Terrorism & Context

A foreign military air strike in southern Afghanistan killed 30 civilians, including women and children, a district mayor said Saturday, citing initial investigations.
“Our initial investigations show that 30 civilians, including women, children and men, have been killed,” said Dur Alisha, the mayor of Girishk district in the southern province of Helmand.


Detectives hunted Saturday for suspects who abandoned two explosives-packed cars in the heart of London’s nightlife district, reviewing closed circuit television footage and scouring the vehicles for clues.

Counterterrorism officers at Scotland Yard briefed Prime Minister Gordon Brown on Saturday, and the British leader later chaired a meeting of top spies, police and senior officials in COBRA, the government’s emergency committee, his office said.

Detectives said they were keeping an open mind about the suspects, but terrorism experts said the signs pointed to a cell linked to or inspired by al-Qaida. Police would not comment on an ABC News report saying police had a “crystal clear” picture of one suspect from CCTV footage.

Now I’m sure the flight logs will also give a crystal clear identification of the pilots and the chain of command will show who ordered the strike, so will detectives be swooping on these perpetrators? I mean this mob actually succeeded unlike the moron and his car bomb. Now then if only someone could find out why people are driven to attack us in any way they can…clearly I’m nowhere near intelligent enough to work that one out. Hey wait a minute I just read those reports again, you don’t think…nah couldn’t be.

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  1. Rafael Says:

    Taking of context, you only have to look on how the “incident” at Glasgow has been covered by the U.S. media vs. the BBC (I call it an incident because we don’t have enough information about it). In the U.S. is a non stop panic as if they just seen the Space Shuttle explode, while in the BBC coverage it gets mention as a line item, a few details are given and then they carry on. A world of difference.

  2. RickB Says:

    I can imagine. It’s not exactly unsensational here but it is tempered with a mounting disgust that this is the price of Iraq (and we are getting it, not the US) and because of N. Ireland we are pretty used to it. Plus y’know as terrorism goes, it was rubbish.

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