Moscow Dammit!

The Moscow cops cooperated with thugs who attacked a gay rights march in Moscow, this is waking some people up to Putin and his authoritarianism and some of the wingnut batshit eejits in Russia. Nationalists (violent bigots) & religious fundamentalists united against the marchers and the police let them be beaten before allowing the aggressors to go free then arrest the victims who they then laid into as well. Scumbags.-

The counter-demonstration was staged by ultra-nationalists and members of the Russian Orthodox Church. Some of them chanted “Moscow is not Sodom!”

Sunday’s march was to commemorate the 14th anniversary of the decriminalisation of homosexuality in Russia. Moscow city police spokesman Viktor Bryukov had warned the organisers not to go ahead.

Gay activists were also attacked by right-wing protesters and arrested during a march last year. The head of the Russian Orthodox Church, Patriarch Alexy II, supports the ban on gay parades.

Richard Fairbrass of pop act Right Said Fred (no really Deeply Dippy is actually a great summery pop song) earns tons of respect for going, standing up and then coming forth with these great words-

“When it was over I actually felt more sorry for the guy that whacked me than I did for me… How threatened can he be, how insecure is he to be threatened by a bisexual pop singer who’s most famous for singing ‘I’m too sexy’?”

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Polls Apart

Gosh, seems us anti-war types are not such a minority despite what the MSM and the warmongers made us feel,

Methodology: Telephone interviews with 961 British adults, conducted from May 11 to May 13, 2007. No margin of error was provided.

Do you approve or disapprove of the way the prime minister, Tony Blair, is handling the current situation with Iraq?

  May 2007 Jan. 2003 Sept. 2002
Approve 17% 26% 40%
Disapprove 77% 62% 49%
Don’t know 6% 13% 11%

Do you approve or disapprove of the way the president of America, George W. Bush is handling the current situation with Iraq?

  May 2007 Jan. 2003 Sept. 2002
Approve 9% 19% 30%
Disapprove 85% 68% 59%
Don’t know 6% 13% 11%

Which, if any, of the following statements comes closest to your own view about the war in Iraq?

I supported the war and I support it now 11%
I supported the war but do not support it now 22%
I did not support the war but I support it now 3%
I did not support the war and I do not support it now 61%

Freedom IS Slavery


Read how Reuters reported this, makes the UK sound like a police state, go figure-

British Prime Minister Tony Blair plans to push through a new anti-terrorism law before he steps down next month giving “war-time” powers to police to stop and question people, a newspaper reported on Sunday. Blair, who is due to resign on June 27 after a decade in office, wrote in an article in The Sunday Times that his government planned to publish new anti-terrorism proposals “within the next few weeks”.

An interior ministry spokeswoman confirmed the government was looking at including a “stop and question” power in the new legislation. “We are considering a range of powers for the bill and ‘stop and question’ is one of them,” she said.
The “stop and question” power would enable police to interrogate people about who they are, where they have been and where they were going, Such powers had only existed before in other parts of Britain in war time, it said.

Interior minister John Reid is proposing other measures to combat Islamist militants, the report said. These would give police the power to take documents away for examination even if their value as evidence was not immediately obvious and the power to remove vehicles to examine them.

Not forgetting this-

…details of every Briton could soon be on the national DNA database, raising fresh concerns of a ‘surveillance society’. Controversial plans being studied by the government would see the DNA of people convicted of even the most minor, non-imprisonable offences, such as dropping litter, entered on the national database.
The proposals are part of a wide-ranging government review of the Police and Criminal Evidence Act (Pace)

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