Iraq Parliament Moving To Reject Occupation Before End Of The Year

The parliament today passed a binding resolution that will guarantee lawmakers an opportunity to block the extension of the UN mandate under which coalition troops now remain in Iraq when it comes up for renewal in December. Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki, whose cabinet is dominated by Iraqi separatists, may veto the measure.

The law requires that any future extensions of the mandate, which have previously been made by Iraq’s Prime Minister, be approved by the parliament. It is an enormous development; lawmakers reached in Baghdad today said that they do in fact plan on blocking the extension of the coalition’s mandate when it comes up for renewal six months from now.

Reached today by phone in Baghdad, Nassar al Rubaie, the head of Al-Sadr bloc in Iraq’s Council of Representatives, said, “this new binding resolution will prevent the government from renewing the UN mandate without the parliament’s permission. They’ll need to come back to us by the end of the year, and we will definitely refuse to extend the UN mandate without conditions.” Rubaie added: “there will be no such a thing as a blank check for renewing the UN mandate anymore, any renewal will be attached to a timetable for a complete withdrawal.”

Without the cover of the UN mandate, the continued presence of coalition troops in Iraq would become, in law as in fact, an armed occupation.

Expect an ‘insurgent’ attack on MP’s before that happens. Cynical Moi?

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Ennui On Me

So a President who took power because they disenfranchised voters then engineered the decision on who ‘won’ the election was decided by a court which they knew had a bias towards their candidate, lectures Russia and China on democracy. While China arrests people connected to Tiananmen square massacre to minimise remembrances of its 18th anniversary and Russia continues to be ruled by strong men who have journalists assassinated. Meanwhile the US finds that its court system is able to convict a senior member of the government for lying about his criminal activities in support of the administration and its wars but the made up military tribunal system is on the brink of collapse. It finds itself unable to try two men because the made up non-laws are even more stupid than the people who dreamt them up.

And it’s mostly pantomime because the most important thing is the push to maintain and expand the American Empire by means of dotting its missile bases all over the place. Which means the future will be the same as the past, govts. that are merely a means to funnel public money to corporations and their partner militaries. More wars, more inequality backed up with lethal force, the worst humans beings amongst us remaining the most powerful. Meh!