BNP Bomber ‘Friendly’ With Leader Nick Griffin

A FORMER British National Party (BNP) election candidate plotted to make bombs because he predicted a civil war between Asians and white people, a court heard.

The wife of Robert Cottage, 49, from Talbot Street, Colne, said her husband’s involvement with the BNP had made him “really radical” and destroyed their marriage…Giving evidence via a videolink, Mrs Cottage said her husband had become friends with BNP leader Nick Griffin during his three-year membership of the BNP.

Boxes of chemicals that could be combined to cause a dangerous explosion were found at Cottage’s house, the court heard. He had bought them online in September 2006 – four months after he stood for the second time as a BNP candidate – on his co-defendant David Jackson’s instructions,

Second day of the proceedings and the Google news count is up to a whopping…er, 12.

5 Responses to “BNP Bomber ‘Friendly’ With Leader Nick Griffin”

  1. Rafael Says:

    Thanks for the news, its amazing what falls down the cracks of hysteria and media frenzy!

  2. The Real Terror Threat « Complex System Of Pipes Says:

    […] Cottage, in fact, was a former council election candidate for the BNP, and was reported to be on friendly terms with its leader Nick […]

  3. RickB Says:

    yeah funny how white, right wing christians don’t get the full media panic. Basically this is endemic fear of the alien, as dangerous as these men might have been, they were -our tribe so don’t panic-. I think there is a lot of that to the way this case is treated as opposed to how the muslim cases are treated. Beyond the story not being useful to the govt agenda, that endemic tribalism is in there.

  4. Cease To Exist Says:

    “he predicted a civil war between Asians and white people”

    That reminds me of Charles Manson and his belief that there was an imminent civil war between black and white people.

    That turned out well …

  5. RickB Says:

    Is this Blair you’re talking about? Ahem. As with Manson that is a polite way of saying he hated Asians so much he wanted civil society to break down so he could kill them with impunity. Oh wait we’re back to Blair.
    I hope this doesn’t mean these two have an album of crappy songs to release.

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