Iran Blogapalooza: Bad Hijab Victimisation

As well as Western sabre rattling the people of Iran have to put up with their authoritarian govt. Jadi at inside Iran has some pictures, here’s one-


He explains-

Our government is brutally attacking Bad-Hijab women. There are special forces all over the city and they arrest girls and women who do not hide all of their hairs or do not conduct in an “islamic manner”. REMEBER: THESE ARE NORMAL PEOPLE WHO WHERE WALKING PEACEFULLY IN THE STREET 5 MINS AGO. There are beatings all over the city. My heart beats mad writing this. I feel very angry and I am not able to do anything…

I feel hopeless. At the morning I’ve got the news of the arrest of one of my close friends (Maziyar Samiei) was arrested because of his leftist ideas and now he is in prison; nobody know where. And now, these photos. Today I was thinking of leaving this country. Not for studing, not for work. Just for not being here.

Esther at View From Iran is also feeling the pressure-

“People are really nervous,” a friend told us. “They are calling each other every few hours to make sure that one of them has not been arrested.”

We know. We were busy calling one of our friends regularly to make sure that she was still sleeping in her own bed.

So what do people in Iran do when they are worried about being arrested? Here’s the drill:
1. Sell all the alcohol.
2. Backup everything on the computer and then reformat the hard drives.
3. Call people with connections to find out if they can verify any rumors.
4. Carry an extra toothbrush everywhere.
5. Don’t answer the door for unexpected visitors.
6. Wait.

I wish there was honest help being offered by our govts. and that when this bully regime is reported on it wasn’t used by warmongers to stoke their pyre. I wish I didn’t have to write that and we could simply pressure the regime to stop this bullying without it being a tool of a hidden agenda. If our governments insist on being stuck in pre 20th century games of conquest I guess we will have to work without them to help others with similarly idiotic leaders. So sod our suits write to theirs (but in somewhat more polite terms):

Ambassador Rasoul Movahedian,
Embassy of the Islamic Republic of Iran
16 Prince´s Gate
London SW7 1PT


11 Responses to “Iran Blogapalooza: Bad Hijab Victimisation”

  1. naj Says:

    This is no good rick, it;s quite alarming actually.

    This behavior is NOT advantageous to the IRI; yet it is setting the stage for an internal revolt, which is what Americans are working for, rather hard!

    I wish this picture is not true and is a street performance. I will investigate some more.


  2. RickB Says:

    Yes it’s horrible and I hate that it can be used by people just as bad for their agenda. I will be keen to hear what you find out.

  3. Hafsa Says:

    sorry but i have got alot of pictures of police women in iran grabbing ladies just coz of lock of hair is appearing, this isnt good. where is the human right in that, and i dont consider this picture to be fotoshopped or anything. i can imagine how the situation had been escalated, how demeaning it is for me if i get stopped by someone in the street just coz they think am a bad hijab lady. ridicoulus.
    am not iranian, am egyptian and i fear that egypt will develope one day to be like iran, its going crazy, forcing ladies to wear hijab, then forcing them on certain measures, then beating them for not following the stupid rules, then what?? all of this coz of a piece of cloths?? for god’s sake find something more important than that, lets move forward.

  4. Pissed Says:

    U need to face it, it’s not your government, its izlam
    its stinkin izlam we have it Egypt too, I know it by heart
    I T I S S T I K I N I Z L A M

  5. aya salamah Says:

    yes this may happened but the question is is this from islam ???? did the prophet Mohammad do anything like this???he never anything like that!!!we are follower of prophet mohammad and his attitude is our guide not what people do
    another question isnt it possible that she was in fight or something like that ??? and the result was all of this blood and because of her injury she didnt wear her hijab???
    isnt all possible???
    i think that if they did hit here because shes not wearing hijab she is suppose to be wearing the hijab now in this pic!!!
    wasnt the whole prob.. as u clam to make her wear hijab why isnt she wearing the hijab know???

  6. Hafsa Says:

    so aya, u think that someone beaten this hard and bleeding would really care about whats showing of thier head or not?
    really? is this a serious question/suggestion??
    and y r u assuming that this lady might have been in a normal fight that caused her bleeding? its very well known that iran in its harsh system is no difference than the amr belmaarouf and nahi aan monkar in saudi, both brutal,both visious.
    now regarding if this is following the prophets path or not, it is not, but if they r doing so, shouldnt we stop them??
    but in case they have the daleel form islam that they can do this to others, then what should we, other muslims , do?
    accept it since its there, or reject it coz its inhumane??

  7. RickB Says:

    Pissed- I can understand if you are annoyed at fundamentalists but to blame Islam as a whole is inaccurate.

  8. Moss66 Says:

    I think this is a fabricated story, because if the woman was beating for not wearing proper or Bad-Hijab then what about the reset of the womans in the picture!!! I can see at least 5 to 6 women not wearing proper Hijab? why only this women? why not the leady with the blue hijab? her hair is more exposed than the injured lady? Why it is not a different story but used by the auther to fabricate it as hijab case?

  9. RickB Says:

    Well I trust Jadi from where the report came. This is not to attack Iran but the morals police and their excesses.

  10. ... Says:

    so u r lookin at just one picture and want to know everything? !! this is just one per million of my countrie’s problems , as I cant do anything i should just go about to live in the real hell !!!
    Ive one to ask, sb tell me what is my sin to be like this???

  11. one of .... Says:

    Sombodys who do this with iranian people are not irainan.
    Sombodys who do this with human are not Moslem.
    Islam and iranian people like to be peace.

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