Torture Airways- Invisible To ACPO Investigations

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Have you seen this plane?

“ACPO have admitted to me in a private letter that their investigation amounted to little more than a cursory review of reports on the issue – which they issued, 18 months after I requested it, to coincide with the Council of Europe’s report,”

Because apparently it possesses stealth capabilities beyond modern science and more amazing still, can make entire people and black ops programs that embarrass the govt. disappear with the swish of a friendly policeman’s truncheon wand.

The row over CIA ‘torture flights’ using British airports has deepened following fresh evidence that a plane repeatedly linked to the controversial programme landed in the UK just days ago.

The plane was logged arriving at RAF Mildenhall in Suffolk last weekend, and watching aviation experts said the aircraft, piloted by crew clad in desert fatigues, was immediately surrounded on the runway by armed American security forces.

Its registration number, clearly visible on the fuselage, identifies it as a plane which the European Parliament says has been involved in ‘ghost flights’ to smuggle terrorist suspects to shadowy interrogation centres abroad.

Records show the plane is owned by Blackwater USA, a CIA contractor described as “the most secretive and powerful mercenary army on the planet”. An eyewitness, who previously worked as an RAF electronic warfare expert, said that as the plane – a CASA-212 Aviocar – taxied to a stop on the runway it was met by a US military Humvee.

The vehicle contained four US security policemen armed with M16 assault rifles, who accompanied the camouflaged crew to the airport terminal.

The man, who did not want to be identified, added: “I thought it was curious that they would give a civilian plane an armed guard.”

Another spotter, who took the picture of it landing, recorded it touching down at 4.36pm on Saturday.

Now the best part is of course in the last few graphs:

Shami Chakrabati, the director of Liberty, alleges that 210 CIA flights carrying terrorist suspects for possible torture have entered Britain since 2001.

She called for a full investigation, claiming the ACPO probe was unsatisfactory.
“ACPO have admitted to me in a private letter that their investigation amounted to little more than a cursory review of reports on the issue – which they issued, 18 months after I requested it, to coincide with the Council of Europe’s report,” she said.
“Maybe now The Mail on Sunday has produced this photographic evidence they will conduct a proper inquiry.”

An ACPO spokeswoman said: “These planes could be empty – there is no evidence that prisoners were on board.” She denied Liberty’s claim that their inquiry had been limited and driven by spin.

“There has been a full examination to see if there was any evidence to suggest criminal activity, and there wasn’t,” she said.

A Foreign Office spokeswoman said: “We have been through the records, and there is no evidence of detainees being rendered through the UK since 1997.” No one at RAF Mildenhall was available for comment.

Please note ‘there is no evidence’ which simply means what it means, it does not mean there were no flights or that the govt. were unaware, it just means there was not a big red post-it note on the FO’s desk saying -Yes, We Let Torture Flights In The UK- The body of the piece is old news about blackwater retards but is probably news to Mail readers and a bit shocking the Mail are printing ‘US Bashing’ articles, anyways… This adds some more meat to the Marty/ACPO/Govt. clusterfuck making it even clearer there was no proper investigation and its conclusions were released purely to refute the damning findings of the European Parliament. The Tomb post also mentions an interview with a former US torturer who is floggin’ his book, I read it last night after hearing him interviewed on Friday’s Rachel Maddow show, he is repentant and does reveal:

Disturbingly for the British military, which has distanced itself from the worst excesses of Abu Ghraib, Mr Lagouranis says the Americans learnt much of their uncompromising approach from British interrogators.

“We heard about interrogators in Northern Ireland who were successful. Some of our interrogators went on the British interrogation course, which was tough. People wanted to emulate that, but we went too far.”

Which does rather show the obvious situation of the MOD doing one thing while swearing our brave boys are beyond reproach which is the reality of the last, oh well, forever.

