Imperial Forces Foil Rebels In Client State Colombia

Colombian police foiled a plan by leftist rebels to attack U.S. military advisers at a popular vacation resort near the capital Bogota, a government official and the U.S. Embassy said on Tuesday.

According to them, but the piece serves as a nice reminder of the situation in Colombia-

The U.S. advisers were living in Melgar as part of their mission at the nearby Tolemaida army base, the Colombian military’s main training center, the embassy official said. More than 300 U.S. military advisers and trainers are working in Colombia, which has received more than $4 billion in aid from Washington since 2000 to fight drug trafficking and leftist rebels who smuggle cocaine to fund their operations.

And yet all those upstanding soldiers of freedom and democracy seem to have missed this-

A sham paramilitary demobilization process, combined with thousands of cases of threats and killings and a chronic lack of investigations and prosecutions, makes Colombia one of the most dangerous places in the world for trade unionists, according to a new report released today.

Colombia’s National Trade Union School documented 2,245 killings, 3,400 threats and 138 forced disappearances of trade unionists between January 1991 and December 2006. Despite their supposed demobilization, army-backed paramilitaries and the security forces are thought to be behind most attacks. Guerrilla groups have also been responsible for such killings. (h/t MOA)

What must they be doing all day to miss that going on, unless…

BNP Bomber ‘Friendly’ With Leader Nick Griffin

A FORMER British National Party (BNP) election candidate plotted to make bombs because he predicted a civil war between Asians and white people, a court heard.

The wife of Robert Cottage, 49, from Talbot Street, Colne, said her husband’s involvement with the BNP had made him “really radical” and destroyed their marriage…Giving evidence via a videolink, Mrs Cottage said her husband had become friends with BNP leader Nick Griffin during his three-year membership of the BNP.

Boxes of chemicals that could be combined to cause a dangerous explosion were found at Cottage’s house, the court heard. He had bought them online in September 2006 – four months after he stood for the second time as a BNP candidate – on his co-defendant David Jackson’s instructions,

Second day of the proceedings and the Google news count is up to a whopping…er, 12.

Iraq Oil Law

From the Oil Change International’s blog:-

Earlier today, AP and Reuters reported that Iraq’s cabinet approved changes to the law and will now submit the bill to parliament.

However, a UPI story just out from Ben Lando (who has followed the law more closely than any other journalist) quotes Kurdistan Regional Government Natural Resources Minister Ashti Hawrami as saying “We are not aware of anything being passed by the Cabinet”.
Reuters had a different story. “The cabinet has endorsed the oil law and is sending it to parliament,” spokesman Ali al-Dabbagh said. The draft, crucial to regulating how wealth from Iraq’s huge reserves will be shared by its sectarian and ethnic groups, was originally approved by the cabinet in February but faced stiff opposition from Kurds, who felt they were getting a bad deal.

It is interesting to see how this is being spun in the international press. According to Reuters: “Washington has been pressing Iraq’s leaders to speed up passage of the oil law and other measures it views as crucial to spurring national reconciliation and ending sectarian violence between majority Shi’ites and minority Sunni Arabs”.

More to the point is that Washington wants the Oil law signed as it gives unprecedented control and access to the multinational oil firms.

Our guess here is that there is confusion between the revenue sharing law and the foreign investment / oil law. This confusion has been deliberately sown by the Bush administration and the Iraqi government, who have consistently sought to portray the foreign investment/oil law as a revenue sharing law – when in fact revenue sharing is a separate piece of legislation.

Confused? We’re meant to be, in chaos you can steal.

School Of The Americas Watch: Turncoats Edition


SOAW have released their list of the 26 congresspeople whose votes stopped SOA/WHINSEC from being closed down, full list here with history, contact details & direct links to their personal web sites. And here are the ones on the list who mysteriously changed from opposing SOA previously, to supporting it in this vote, what changed their mind? (that pentagon money sure is sweet).

Rep. Neil Abercrombie
Rep. Eddie Bernice Johnson
Rep. James Clyburn
Rep. Bart Gordon
Rep. Ciro Rodriguez
Rep. Nick Lampson
Rep. Kendrick Meek
Rep. Collin Peterson

Not to mention, dem hero Jack Murtha who forthrightly supported the torture academy and Loretta Sanchez who didn’t turn up to vote, Ed Perlmutter whose office said he would vote against but he voted for SOA. And all the other bastards who actively supported SOA against their constituents wishes, made speeches in favour and urged their colleagues to vote for the SOA.

Action guide here. Call the SOA Accomplices and encourage others to do the same: Capitol Switchboard at (202) 224-3121.

War Pimp Alert- NY Times Again Printing Propaganda Straight From The Whitehouse

Update: Senator Joseph Lieberman (I-CT) released a statement saying that Iran has declared war on America. The AFPS article that prompted Lieberman’s statement quoted heavily from Brig. Gen. Kevin Bergner, who alleges that the Quds Force sends weapons and $750,000 to $3 million per month into Iraq. According to Bergner, terrorist organizations in Iraq would be “hard pressed” to continue without funding from Iran. 

Is he mad or is this coordinated with Bergner’s bullshit to put forth Whitehouse warmongering?

 The Bush administration’s most reliable pro-surge “reporter,” Michael Gordon of The New York Times, this morning filed an article — headlined: “U.S. Ties Iranians to Iraq Attack That Killed G.I.’s” — that might be the most war-fueling article yet with regard to Iran.

Glenn Greenwald points out that Gordon’s only source for this piece is a “military spokesman” Brig. Gen. Kevin J. Bergner. The source is not doubted, there are no other sources or viewpoints present. It is in fact, a pure U.S. military press release. What Glenn doesn’t not tell is the background of Brig. Gen. Kevin J. Bergner. Via sourcewatch we learn:

Kevin J. Bergner was named February 3, 2006, by President George W. Bush as Special Assistant to the President and Senior Director for Iraq. Brigadier General Bergner recently served as Deputy Director of Political-Military Affairs (Middle East) at the Department of Defense. He received his bachelor’s degree from Trinity University and his master’s degree from City University of New York.

Berger left the White House and became spokesman for the U.S. military in Iraq only three weeks ago.

After US bloggers complained to the NYT the story was updated and altered, ie. they got caught being a PR organ of the Whitehouse. We already know the US are running militay operations inside Iran, so this is war pimping business as usual. CNN and the AP ran this story too, full spectrum pimping.

The BNP Bomb Plot

The court case has re-commenced Korova at MOA has the scoop, google news shows 2, just 2 reports. Given the current terrorist stories funny how a story about white, racsist, Christian, right-wing terrorists caught with chemical weapons and a rocket launcher, gets only 2 news reports. A local paper and a dutiful BBC mention with no fanfare.

As I discovered-

Right-wing extremist violence is a serious, increasing problem in a number of Member States. However,reporting on right-wing terrorism is random as right-wing violence and other politically motivated crimes are mainly investigated as right-wing extremism and not as terrorist offences. [page 37 Europol Telsat 2007]-

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