My Name Is Robert Zoellick & I Globalize Death


In a speech to the right-wing Heritage Foundation in Washington, Zoellick made the case that there is no alternative to globalization and that U.S. companies and consumers were already benefiting in countless ways from this new wave of corporate-led economic integration. To drive his point home about all the new opportunities, Zoellick noted: Even the funeral business has gone global, with a Houston-based company now selling funeral plots in 20 countries.

Bush’s pick for the WorldBank is business as usual. Let me list the ways. PNAC, ENRON, Republican, A Vulcan,’Free’ Trade ideologue, Bush family friend, Panda fondler, NAFTA, Corporate board member,

member of the Council on Foreign Relations, as well as the Trilateral Commission and was one of the signers of the January 26, 1998, Project for the New American Century (PNAC) letter.
Zoellick spelled out a new foreign policy that would be based on the preeminence of military power—a concept of a new American century in which unquestioned U.S. military superiority would allow the United States to shape the international order.

Zoellick coined the phrase “the coalition of the liberalizers” prior to the failed WTO ministerial in September 2003 in referring to the group of countries that have joined the United States in bilateral or regional trade pacts. In the face of mounting opposition from Brazil and other developing nations to the U.S. global economy agenda, trade rep Zoellick began forging a “coalition” of trade partners to agree to open their markets and protect U.S. investment in order to ensure coveted access to the huge U.S. market.

And he will be tough on copyright clampdowns (hello the bootleggers, hello DRM), because he profits from it, on the board of-

SAID Holdings, the Bermuda-based South African patent and copyright security specialists.

More at Lenin, such as his direction to the decimated Fallujah to be self reliant. He has worked on stabilising Darfur, pushing for a UN/NATO involvement, which seems his one glint of humanity contrary to his ambitious banker heart, unless… there’s oil there.

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