The Privatisation Of The Spooks & George ‘Weasel’ Tenet

So George Tenet one of the war criminals of the Bush crime family is selling his shitty book, he pretends he was naive, misquoted and slags off his chums to make sales, unsurprisingly he is also lying about his life post CIA:-

Tenet has been earning substantial income by working for corporations that provide the U.S. government with technology, equipment and personnel used for the war in Iraq as well as the broader war on terror.

When Tenet hit the talk-show circuit last week to defend his stewardship of the CIA and his role in the run-up to the war, he did not mention that he is a director and advisor to four corporations that earn millions of dollars in revenue from contracts with U.S. intelligence agencies and the Department of Defense. Nor is it ever mentioned in his book. But according to public records, Tenet has received at least $2.3 million from those corporations in stock and other compensation. Meanwhile, one of the CIA’s largest contractors gave Tenet access to a highly secured room where he could work on classified material for his book.

Tenet sits on the board of directors of L-1 Identity Solutions, a major supplier of biometric identification software used by the U.S. to monitor terrorists and insurgents in Iraq and Afghanistan. The company recently acquired two of the CIA’s hottest contractors for its growing intelligence outsourcing business. At the Analysis Corp. (TAC), a government contractor run by one of Tenet’s closest former advisors at the CIA, Tenet is a member of an advisory board that is helping TAC expand its thriving business designing the problematic terrorist watch lists used by the National Counterterrorism Center and the State Department.

Tenet is also a director of Guidance Software, which makes forensic software used by U.S. law enforcement and intelligence to search computer hard drives and laptops for evidence used in the prosecution and tracking of suspected terrorists. And Tenet is the only American director on the board of QinetiQ, the British defense research firm that was privatized in 2003 and was, until recently, controlled by the Carlyle Group, the powerful Washington-based private equity fund. Fueled with Carlyle money, QinetiQ acquired four U.S. companies in recent years, including an intelligence contractor, Analex Inc.-

So bigbrotherco is gaining ground (not least here where QinetiQ is now global corp run, kinda obvious with such a branded wank of a name) with snivelling little shits like liar & coward Tenet getting rich off the corporate takeover of the machinery of global espionage and security. This after the suggestion it was Cheney who contracted the forging of the Niger ‘Sadams buying uranium. Honest!’ documents to private sector ex-state spooks from US and Italy with Berlusconi’s help. Or to put it simply, evil multi-millionaires are still fucking everything up for the rest of us and best of all at least a third (and that’s all you need to win elections) of the population actively support them because they think they might get to be one of them one day if they just imitate their bastard heroes! Well done retards! You’re so stupid you think Hell on Earth will be a meritocracy! What’s that smell? Oh you’ve shit yourselves again, look try and associate lower abdomen cramps, expulsion, relief and that smell with going to a lavatory, then in time you will be able to predict when the shit wants to ooze out, you can then go to a lavatory ahead of time and not make such a mess in your clothes all the time. You see? I’m not so hard on conservatives, I’m trying to help them. One day they could learn from past experience and even manage not to make the same enormous mistakes again, and again, and again, and again, and again…


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  1. Lawrence Ray Says:

    George Maybe You should Call The F.B.I. Before They Call You.

    Bernard Kerik has boasted of his close relationship with you Mr. Tenet. Given how the sociopathic Kerik set up and became the head of Foundations for Law Enforcement Officers killed in the line of Duty for the purpose of stealing money. I know because I spent more than enough time in his office 1995-2000. I strongly recommend that the F.B.I. investigate your involvement with any Foundation and all aspects of your financial affairs. There are plenty of us that will be more than happy to aid any investigative agency regarding you. Sometimes things just appear in the proper place, like facts and evidence.
    You know how that goes.

    George if you had any common sense you would try to do what is right, it is not what you wanted, but it is right and it will happen sooner than later.
    You are a disgrace to all Intelligence Personnel and Their Families, sever all ties with any Foundations associated with C.I.A. or any other families.

    I do have three questions for you George

    1. Simply tell me why did we go to war with Iraq?

    2. Were you and others really saying such not nice things about me after I completed operations regarding Kosovo for N.A.T.O.?

    -In case you were unaware, I was seriously compromised immediately afterwards.

    3.I hear there are photographs quietly circulating of meetings Cheney had with Grennspan, and curious times on a yacht, the Sequoia or something like that, are the photos yours?

    In my opinion things will only spiral
    further downward for you if you do not act like a man and accept the fact, games up.

    You will feel better about things once you get them off your conscience. Maybe something about “Matrix” or how about everyone involved in the developement deal in the “Gaza Strip”.

    Stop embarrassing yourself, it’s too painful to watch.

    By the way, my two children don’t send their best.

    Lawrence Ray
    Lawrence Ray | Homepage | 05.07.07 – 1:52 am | #

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