dictates how much a hospital gets in reimbursement. Doctors have dried up the well of reimbursements by keeping patients in the hospital for unnecessary reasons so they can get paid for the extra follow-up visit or procedure. Yet all of you blame Dr. Reddy for making money while trying to change a broken system. What is wrong with keeping ER’s open, or admitting patients to the hospital that otherwise would stay in a closed ER for workups that should be done by an Internist in the hospital. I’ve followed this guy for some time because of my interest in healthcare administration and law, with real research and objective analysis of his system you will find that while his practices may seem unconventional they are truly pioneering.

  36. S SMITH Says:

    Wow, you certainly have not worked for Dr.Reddy. Do you honestly think that the other physicains, nurses, and coders that are leaving the hopsitals that he buys are just misunderstanding Dr. Reddy? Have you ever been in a room with Dr. Reddy discussing coding issues? You may be a law student but you really do not know the true issues. Are all those that work for this man uninfomred? Most of us have worked, ACTUALLY WORKED, in health care for many years. I do agree with you about the insurance companies but there is a correct way to go about fixing that issue. He is no different then they are. He too has found a way to profit off the illness of human beings. Let’s just say that I hope you or your family never find themselves without insurance or have the wrong insurance because then and only then will you know why there is so much concern about this man’s so called pioneering medical practices. If he keeps going there will be hospitals open but only open for the special people (which you are probably one of). As far as your so called research, have you spoken to families affected by this mans practices? Have you spoken with the employees that work at his hospitals? Have you placed all his propaganda to the side to see the true man? Maybe your research was not as in depth as it should have been. One more thing, it is easy to give the best care to those that can afford it. One quote for you by T. Roosevelt ” To educate a man in mind and not in morals is to create a menace to society”. This goes for the goons that run the insurance companies and Dr. Reddy.

  37. NMC Says:

    You don’t know how scared I am. He just bought another hospital today, one where I work.

  38. healthcarelawstudent Says:

    “If you want to make enemies, try to change something” – Woodrow Wilson
    S Smith, I apologize that so many people are leaving the hospitals that Dr. Reddy buys. Change never makes people happy. I have spoken to many physicians who are outraged at the way Reddy runs the hospitals that he acquires. In fact, they all have the same theme…they are upset because Reddy holds them accountable for the care that they deliver, tell a doctor how to care for a patient and of course you are going to see rage. For example, one doctor told me that he was not going to tolerate Dr. Reddy telling him how to document on his patient and certainly was not going to tell him to justify his length of stay average. Says it all ah! These doctors are one of the main reasons that the hospitals are broke. In fact, the doctors that do stay make money because they learn how to document properly so says on e of the doctors that has a bit less ego and an open mind. To answer your question, the people who work for this man are not uninformed, just not willing to change from mainstream. I have not spoken to employees or families, but I do read government agencies that in fact report on healthcare quality, like Thomas healthcare, the commonwealth research fund, and premier care service that publically announce that his hospitals are in the top 1% of quality healthcare and emergency room closure. As for the propaganda, I haven’t read anything good about Dr. Reddy, yet all of these large research groups keep proclaiming his hospitals are ranked among the top in healthcare quality. They certainly trump my little research. You have a very different perspective as an insider and I concede that you may see things that I am not aware of, yet have you yourself set aside the propaganda and given him a chance to make a difference. Is the real premise and hatred for Dr. Reddy as simple as to judge this guy on how much money he is making rather than the merit of his accomplishments, come on! Who cares how much money he makes? Frankly it is none of my business. I just want to see if his way of doing things will make a difference in healthcare. Think about this, the hospital that you work at probably made money, and you probably have better tools to do your job not to mention that you have a hospital to work at and a job to go to. If he didn’t take it over, how many more meetings would you have attended that talked about how much money the hospital lost last quarter? I bet know the meetings are centered around proper documentation and how to achieve higher marks on quality. Personally, I am glad he bought the hospital near my house, at least I have a better chance of not getting diverted away from my local hospital that has a cath lab, which happened to my father’s friend who had a heart attack and was diverted from our local hospital 1.8 miles away and sent to a hospital 8 miles away without a heart cath lab because the ER was closed. He ended up getting this TNK stuff that made his brain bleed. Now he is a vegetable in a sub-acute. If he would have went to our local hospital 1.8 miles away, they would have taken him to the lab opened up his vessel and he would have still been playing golf with my dad. So, I know at least one person that Dr. Reddy would have saved indirectly if he had owned the hospital by my house, which in fact has not been closed to ER saturation more than 4 hours a month since he bought it. I can’t speak to Dr. Reddy’s morals; a little advise you shouldn’t either.

