Friday! Neneh Cherry- Buffalo Stance

An absolutely insane 80’s video  (not as sexy as her appearance in TheThe’s ‘Slow Train to Dawn’, hello…) to a poptastic song, Neneh at the moment has a cookery program on the BBC, no really.

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  1. Rafael Says:

    Talking of starts from across the pond, whatever happened to Billie Piper, now that she is no longer playing the companion on Dr. Who?

  2. RickB Says:

    Aha, Rafael, a Whover. Well Ms. Piper seems to have walked into a lot of work, some has been shown on brit TV, much is about to be. It very much was a case of going onto more success rather than her disappearing. For me though the best assistant was Tegan, hello…
    What BBC channels can you get?

  3. Dave On Fire Says:

    funny you should say that rafael, i just clicked through to ask if the sweet ms cherry reminded anyone of the doctor’s latest bit of companionship.

  4. RickB Says:

    What is this, the Dr Who fan club? mmm, both from the planet fox.

  5. Dave On Fire Says:

    i only mention it because of my recent adventures in time and space. seriously though, this is makin’ me wish i’d paid more attention to the 80s

  6. RickB Says:

    Well it’s all relative, except at the quantum level apparently…
    It wasn’t all Thatcher and yuppies! It is a pop song but… it could be said she puts out a feminist message and anti capitalist even and you can dance to it!

  7. Rafael Says:

    Well they are showing the show on the Sci-Fi channel and I just so the series end (we call them season on this side of the Atlantic) where she is left behind. I like the new Dr. but the one in the first season/series was way cooler. although seeing Daleks and Cybermen battle it out was way more fun. I also like the use of different types of special effects, not just recycled CGI! Also Ms. Pipper is hot!

    As for BBC channels, I only have basic cable so we get BBC World, not BBC America which is frustrating because I can’t get the best car show in the world TOP GEAR! I have to watch snippets of it on YouTube….and that sucks….

  8. RickB Says:

    Well thank god for sf channel. Yeah Christopher Eccleston was fantastic, but what d’you expect, a Mancunian! Who has triumphed not least cos of the mostly smart scripts and show runner Russell T. Davies. And I think Buffy opened the door for it as it did for so many shows.
    Top Gear, nowadays is a bloakey show for car lovers, gets some flak (more deserved in the past when some of the old presenters were pretty right wing) for playing up to it’s reputation for being environmentalist baiting, boy racer-ish. I wonder what they’ll make of Gore jnr doing a 100 in a Prius? That guy’s a party animal! Although it must be hard for Al to discipline his kids, they can always come back with- well I least I didn’t give up and hand the country to Bush in 2000, Dad!

  9. Rafael Says:

    Well thats what I like about the show, right-wing or not. I like the “I don’t give a damn” attitude. After all its a show about fantasy cars or fantasies about what you would like doing with your cars (like playing football while riding mini-coupes!). Their show in the South (US) was hilarious!

  10. RickB Says:

    Oh yes, it makes for a good example, yeah they have the ‘don’t give a damn’ but within reason, sort of middle of the road(Ha!) libertarians. Which transplanted to America actually came off as liberal which in a casual way did show how extreme and fractured the country is. Have you seen that map of slavery states then and republican now, basically a direct match?
    Apparently you can get the whole last season as a torrent, and as it is paid for by our licence fee consider it a gift to the world.

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