Iran Blogapalooza: NGO’s That Aren’t…

Jadi at inside Iran has two posts relating to his work in NGO’s:

Non Governmental Organizations (NGOs) are merely a new concept in Iran…after the 1977 revolution, our government change to an Islamic Republic one which acts like an Totalitarian regime. It controls all the media, own all the TV and Radio stations. Controls all the Internet providers and dictates to the newspapers what to write and what not to write…it tries to control every aspect of life in Iran.

In this atmosphere, NGOs started to evolve. NGOs were the only place in which people could gather and do something…from holding computer workshops, talking about human rights abuses up to documenting torture inside the country.

So it is understandable that government started to react. At first it started his own “NGO”s which are better to be called a gNGO; Governmental NonGovernmental Orgs. One good example of these fake NGOs are the Organization For Defending Victims of Violence; ODVV (Their site is but I did not make this one clickable so they will not know that I’ve wrote about them. It is VERY risky. The site is english and I linked the statements part.) With all of their luxury magazines, seminars, buildings and money, they have never told anything about the brutal violence which is happening in Iran. They only condemn Lebanon, Israel, Russian School attacks and even on the case of Saddam.

    “As a nongovernmental organization which was originally established to help the  victims of Iraq’s enforced war against Iran, the ODVV welcomes the sentence, and as the rest of the Iranian nation, calls for Saddam to be tried for the crimes that he committed against Iran.” 

It closes its eyes on a CAPITAL PUNISHMENT and claims to talk on behalf of the “rest of the Iranian nation”. This gNGO always participates in international meetings and saya “We are an NGO and we are watch dogging violence in Iran and we ensure you that everything is GOOD” 🙂

So at first the government tried to start many fake NGOs (i.e. gNGOs) and put pressure on the real ones not to participate at International events and not to publish anything or start any website. They did not success so they changed their attitude by shutting down NGOs, arresting activists and sentencing them to long prisons and threaten others not to participate any event.

NGOs were our hopes for some years and we try to continue our activities in them. The government is also make more and more pressure on us and this is very dangerous. NGOs are kind of moderators. They make you go slower and more “internal” (accepting the situation, rules and even pressures to be able to continue). When they crack down the NGOs, younger people do not have any place to actively pursue what they want so they might commit violence, they might act radically, they might… . In the NGOs we were not politicals, we were not trying to access political power. After the crack down, people do not have any place to participation in their society as a CIVILIAN; this can lead them in the wrong direction.

Read the unexpurgated post at inside Iran. Then his second post is about his NGO work in Kabul:

I was in Afghanistan / Kabul for two weeks. I was training two NGOs to start their websites. Unfortunately both are in Persian.

This was my second time in Kabul. It is a nice city with friendly people. The main problems there are not being clean and not being safe. Everyday the are some killings in the news and you read about how “some people” killed “some other”. While I was there, 3 newspaper reporters where murdered and more than 20 polices. One day one of trainees did not attended the class. When I asked him the day after he said: “One of my relatives were killed during a conflict with Taliban; he was a policeman”.

One good point there is the freedom of expression 🙂 Although it is dangerous but legally you have the right to speak out your idea. This might be only available during the “honeymoon” of the country and it seems the government is trying to decrease it because of national security.

I met many people there. I went to Afghan PEN sessions, met politicians and people from newspapers and media. This was good. Most of the people were not with the Karzai and told me that he is not doing well. 

And when he returned another arrest:

Oh and as soon as I have returned back to Iran, Police have arrested one another activist! Again an active woman from “1 million campaign”. This time Ehteram Shadfar. A 62 years old woman is in the prison because of … nobody knows.    

And On The 8th Day God Created Comedy Gold!

Via Crooks & Liars a blogger visits the creation museum and files an extensive report with pictures. I shit you not this is comedy frickin’ gold. The serious point that the museum repeatedly tries to dismiss ‘Human Reason’ in favour of ‘God’s Word’ is worthy of serious discussion, but not before you drink in the hilarity of this dodgy museum with ride on dinosaurs, an Adam portrayed by an actor who ran an ‘adult’ website and action diorama’s of major biblical events, the Chapman brothers have nothing on that!

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