  39. healthcarelawstudent Says:

    RickB I missed the comment about “Healthcare run for profit kills.” Interesting…Ever heard of Martin Luther King Drew Hospital? That must of been one of those hospitals run for profit!!! yeah, what about all of the research organizations that are raving about the Reddy run hosptials being in the top 1% of healthcare quality…Reddy has more money than i thought, paying off huge government organization to say nice things and doctor the data. Get real man, give me supported facts to support your comments…why are you on a witch hunt for this guy?

  40. RickB Says:

    Could you provide links for those figures? Stats only measure what they are allowed to measure.
    I assume then you see no problem with the profit motive running healthcare? And yes his morals and his personal wealth are relevant as every dollar he has was not spent on patient care. A just reward for the work is expected but $300 million is obscene.

  41. S SMITH Says:

    I really tried to look at the issues from different sides. I was in meetings where we did not discuss proper documentation rather discussed that all patients with a UTI have sepsis. The so called proper documentation you speak is fraudulent documentation. This is only one example. Please make sure you know what you are talking about. Have you researched complaints to DHS, OIG, or JCAHO. One more thing, don’t pretend that your fathers friend would have received help at one of Dr. Reddy’s hospital because he may have been to old to waste resources on. This I know from experience. This has nothing to do with change as I fully realize we are always in a state of change. Have you ever been in a meeting when Dr. Reddy proclaims he is GOD? I have. Have you ever been in a meeting where he talks about how a drug addict with an infection should not be treated because he will waste resources. I know the man personally so I can judge his morals. Maybe this country would not be in the shape it is if more morals are judged. I really hope you learn more about this man. Why don’t you set a time and place and I will spread the word to the hundreds of people you can talk to. Also, lets invite 20/20, Dateline, and any other Media outlet. Last thing, don’t forget that data can be manipulated. Garbage in, garbage out. Who is checking this so called data submission for accuracy. As far as I know it is self-reported by each facility, oh yeah !! that means DR.REDDY!! PLEASE!!!!!!!!! Don’t be so naive. Did you hear about the Chinease mafia members that received liver transplants, above other citizens of this country? Why? They had the money and could make big hospital donations. Hope you don’t or your family dosn’t need a transplant. Same issue of greed. Do not full yourself!!

  42. Maritessa Says:

    i all, I have read all the comments…interesting . I was trying to hear both sides…it seems that the one that defended Dr. Reddy is very few…..which means that the majority shows there is something wrong (morally) w/ this man, to be simplistic, okay? Trying to make a hospital profitable is not a crime , after all without a profit , there will be no progress nor motivation to improve or even to stay in business., therefore no hospital , no jobs, right?
    Unfortunately , I do not agree of the example that was given of an addicted man with an infection was not treated , because of no insurance? Do not we have a law against this? Refusing treatment to a patient who can not pay..well this is where Medic aid payment comes in. To discrimanate patients w/ low medic aid payments versus the high private insurance payment ( PPO) , and based their treatment as to how long and how from the reimbursement is wrong and immoral! If a patient was refused care from a hospital because of this , then they should be sued.
    The point I am making is there is a thin line for hospital between profit and morality. But if the law is real , then they should be scared doing this. Also, the government needs to get their ass moving and do their share of doing their jobs and monitoring or whatever just to be sure that laws are followed. We are getting to be creatures of greed and instant gratification , and leave very little room for virtues and moral values. We need to see what Sweden is doing w/ their healthcare, and Canada, and Great Britain. Even Cuba, medicine there is very affordable . so what is our problems USA? Capitalism out of control !! Just look at the sub prime loan….this was allowed to happen because a few big fishes was making money..and now look!!!
    Obviously our health system is not working andw ill not ….so we need to study and act uopn other alternatives———this will take the greed out of any business doctor that wants to rape the people and their community.

  43. BeenThereKnowIt Says:

    SSmith speaks the truth. He has said and done all that he speaks of, me and my wife were witnesses. He and his henchmen/women live the life of luxury. He is now getting sued by the Dept of Managed Care, for his improper billing practices. Check it out in the OC Register. As for those Top 100 Awards He didn’t get one this year and they were not for patient care but for PROFITS. Look it up on the website Solicent.Com. Do continue to send the letters and calls to the authorities!! They do investigate. It is a long process, though. The more facts you can offer the better.

  44. Lookingatitfrombothsides Says:

    I have read and hear both sides and I personally believe that there is nothing wrong with what Dr.Reddy is doing. So what if he is making a profit? Almost every other company or organization in America is making money. Maybe he is making a large profit but at least he is keeping the hospitals open. If he didnt not acquite those hospitals most would probably be closed by now and then patients would recieve no care at all. Also, I agree with the quote from Woodrow Wilson that medicallawstudent posted. Most presidents changed a lot of thing and not everyone liked them. Some people don’t like people who change things because they don’t want things to be different. Some are just bitter.

  45. RickB Says:

    Your fundamental assumption that healthcare is an appropriate field for the profit motive is what brings you to such specious conclusions.

  46. Kathy Says:

    Patients are being billed like crazy and being sent home early. One of the hospitalist does state about “hospital being profitable” and gave the analogy of When people goes out to eat a filet mignon they would have to pay for it and nothing is for free– but the question i asked was that did they know how much the filet mignon cost? Coz if I know of hand how much im going to pay for that service/food to begin with then i would make a knowledgable decision. But you don’t have that decision while your in the ER and need health service?

  47. inlovingmemory Says:

    reddy’s inhumane methods in deciding who is “worthy” of healthcare killed my sister. she was homeless and without insurance so she didn’t get the medical care she needed to live. period. there isn’t anything that anyone can say or do to change the fact that her death could have been avoided if she would have been given proper care in one of reddy’s facilities. i am banking on no one thinking that she had a family who is more than willing to fight for her basic rights as a human being. are you kidding me? what kind of hospital discharges patients to just die later? reddy’s hospital.

  48. ERdoc Says:

    So how many patients did Reddy kill in 2008 because they were discharged early…..

  49. Judith Says:

    To all you losers, why don’t you go get a job instead of complaining especially RickB and S Smith? I have reviewed your posting all this time and found nothing true. I am a safety and hygiene specialist from Houston and I perform employee and patient safety screening at hospitals. I am trained at the Health care Center in Houston. After reading you posting I took up a voluntary rotation at one of prime health care hospitals. I did rotate at 5 of prime healthcare hospitals and all of them met the standards of safety and hygiene requirements. I did interview the patients too and they seem to be happy with the services too. I have compared these reports to other hospitals in different states; all the 5 hospitals were excellent when it came to services provided. Dr Prem Reddy’s hospitals have a short ER waiting time while most of the other hospitals I have visited have a very long waiting period and some even up to 24 hours. You should first understand the difference between for profit and not for profit hospitals. I think all you complainers should either get health services in not for profit hospitals/ public hospitals or go talk to your state government to have a health care model like Minnesota. Why don’t you blame the insurance companies who are making enormous money by raising the heath care costs and defying people of insurance when they have preexisting conditions. These insurance companies are making billions of health care and you people have no voice for that! From all the reading the fact seems to be obvious that you are just simply jealous that you aren’t able to make the money and not as intelligent as Dr Prem Reddy. I have great respect for Doctors. Some of them have turned into business men after succumbing to the foul play of the insurance companies. I have seen many hospitals in Texas that are owned and run by doctors. These hospitals despite their criticisms by far give a better health care to patients. Face it that everyone can’t be rich. If you are smart, prove yourself by getting a decent life. I haven’t met Dr Prem Reddy, but I have talked to his staff. Dr Prem Reddy seems to have a different strategic plan in running his hospitals. He just tries to eliminate non paying insurance parties and unwanted services in hospital that could be done at the convenience of patients home. I hope you all know what home health care services stand for? By doing so his hospitals stand strong even in economic downturn like this. There are many not for profit hospitals closing down every day as they don’t get their pay from the insurance companies. How do you suppose that people can get healthcare if the ratio of patient to doctors are not met when hospitals are being closed down. There are always people unhappy when they are laid off and this happens in every field. You need to be competent to survive in this competent world. Face it, if you got laid off, means that you were not doing your job as needed. Go get another job that is right for you. Health care is business in the United States. There are advantage s and disadvantages to this model. If you choose universal health care, go ahead fight for it and wait for it, for it’s not going to happen in near future.

  50. RickB Says:

    Already have it as I live in the UK, now you enjoy dying so rich people can get richer, have fun now!

  51. Lu Mendenhall Says:

    On December 19,2008 my daughter was discharged into the hands of Garden Grove Police after she spent the night exposed to Vikane gas inhalation.She was found dead in her cell within 2 1/2 hrs of being confined in a holding cell.The discharge orders ( signed by the GGP officer) clearly stated “keep out of confined spaces” Maybe she would be alive today if the hospital keep her for 24 hr observation? She was uninsured.Don’t go to West Med./Anaheim if you want to get quality medical attention.Thanks Dr. Prem Reddy.She was nothing to you but our family loved her and valued her life.

  52. RickB Says:

    Lu, I am very sorry about your daughter and it shows again the problem of for profit institutions dealing with health. They do not value life and as such are manifestly unsuitable to practice medicine.

  53. S SMITH Says:

    Judith, Oh, if we were all only as smart as you. We all speak from experiences as well. We are not un-educated people and we do know that the insurance companies are no better. Physicians’s that have worked for him tell the same story. I got it, go undercover as a patient with no insurance or the wrong kind and maybe you will shut your mouth!!!! Better yet, maybe a family member of yours will end up on the receiving end!! Do you really think that we all have nothing better to do in our lives or does it make a lot more sense that we are concerned human beings. What credential do you have and how much did you get paid!!!! Gee, maybe Dr. Reddy should win the nobel peace prize because he must be the smartest man in the world (Oh, yeah! he did say he was GOD) and can figure our how to make such a large profit and give the highest level of care but nobody else can.

  54. Nurse for Non-Profit Says:

    I work for a hospital that services all ER patients with or without funding.I realize we are considered non-profit & therefore it is our responsibility.I have seen patients admitted to our hospital for care who are undocumented without SS#’s. Patients treated & discharged to home with IV Antibiotics & home heath nurses paid for by our hospital. I also realize a profit must be made in order to stay in business..or I would have no job.But when you loose a loved one due to $$$$$ instead of “DO NO HARM” I wonder about profit vs the value of life?????

  55. Belle Says:

    Any hospital can apply for Medi-Cal on a one time basis for an emergency room incident.Why diden’t W.Medical Center Anaheim keep the women on December 19th for a 24/hr observation to determine if she was safe to discharge home let alone a jail cell which is the ultimate confinement.It seems to me she was pretty much sent to her death by that hospital??

  56. ERT Says:

    So its official… Anaheim Memorial Hospital belongs to Dr. Reddy. The final transfer date is July 1st, 2009.

  57. belle Says:

    OMG pity the people in that district. I would demand either St Josephs hospital or Hoag. A death sentence with DR.prem reddy.

  58. Steph Richards Says:

    Most doctors that I have spoken with think that Dr. Reddy methods are very unethical and not in the interest of the patient. These are some of the best docs at Cedars and UCLA. Several have indicated that this doctor should never practice again. Wonder if Dr. Reddy made a large contribution to Maxeen Waters…..I dont see Ms. Waters speaking out against Dr. Reddy and his treatment of patient at Centinela Hospital like she was a couple years ago when he was buying the hospital…guess she is another politician that took a pay off from someone with a lot of bucks to look the other way…the only ones that continue to suffer is the patients. If you have good insurance be thankful that you can go to good hospitals like Cedars, UCLA, Long Beach Memorial, Saint Johns…AVOID the Prem Reddy Hospitals…….

  59. Steph Richards Says:

    FORGOT to mention…take a look at the California Dept of Health stats for patient mortaility rates…Prem Reddy Hospitals are ranked as some of the highest in state for patient mortality……STAY AWAY…

  60. Kate Says:

    Just got a bill on my husband from a Dr Reddy hospital in Sherman Oaks. Went to the ER with the flu came out with a $6,700 bill and cough medicine.

    I’m sorry but for profit or not this is beyond absurd, have no worries taking this to small claims if they don’t reduce this in the thousands….

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